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Melbourne, Aus Fitness {BBG & F45} & health 💚 Here to inspire & be inspired 💫 Working Mumma of 2 boys 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Positive Vibes ✌🏼 Mind,body & soul ✨

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My favorite way to start the day.... 5am workout & coffee in my @theguild.cc keep cup 👌🏼💜 . {except for weekends, which is clearly a sleep in & brunch out 😆}


I’ve not done a before and after for a while, I think it’s because I’ve realised more than ever recently that there is no real “before and after” as such. I truly love the concept of “seasons” that Ang (@1happy_fit_mum) has spoken about before. Over the last few years I’ve had many seasons & the ultimate goal for me is to get to a place where I prioritise my health, stay close to my values & choose happiness. . It’s easy to say but hard to action. Especially when we have kids, responsibilities & a job to juggle. But reminding myself everyday of the things I value most ✌🏼


This is everything 👌🏼 . . via @bossbabe.inc


I’m not at my fittest, leanest or strongest & I’m ok with that... finally! I feel like since starting my fitness journey post kids, I’ve had this unrealistic expectation of myself to only get fitter, leaner & stronger with each week. Which actually derailed me for a while, where I was constantly disappointed in myself for not doing this. . . Recently I’ve realised that is actually impossible for me & also unattainable. My life is not conducive to this. But what IS attainable is maintenance. Maintaining a good level of fitness & strength with some discipline & good choices. . I might not workout 6 days a week, but I do make an effort to do at least 3 a week + more where possible. . It’s really important for us to remember, everyone of us is completely different, living different lives, with different pressures. Be kind to yourself 💜😘


One thing I’m super proud of lately, is that I keep “getting back on the horse”. I’ve had many days or weeks where life gets in the way & I eat poorly or don’t workout. But every week I reset and aim to do my best again and again. . I think it’s so important to acknowledge the things we are doing well, as we criticize ourselves so badly for all the things we aren’t doing so well! . What are you proud of this week? . Much love & happy Friday xx


If you know me, you know I’m water bottle obsessed! I seriously have a collection of bottles (which may frustrate my husband just a tiny bit 🙊) . But when I find a fabulous bottle I rave about it to everyone I know! & this one ☝🏼 is no different. . This @madebyfressko_official flask not long looks stunning (sooo many compliments on it ✨), it’s such great quality too! . Have you noticed I’m slightly obsessed with blush things too 💖


After a long week, nothing makes us happier than ice cream dates on a sunny Friday evening 🍦 ☀️ . I hope you all have a wonderful weekend 💜


I’ve been dying to workout this week, but have been fighting off a chesty cough & I’ve been trying to listen to my body more lately, so resting it is. . Fueling today with vitamins & 🙏🏼 that I feel on the mend for next week! . Do you have any tips or tricks for curing yourself when you’re sick? 🤧


Those wedding vibes ✌🏼🥂


Never dismiss the journey..... ✨


Our beautiful boy celebrated his 4th Birthday yesterday & I’ve been reflecting a lot on the crazy journey of motherhood. How much I’ve change, adapted and grown over these past few years. . So totally blessed to be this sweethearts mama! 💙 . . Do you feel like you’ve changed since becoming a mum? ❤️


Actively not aiming for perfection, perfection does not exist. . This is my new mantra. . Welcome to my messy life, unmade bed, dirty top & sweat selfie. ✌🏼


So I’m finding lately I’ve got no real workout pics to show 🤷‍♀️ & it’s not that I’m not working out (although the number of them has dramatically reduced lately😬) it’s that my workouts are at 5am when the rest of the house is sleeping 😴& I slip out the door to pump a quick session out before racing home, frantically running around like a looney to get myself and the kids out the door by 7:00 am😲(no time to stop for pics) . . I told a friend the other day that I feel a little like my journey is not worth sharing at the moment. As no one wants to see the reality - that is I work a lot, I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk (I know pretty boring) & it’s stressful & as crappy as it sounds I’ve been lazy with my food lately, because I’ve been so busy. WHICH shouldn’t be an excuse. But it just is my life at the moment. After telling my friend that & do you know what they said “share that”, “that is what people like to hear”. That is what people can relate to. No one is nailing it all the time. . . So I realise this is not motivating but it’s the truth, lately life has been stressful and it is directly impacted my priorities. Which annoys me, because I feel a bit out of line with my values right now. . I am trying my best to re aline, but it may take some baby steps. Bear with me. . . In the mean time, I have been having heaps of fun celebrating some wonderful people in my life of late including attending our beautiful friends wedding on the weekend. 🎉


“Live life as though everything is rigged in your favour” . Arianna Huffington . . This quote is perfect. 👌🏼 . The world is not against you. Believe in love. Believe in miracles. Believe in yourself. 😘 . P.s my puppy loves cuddles 😆🐶


I feel immensely grateful for the life I have, my wonderful husband, beautiful children & the million other things I could list. . But that doesn’t always mean I’m up beat and positive. Some days you can be a little bit over everything & what I’m learning is that is ok! 👌🏼 Life is not meant to be perfect, nor are we. . Giving myself a bit of time and space to recognise this has been invaluable. . Much love & Happy Tuesday. . . 📷 @_bethbridges_ 💫