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Most people don't like seeing brand posts on their favorite feeds because it makes them think it's done only for money, without any personality or imagination in it. I was thinking that myself before I got a chance to make a post like that for my own feed, and I gotta tell you that branded posts require much more creativity and time than my everyday posts, and I'm sure most of other creators here would agree. The main reason it takes much more work to do a brand edit is because I need to incorporate the brand inside my edit without losing the "8thdamon personality". I rejected a few offers because they required me to post something that has nothing to do with the look of my feed, and I would rather not post it than lose credibility for a few bucks. This edit here, I didn't get anything for it, it was mainly for fun. I would like to hear your opinion on branded posts. Do you feel less interested in this edit because you see a brand in it, or it's 🔥 like all the others🙈 ? 👩🏻‍💼- @jelenapiplica851 ❤️


Someone asked me "What's the definition of success for you?" in the questions last time and I thought it was an awesome question, because each person has their own view of their vision of success. What's yours? Best comment gets a free edit from me! 🔥✌🏻


"There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds." I often get dm's about my photos being unreal in a way that I'm fooling people by presenting my photos as something that they can visit in real life. I just don't understand that mentality, I never said this is real life... Some people can find negativity in literally everything.


Still in it. 🤫


This edit is made of a phone shot that I took today.I shot these clouds and the sky with an iPhone 8 Plus today at sunset (Raw photo in my story) and added the moon and the white dots/stars on my 💻 . After that I imported the photo into Lightroom and just applied my signature teal and orange preset...This is the result!The potential of today's phone cameras is infinite🔥 Drop some comments, would you believe the original was shot with a phone if I didn't tell you? As always, you can get my lightroom filters on the link in my bio, right now at a huge discount (40 presets for 30$) ✌🏻


Do you see it? 🧐 - First one who does get's ALL 8thdamon Lightroom preset packs AND a shoutout ,let's go!🔥


Is your team still in for the 🏆 ? 🇭🇷 @fifaworldcup


Choosing this as something I'm gonna be doing for the rest of my life for a living is one of the best decisions I ever made, especially because in this form, literally everything you can imagine is possible to create if your imagination is on a high enough level. There are days where my imagination is not on it's highest, but luckily that doesn't last long, the feeling of freedom I have because I create my own work schedule and the fact that I'm able to "work" while actually having fun keeps me going harder every day...Of course, the support I'm getting from all of you is something worth mentioning,if it wasn't for that I doubt I would post this amount of edits on this platform...Thank you all again🙏🏻 Here's a small gift for you,if you like this watch from the edit,you can use my code "8thdamonDW" to get 15% off on danielwellington.com ⌚️ @danielwellington


8thdamon Signature tones are back! To get these orange and teal colors yourself you can get my complete Lightroom bundle on a huge discount,which contains all 4 of my preset packs,40 presets in total,for only 30$ !🔥 Whoever makes an order in the next two hours,please screenshot me your order and I'm gonna send you a zip folder with 20 full hd 8thdamon wallpapers✌🏻


Do you play @fortnite ? If you do,comment your id and let's loot central park together (I suck🤷🏼‍♂️).


The person at the top of the mountain didn't fall there. 🙏🏻 ( @ikonick )


There is no top,there are always further heights to reach . #huaweiMate10 Pro #HuaweiUltiMate @huaweimobilehrv 💪🏻