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Got a scratch on the glass cover of my phone getting this shot…worth it! On the way back down from Flat Iron (top right) it is a must to look back at the trail that got you there. I love every unsure step and handhold along the way. Now I need to apply that mentality to the everyday uncertainties of life.


When I speak about adventures outdoors I hope you see a glimmer of this in my eyes.


Understatement of the year. I. Love. The. Superstitions.


*cue Indiana Jones music* My favorite part of this pic is the fact that you can see the climber’s shadow on the rock during the free hanging rappel.


//When two worlds collide// After many years of hiking Camelback, an opportunity appeared to explore the mountain with ropes and climb the Monk. I loved the coordination with the crew, preparation of gear, rappelling practice, and finally the climb. While one of my friends was climbing an airplane and its contrails made an appearance. What a time to stop and enjoy your surroundings!


//optoutside - before & after// Stoked to see such a crowd out at Phon D. Sutton Recreation Area! We hiked and picked up trash along the Salt River’s sandy beaches and muddy areas filled with brush. So. Much. Trash. It was saddening to see, but once all of our efforts united and the bags started piling up it provided a glimmer of hope. Keep doing your part. It adds up!


Our Thanksgiving Day hike led us to an up close and personal encounter with a hot air balloon! (Look closely and you’ll see the flame. 🧐🔥) Wishing you a great day filled with friends, family, good food, and sharing stories filled with encouragement, blessings, and gratitude.


Rappelling into the valley of the sun! Here’s to the warm days and cool nights bringing an abundance of adventures. 😎👊💢


All you need is love 🎶 All you need is love 💕 Love is all you need 🎶


Thumbs up if you voted! 🗳 This is the first time I waited in line to vote. So happy to see many people out there today at the polls. I hope this becomes the norm. //Just to clarify, this is the first time I actually had to wait in line to vote. There was a crowd! Before I just breezed on through. Hope this fire remains lit in all!//


This is my happy place among the mountains surrounded by desert brush and saguaros. It’s where climbers enjoy watching the sun go from east to west. It’s a place where we analyze a route from the ground and then celebrate once at the top. Join us tomorrow in voting for the outdoors! If you’re local to AZ encourage friends in Scottsdale to vote YES on Prop 420. Let’s keep the decisions made about the preserve in the hands of residents.


//Send Face 😁// (1) The face made when an outstretched hand grabs a hold and takes you to the bolts. (2) A sheer expression of joy and celebration.


Back out at Pinnacle Peak and instead of hiking took the climbers access trails to the crag. Had the chance to practice laybacks up a crack and trusting feet on some thin features in the granite. You know it’s all good when the belayer flashes a 😃✌️.


Hi folks! 👋 Rebeca here. From my Insta you can gather that I love being outdoors in a variety of ways…hiking, climbing, trail running, and backpacking. I love our public lands. Today my big ask for those in Arizona is to vote YES on Prop 420. This would allow for any development on the McDowell Sonoran Preserve aside from trail building and maintenance to be put to a vote to its residents. Currently, there’s a proposal to build a discovery center on the preserve that would result in many acres being lost to the building and additional parking. The preserve is great just the way it is. There’s no need for embellishment. Join me in voting YES on Prop 420 on November 6th. Vote the outdoors!


I read the 15 habits of happy people on Forbes today. Here are some of them: 1️⃣ They slow down to appreciate life’s little pleasures. ✅ 3️⃣ They spend more time in nature. ✅ Now to work on the other 13. 😅 Just kidding, but there’s always room for improvement. Mine? 2️⃣ They nurture their most important relationships. 1️⃣5️⃣They are not fearful of the unknown.


Explored Phoenix by bike today along the canal! I was surprised at how peaceful it was. On many stretches all there was to enjoy was the water, the mountains, and the bright blue sky. 💚 There were also several spots with art installations and murals. I’m already looking forward to going back and taking others to explore the valley of the sun through this new lens!