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I’m always curious to how places like these were originally discovered. This waterfall is literally in the middle of nowhere, so one day did someone just say “I’m going to wander into this forest” and find it ? Maybe this waterfall isn’t the best example... but don’t you ever wonder how things were discovered in the most random places, it makes you think who would’ve thought to go here ?


People ask me why I get up at 2-3 in the morning on the weekend to go outside and why I do long hikes in uncomfortable temperatures... the reason being I live to put all my creative thought into new content, where I’m going to shoot next and what photos I’m going take, how I can capture the moments I’m having with my friends and share them with a story the best possible way. I am lucky to live where I do because within a few hours of driving I can be in some of the most beautiful places in nature anywhere... so if that means getting up at 2am driving a few hours and hiking a few hours for sunrise. I’ll do it and I’m lucky to have friends just as crazy as I am that will join me along side my wildest adventures.


Out here with the boys, roaming the mountains, finding new places having a fire and chilling... no better way to spend the mornings... featuring the circus. What’s your morning routine ?


It’s the worse thing when you leave the car in the morning and you bundle up because it’s like -10 and you start hiking and then you start sweating... but then when you make it to your destination for sunrise... your sweat gets all cold and there is nothing you can do about it. But hey ! Good views right ?


Happy Friday!!!! What’s everyone up too this weekend ?


The power of Mother Nature


What a good way to wake up. God I love Canada


Rainy days are Moody days with @sarafiorvento Living in B.C all of my life I have learned to appreciate and enjoy all the rain we get. Photography has taught me to get out and enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather ! Also just dropped my first portrait on my new page @adenaceportraits go check it out


God rays ... Happy Friday !!


Making the most out of rainy fall days


Evening strolls at Larch Lake


Capturing all of the fall vibes this past weekend !


No matter the distance the view is always rewarding at the end ...


No words can describe the shear beauty of what @jesse.block was capturing, the best I can do is provide a photo of the process.


Icy lakeside mornings in my happy place 🙏🏼