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| make your own aesthetic | ✨ self care is not selfish. #selflove #selfcare

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you are art. you are a masterpiece. you have a voice worth listening to, a dream worth chasing. don't settle. treat yourself with love and respect. teach others to do the same. don't wait. don't live your life wandering around, waiting for someone else to love you. make your dreams a reality. take your life in your hands. love the souls around you. and the people who will love you - the people who will love you right - will keep up. and they will stay. I promise they will stay.


it is the greatest tragedy in this world today - when somebody keeps their head down so someone else can speak. lift your head up, you beautiful soul. and shout above the voices, sing your crazy song. fight for those big God dreams in your heart and live the life you love. dance until your feet bleed, and then keep on dancing. you may whisper for other's comfort, but you will never feel alive. seize this wonder in front of you - this is your time. ✨


life has been so good and so busy, but now I really need to catch up on sharing all of the shoots that I've been on. 🙃 enjoy these Spidey pics. 🤙


the purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink. | T. S. Eliot | . What have you been reading lately? It's almost Christmas break and I kind of want to read the days away. Leave me your best recommendations. 🤗📚


me eyeing my final exams from a safe distance. 🙊 • I cannot believe this year is coming to a close already. It has truly been the best yet and I'm so grateful for life and all of its wonders. I have a few really exciting things to tell those of you who actually read my captions. 😜 • I illustrated a children's book! Keep your eyes peeled for its release! It will be available on Kindle and then physically published. • I wrapped up my Fall production and received a lead role for an upcoming Spring production less than a week later (#imnotbraggingimexcited). I could not be more stoked!! Be prepared for excited spam. • Finally, 2019 is just around the corner and I'd LOVE to bring this account back to life. I've gone on a lot of shoots but have lost my motivation to share my work. So if you have ideas for shoot themes, post ideas/preferences, or just want to say hi, please do! Happy weekend, peeps. Enjoy yourselves. ✌️🤪


| we dream + we stumble + we pursue. | . Some exciting things are coming up soon! I'm thankful for one season of great things tumbling into another. I'm thankful for endings that bring new beginnings. What are some things you want to accomplish in the upcoming year?


It's Thanksgiving break and my heart is already overflowing with gratitude: - I closed my first professional show on Sunday. So much love. Such a good run. Such an incredible cast. 🎭 - Yesterday was a movie Monday. Complete with napping through a LotR marathon and not napping through the new Fantastic Beasts. 🧙‍♂️ - Today I watched A Star Is Born, had a wonderful callback, and got to visit friends. 💛 Every moment has been perfect and I'm kind of super excited for the rest of it. What are you grateful for this week?


putting myself first was a quiet thing - soft and certain a gentle rebellion long overdue. // s. r. w.


blush like galaxies. freckles like stars. splashing across her cheeks like the moonlight from afar.


It is not selfish or unkind to stay away from toxic people. It is not selfish or wrong to pursue your dreams. It is not selfish or unkind to say no. It is not selfish or wrong to give yourself time to rest. I think something I have witnessed and experienced a lot - especially in the modern day Christian church - is people being pressured into being people pleasers at the expense of their health, happiness, and quality of life... Because it is the "godly", "selfless", or "compassionate" thing to do. But. Suffering does not mean serving. God loves you, too. You have the freedom to take care of the beautiful and glorious temples that you are. Do not give those precious gifts away.


hello, sunshine. it said. in the cold November breeze. hello, sunshine. they say. when they don't really know me. hello, sunshine. she speaks. to a world so unforgiving. hello, sunshine. he said. to how things used to be. hello, sunshine. they plead. to skies who have yet to sing.


| an okay day | It was windy today. Nothing really went my way. I said goodbye to my bouquet. I dropped things in the hallway. but that's okay. I still had an okay day. I can sing along to Broadway. I have people here who stay. I might just dream myself away.



you know how different seasons of your life have different feelings? like they have their own ambience? yes. I miss certain ones sometimes. the flowery walks of May. those windy summer days. I miss the quiet fairy lights of last December. I ache for the fallen leaves we've lost this November. I long for the future, the waves of new seasons, to distract me from what has passed me by - for so many unknown reasons.