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I’m drinking a whole lot of #hotcoffee while learning the #balancingact of #faith , #family , #fitness and #fun ❤️ #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisgood


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One of my FAVORITE annual traditions is sitting down to work on Christmas cards. Fire in the fireplace, hot cup of tea and holiday music. Life is good ❤️


I sure do love this little lady 💕


It’s the holiday season!!! What’s one of the first things to go when it gets busy? Time for yourself!!!!! Which is the one thing you need most in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Moments like this are when I bring myself back, refocus my thoughts and settle my mind. It’s amazing how 30 minutes can completely change the day ahead. Yesterday was a rest day...while thankful for the extra hour of sleep I missed that me time before the day began. It’s all about balance ❤️ finding it may be hard but once we get there it is the best gift ever!!! Namaste!


Our daughter started wearing eyeglasses when she was 3 years old. When my hubby and I heard the news we were worried about how it would go. Would she be willing to wear the glasses? How would we keep track of them? Would her little brother break them? All sorts of questions floated around in our worried minds. Needless to say...the day we picked them up was a very happy day for her! She could see!!!! ❤️ To think that we had no idea her vision was impaired prior to her regular eye exam was a real eye opener for us. This is why regular checkups are so very important. Fast forward a year and here she is...another eye exam complete, eye drops and all! She picked out a new pair of glasses and was so excited. She was ready to rock them right away. It is such a joy to see watch our little girl grow and become her own unique self ❤️


AHH!!! It is December!!! 1 month until the New Year begins and this is when people either give up or fight for their goals!! Which one are you? ❤️ I want to lose 10lbs or less or tone up 💚 I want to lose 10lbs or more 💙 I’m already active but want to increase my endurance, strength & results 👟 I want to START/RE-START my fitness journey ⚾️ 🏀 I’m a past athlete (post the emoji for your sports 🙂) 🖤 What I’m currently doing is NOT working or isn’t sustainable 💕 I lack motivation/support/accountability 🍎 I make “healthy” choices but don’t see results 🥗 If I’m given a meal plan, I follow it! 🍩 I crave sweets 😴 I lack energy ⌚️ I don’t have time to workout I love hearing from my followers. It’s that time of year to start thinking forward 💪🏻


The struggle is real but the reward is much greater! I have been sharing my workouts for a while now. One of the #1 comments I receive is ghat I make it look so easy. While that is flattering I promise you that I struggle too. There are days that I do not want to workout, there are times when I want to stop the video halfway through, there are days when I want to eat lots and lots of junk food. This is a journey and a commitment that comes with hardships and weakness. So what keeps me going? I have never felt stronger, had more self confidence or felt more energized in my life! I feel better than I did in high school as an active athlete. I’ve learned to recognize the way my body feels when I eat healthy and more importantly how my body feels after making poor food choices. What a difference! So on those days that are hard I think about all of the awesomeness that is intertwined into my lifestyle journey. This is real. Muscles are sore. Workouts are hard. All while goals are being achieved 💪🏻What’s not to love about that!?!?


Family Traditions...some are old and some are new. Our first born turned one right after the holidays. She was an early talker and she asked lots of questions...such as “today?” Which translates as “is today Christmas?” Her excitement was contagious and I wanted a not only symbolic countdown but also a visual countdown. The Brown Bag Advent calendar was born and worked perfect. She got a treat and an easy way to see how many days until Jesus’ birthday and a visit from Santa. Fast forward a few more years and here I am stuffing bags with little treats. She has been asking for a week now if we were going to do our bag advent calendar again this year...we sure are!!! ❤️


When I laid eyes on this message it really spoke to me. It’s not about staying motivated, hitting that specific goal or losing that last pound. It’s about dedications. It’s about making a lifestyle change that not only benefits you but those around you. Since changing my lifestyle to one that I can maintain and make second nature I truly understand the concept of dedication. I’m living a healthier life; feeling the best that I have ever felt, enjoying increased energy and all while sleeping more soundly and actually requiring less hours of rest at night. My confidence has soared as I’ve shared my journey with other. I’m running a team that connects daily, inspires one another and leans on one another = so much encouragement, accountability and positivity! Living a healthy life takes dedication! I’ve found this within myself and I would love to opportunity to teach you how to find it within yourself ❤️ There really is nothing to lose...besides lack of energy, extra weight, stress, selfsoubt and a whole lot of frustration 😉


Each year we learn new things about the holiday spirit by watching our children learn and grow. My daughter will be 5 in January and she is such a joy! She brings so much energy and perspective to our lives. Loving the opportunity to be this incredible little ladies momma! I’m so blessed ❤️


It’s that time of year again!!! The transition from fall to winter has begun @4onthompsonacres . Time to bake the pumpkins and pull out the Christmas decorations... #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear


And the festivities have begun! A day full of family, lots of coffee ☕️, meal prep for the feast and the Thanksgiving Day parade. Wishing a thankful, grateful & blessed day to all!!!


Do what you love...love what you do ❤️


When you’re feeling unmotivated and want nothing more but a nap on the couch...then you remember that you’ve signed up for the Winter Run Series and that today is the 2nd 5K of the series. You drink your Go Go Juice, our the kids down for a nap and rock you Girl Boss tank. I swear I feel better already...it’s not a nap that I needed, but rather a mindset shift ❤️