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In celebration of reaching the North Rim! ⏩Happy dances included!⏩ To follow our route travel the gash in the earth starting from the point we’re standing on and then diagonally to right, followed by a sharp left, and finally an abrupt ascent.


//Brother moon// The moon was so bright I didn’t turn on my headlamp until I got really tired and the pines on the North Kaibab Trail were dense enough the light couldn’t come in to illuminate the trail. Once pretty tired I prefer hiking with the red light mode of my headlamp to keep from tripping or stepping into holes on the trail.


The final push! 😅 Where day gave way to sunset lit canyon walls showing us the geologic layers of time.


In celebration of all things this canyon has taught me! 🙌 To be a steward of the outdoors. To be patient. To dream BIG. To push my body past arbitrary limits. To slow down. To be thankful. To appreciate time with family and friends.


One of the reasons I hike? To learn more about the animals in our ecosystems! Have you heard of the American Dipper? It’s a bird that’s able to survive in cold waters. One of its homes is in the heart of the Grand Canyon. To our great surprise it hopped about the moss covered rocks in search of insects and what seemed to be worms. Every few minutes it would disappear in the cave below the falls that’s to the bottom right of the photo and a choir of chirps would emerge. So many happy chicks chirping unanimously! This spot allowed us to cool down, relax, and have a few snacks before our final push to the North Rim. #whyihike #contest @eddiebauer


A canyon of extremes! In colors… in flora…in fauna… in resources. Hiking from the South Rim to the North Rim thrusts you into all of the ecosystems found between Mexico and Canada.


👈🚶🏻‍♂️Bright Angel Creek provided us a way to cool down as we tackled the Box section of the Rim to Rim hike. Here the walls close in and the trail is side by side the creek in many sections. When the creek was close enough, we’d dip our shirts and bandanas into the chilly water and keep hiking. When the water from our shirts would completely evaporate, we’d stop and wet them down for the next section of the hike. We kept this up until the trail gained elevation, which indicated the North Rim was close.


⬅️13.7 miles to the North Rim 7 miles to the South Rim ➡️ 🚶🏻‍♀️Onward to the North Rim!


1️⃣Up close and personal with the Colorado River! 😎 2️⃣Ohhh, so this is how the bridge is suspended…🤔 3️⃣ Colorful river runners who did NOT let us hitch a ride. 😋


It’s the mighty Colorado River! 🤠👇 From this high above the Colorado we could already hear the river making its way through the canyon. As we got closer we were able to admire the impressive engineering feat of building a bridge to cross its waters.


Switchbacks galore! 😍 The decent into the canyon begins in spectacular fashion. My favorite part? It’s seeing the soil transition in color. The banded Canyon walls are just a gentle reminder telling those embarking on the hike that a new layer of history, measured in geologic time, is being explored.


Once I saw the Monopoly reference on the trail marker I knew it was going to be good! It was a great time being outside for National Trails Day putting up trail signs along the Verde River. So happy to see many volunteers out there today! We dug holes, shoveled dirt, and poured concrete in preparation for new signs along the Jail Trail in Cottonwood. Check them out next time you’re in the area!


Fellow adventurers! I’m happy to present the Rim to Rim hike in a unique view. Most of the 22 mile hike through the Grand Canyon from the South Rim to the North Rim was captured. (My phone battery died around mile 20. 😅) The brown streak just past the Tipoff is the Colorado River!


//Rim to Rim// 1️⃣ Took the earliest Hikers Express shuttle at the Grand Canyon and started our sunrise decent into the canyon on the South Kaibab trail on the South Rim. 🚌👣 2️⃣ Crossed the bridge over the Colorado River just in time to enjoy a snack on the sandy beach, dip our toes into the freezing water, and watch the rafts come into shore. 🏖 Take a look at the bright green water below! 3️⃣ Celebrated at the North Kaibab trailhead on the North Rim! 🎉 I cheered, Chris cheered, and then a third voice cheered during our final stretch. Upon reaching the rim there were two strangers shaking our hands and cheering us on. They asked about their friends and we were able to give them info on their journey through the canyon. We asked them to point us in the direction of the lodge. Once they found out we were going to walk an additional 3 miles they gave us a ride! This goes out to Sai from San Diego and his friend. You guys rock! Thanks for your kindness! 🙏


✨Trail Magic✨ Three years ago the idea of hiking Grand Canyon rim to rim crept into my mind. Since then I’ve kept hiking and searched for longer hikes with more elevation and on different terrain. Finally, two weeks ago, I made the decision to go for it! What was I waiting for? The time was now. No more soon. No more next season. No more waiting for the perfect timing. Here I present to you those last few miles on the North Kaibab Trail!


👆SOON! 💚 Can’t wait to see the canyon again!


Sneak peek or is it sneak peak? 🤔 Whichever it is…this is the desert city edition!


Just wait a few minutes AND then walk around the saguaro. 🔄🌵🔄