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Punch Breath seeds drop tomorrow at @sscc_mmj in Sacramento and @tlccollective_ & @ahps.losangeles in LA. Limited to 1 pack per patient. @tlccollective_ and @ahps.losangeles is running a really nice special on a few different strains, ask a bud tender for more info! @symbioticgenetics #symbioticgenetics #_thevillage x #budologist420 #punchbreath


Wedding Crasher 18 (Wedding Cake x Purple Punch F2) 🍇⛽️ @symbioticgenetics #_thevillage x #budologist420 #symbioticgenetics #weddingcrasher 📸 Photo by @constantconcentrates



120u Banana Punch #9 hash washed by @cubangrower took 2nd place non solvent at @spannabis_official in Barcelona! There is still 120u and 90u from the winning batch available at @sscc_mmj Super stoked that genetics I bred with #Budologist @symbioticgenetics took home an award! @symbioticgenetics @cubangrower @sscc_mmj #_thevillage x @budologist_420 x #cubangrower #cubantech #symbioticgenetics #bananapunch Photograph by @erik.nugshots #eriknugshots


If you haven’t already be sure to download @sscc_mmj new app to stay updated with new drops from #_thevillage and @symbioticgenetics Search “south sacramento care center” in the search bar in the app store! @sscc_mmj #sscc #symbioticgenetics



I’m extremely happy with the performance of the Peak by @puffco. It’s great to be able to dial in the perfect temperature for various sized dabs using the 4 different heat settings. You can take low temp (light vapor) dabs which I’m loving for solventless, as well as medium to hot temp (thick vapor) dabs which I’m loving for live resins and sauces. The Peak makes dabbing WAY more convenient for me! Before owning a Peak I use to hate lugging around my rig and all the accessories. Now it’s super easy! I don’t need to worry about running out of gas for my torch, and there’s no chance of burning myself… or burning anything. On lower temp dabs I notice I get a broader spectrum of terpenes; flavor I don’t experience from a torched nail! The Peak is also very efficient. Small dabs go a long way! Overall I’m extremely impressed with the Peak. Be sure to reserve yours if you haven’t already! @puffco #puffco #changingthewaywedab #torchless


Fresh batch of Banana Punch 9 flowers available at @sscc_rec @sscc_mmj 🍇🍌 @symbioticgenetics #_thevillage x #budologist420 #symbioticgenetics #mimosa Photography by @erik.nugshots #eriknugshots


Fresh batch of Mimosa V6 dropping tomorrow morning along with Banana Punch 9 at @sscc_rec @sscc_mmj 🍇🍊🍋 @symbioticgenetics #_thevillage x #budologist420 #mimosa #bananapunch #sscc Photo by @epicmeds