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Every product purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines. Over 2 million lbs pulled. 🤙🌊 #4ocean


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The ocean has given us so much. What's it given you? Show us by using #GiftTheOcean or tell us in the comments! #4ocean #JoinTheMovement


Seabirds are soaring towards extinction, but you can make a difference. Click the link in our bio to learn how. #4ocean #4Seabirds #JoinTheMovement


You give a gift. We clean the ocean. Pull 12 pounds when you gift the Clean Ocean Collection holiday box set. #4ocean #GiftTheOcean #JoinTheMovement


The ocean's future is that much brighter now that the OPR vessel is in the water. #4ocean #OceanPlasticRecovery #JoinTheMovement


We’re celebrating the ceremonial launch of the OPR vessel! Now that she’s in the water, we can make a few final improvements before we officially start our journey to stop plastic pollution at the source. Stayed tuned as we go live with the vessel and the engineers at the dock! #4ocean #OceanPlasticRecovery #JoinTheMovement


"We are incredibly proud to announce that we have been selected for the 2019 #Forbes30Under30 list for Social Entrepreneurs!! Forbes describes social entrepreneurs as "individuals that are leveraging business smarts to save the world" and we couldn't be more proud. A huge thank you to the 4ocean team and everyone supporting us on our mission to clean the ocean. We couldn't do it without you!!" #4ocean #JoinTheMovement


The OPR vessel is crucial to our campaign to stop ocean plastic at the source. It transports our cleanup equipment to high-impact river mouths and hauls the plastic we collect to our recycling centers.Click the link in our bio to learn more. #4ocean #OceanPlasticRecovery #jointhemovement


Can you guess what cause we’re supporting with next month’s Grey and Aqua Limited Edition Bracelet? Make sure to tag #4oceanlifestyle so we can see how you’re rockin’ your beads! #4ocean #JoinTheMovement


Most high-impact river mouths are in underdeveloped, low-income areas, which makes it difficult to transport the plastic we collect over land. That’s why we invested in a ship. Click the link in our bio to learn more. #4ocean #OceanPlasticRecovery #JoinTheMovement


We provide local fishermen with a reliable source of income that creates new opportunities for growth, equality, education, and prosperity. Click the link in our bio to learn more. #4ocean #OceanPlasticRecovery #JoinTheMovement