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Named after me (jk): Abril bridge over Tagus river connecting Lisbon and Almada.

Alone in Casablanca but not lonely under the Moroccan sun.

Splendid facade all around down to intricate details. #architecturephotography

Beautiful way up looking for my own sancho panza. 🤺 #tb

Through the eyes of Cervantes and his musings do you see any giants here? Because this place inspired him to write Don Quixote. #tb


Took a shot of sherry and walked around this heaven on earth recapping my first solo trip. 🇵🇹


🇫🇯 So happy to have welcomed a new year at a beautiful Fiji island just before getting a first (and last) ever panic attack from my first scuba diving experience.


Most remember it by its grandiose facade. Only a few cherish its exquisite intricacies.

Because I climbed to the top.

Birds flying high you know how I feel..

Not right now.