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Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. ♻️ Over 1,000,000 pounds removed 🌎 #JoinTheMovement


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Over 3.5 billion people derive their primary source of daily protein from small-scale coastal fisheries. However, due to modern fishing techniques, it's possible that these fisheries will cease to exist. By partnering with @sea_legacy, we're working together to show how overfishing and modern fishing techniques are hindering the ocean. Head to 4ocean.com to learn more. #4ocean #SustainableFishing #JoinTheMovement 📸: @cristinamittermeier @sea_legacy


Everyday we have cleanup crews out on the water removing trash and debris from the ocean and coastlines. You too can now clean the ocean and coastlines every day with one of our new 4Ocean Cleanup Kits. When you purchase one of our kits, 5 pounds of trash will be pulled. Head to 4ocean.com to join the movement. #4ocean #CleanupKit #JoinTheMovement


Have you joined our monthly subscription? Every month you'll receive our Limited Edition Bracelet before it's released on the 1st and pull a pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. Go to 4ocean.com to join! #4ocean #JoinTheMovement


Abandoned or lost fishing gear makes up 10% of all ocean litter. This month we've partnered with @sea_legacy to take a stand for cleaner oceans and all marine life by removing this gear and debris from the ocean. By buying a Limited Edition Overfishing bracelet, you're furthering their mission to create a healthy and abundant ocean for all of us. Go to 4ocean.com to purchase yours. #4ocean #StopOverfishing #JoinTheMovement


This month we've partnered with @sea_legacy to help us spread the message about the importance of keeping and restoring productive and sustainable fisheries worldwide. #4ocean #StopOverfishing #JoinTheMovement


Cigarette butt litter accounts for one in every five items collected during beach cleanups. Our team decided to conduct a survey to see how many cigarette butts they could find. #4ocean #NotAnAshtray #JoinTheMovement


Due to modern fishing techniques, global fisheries are on the verge of collapse. This month, we've partnered with @sea_legacy to bring to light how these techniques are affecting global fisheries as well as their effects on the ocean as a whole. When you purchase one of our Limited Edition Overfishing Bracelets, you're pulling a pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines and supporting sustainable fisheries. Head to 4ocean.com to learn more and join the movement. #4Ocean #StopOverfishing #JoinTheMovement 📸@paulnicklen @sea_legacy


Most of the trash in the ocean comes from land-based sources which is why our cleanups are essential. They allow us to remove the ocean-bound trash before it reaches the sea. Every day our cleanup crews are out cleaning the ocean in South Florida, Haiti, and Bali. Want to learn more about our cleanup efforts? Go to 4ocean.com. #4Ocean #CleanupCrew #JoinTheMovement


Due to unsustainable fishing practices over the last 50 years, many fish stocks are being pushed to the point of collapse. Over 30% of the world's fisheries have been pushed beyond their limits and are in need of strict management plans to restore them. In fact, several important commercial fish populations, like the Bluefin tuna, have gotten so low that the survival of this species is threatened. By switching to sustainable fishing practices and creating more marine protected areas, these threatened species can start to repopulate. #4Ocean #StopOverfishing #OceanConservation


@sea_legacy is working to raise awareness about overfishing by bringing you underneath the surface and looking for moments where change is needed. Learn how SeaLegacy is creating a healthy and abundant ocean for us and the planet. #4Ocean #StopOverfishing #JoinTheMovement


With the addition of 4 new boats to our Bali Cleanup Crew, we're now able to remove more trash from the ocean and coastlines than ever before! These new boats will allow us to have a greater impact on pulling floating debris from the water while other crew members work on cleaning the beaches. #4Ocean #CleanupCrew


Who doesn't love an original? Our Signature 4Ocean Bracelet is the bracelet that got 4Ocean started and helps to fund all of our daily cleanups. Head to 4ocean.com to grab your blue bracelet today and pull a pound! #4Ocean #Signature #JoinTheMovement #PullAPound 📸@chadkoga