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🥋Undefeated (7-0) Professional MMA Fighter 💉 Nursing Student 🐶 Dog trainer 🏙 Newton, KS —> Dallas, TX

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18 days out. @lfafighting bantamweight title on the line. You know the motto: Secure the bag, by Any means necessary. If you haven’t got with me for tickets do so as soon as you can! Thank you in advance for all the support 🙏🏽


The work is being done. There is no fake grinding at @fortis_mma #champcamp


My boys


Secure the bag. By any means necessary, no matter the cost


My son is here! Madden Hunter Johns. Happy and healthy 🙏🏽 @hannahkjohns did amazing! She successfully completed her goal of an all natural, water birth. I am so proud of her. Welcome to the world son. Mommy and Daddy will always love you.


Got my eyes on the bag 💰. Fight news coming soon 👀


Gained a sister yesterday. @caseyy_carr has been Fam for over a decade but now she’s officially a Johns! Couldn’t be happier for you two. Enjoy your well deserved honey moon. Side note: Can you believe wifey is 9 months pregnant?! The woman knows how to carry a baby 😍 #whatatimetobealive #inforthelongjohns


Til death do us part


3 month old, doodle boot camp alumni “Dude” practicing his “stay” command


Weekend staycation at the Great Wolf Lodge. Wrapping up summer 18’ and enjoying the calmness of 1 child. Only 2 more months until Major’s little brother arrives


What. A. Weekend. Lessons were learned; @mr_morose stepped up to the plate & fought a very experienced (5-1) and game opponent on short notice. He came up short on the judges cards in an extremely close split decision. The fight game can be a very harsh teacher at times, but he will learn from this and come back stronger in all aspects. We did not let that interfere with how we sent off the groom this weekend. Very happy that we were able to give @miguel.johns the Bach party he deserved. There is only one thing left to do now... & it will be the smartest decision of your life. I am very proud & Grateful to call these two men my brothers. God could not have given me two better friends. I can only pray that my sons are able to experience a similar thing.


The newest member of the family! My nephew. Zavieh Dean Giesy. So proud of my sister @tayjaymary and Josh. You guys will be amazing parents. What a time to be alive!


The result of years of consistent, focused grind. With the best coach in the game guiding the way @sayifsaud We are all fighting for something & are all capable of achieving it. My big brother @miguel.johns said it best: “Just take a minute to listen, the secret ain’t hidden. You just need the vision, the guidance, persistence. The mess ups are given, the legends agree. To get what you want take a master’s degree, mastery G. You’ll never get to where you want without the hours, all the excuses are for the cowards, the fault is 100% ours.” #7-0 #undefeated #justgettingstarted #roadtosantiago #tenthousandhours