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Bureau for Art &Urban Research

B.A.C.U (Birou pentru Artă și Cercetare Urbană) - Protection of Architectural Heritage


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Precast concrete waves at the former EREN complex, now Exhibition Center Romexpo Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania. built in 60's. Engineer G. Mihailescu (c) BACU #_ba_cu


Railway station, Tulcea, Romania. Built in 1972 architect Irina Rosetti. (c) BACU #_ba_cu


Restaurant Paros, Yerevan, Armenia. Built in the 70s. (c) BACU #_ba_cu #socialistmodernism


The Bas-relief „Aufbruch“ (the beginning) -detail. Leipzig, Germany. After the demolition of the University Church of St. Pauli in 1968, the now demolished main building of the University on the west side of the Augustusplatz (then Karl-Marx-Platz) was built in its place in 1974. At the site of the gable wall of the Paulinerkirche, the massive bronze relief was installed in 1974 at the university's main building facade for the 25th anniversary of the GDR. As part of the renovation and new construction work for the new Leipzig University Campus, the relief was removed in 2006. Later in 2008, the relief was set up on the Jahnallee campus. (c) BACU #_ba_cu #socmonumentalart


One of the three large mural located on the facade of the one of the three similarly shaped auditoriums of the Technical University of Moldova 7 Studentilor Street Chisinau, Republic of Moldova Built in 1974. Architect B.Vaysben ChisinauProiect/ArtFund (c) BACU


Targu Jiu Train Station, Targu Jiu, Romania Built in 1989 IPCFB (c) BACU


Block of flats aka Pencil, Constanta, Romania, built in 1987. IPJConstanta (c) BACU @_ba_cu #_ba_cu


Block of flats aka Pencil, Constanta, Romania, built in 1987 Architect Costandache Alexandru. IPJConstanta (c) BACU #_ba_cu @_ba_cu


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