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Just add colour. @Pharrell Hu Holi Blank Canvas arrives February 23rd. #adidasPharrellWilliams


Starting as a crisp white uniform to be worn for Holi, the Blank Canvas collection arrives February 23rd. @Pharrell #adidasPharrellWilliams


The first of a three part series, @Pharrell takes a trip to India to celebrate joy, equality, and humanity. The Pharrell Williams Hu Holi Blank Canvas collection lands February 23rd. #adidasPharrellWilliams


Make a statement, wear #CRAZY. Available only on and hitting your local adidas retail store February 23rd.


Continuing to challenge convention, #CRAZY arrives exclusively on and in adidas retail stores February 23rd.


The #CRAZY 1 is refreshed with a new colour update, only available on and adidas retail stores from February 23rd.


The #747WarehouseSt stage hosted performances from top acts, providing an unforgettable soundtrack to an unforgettable weekend.


Creation in real life. #747WarehouseSt hosted the Makers Lab in partnership with the Brooklyn Creator Farm, an exploration into the future of footwear through hand-to-hand collaboration with adidas' designers, consumers and industry tastemakers, all on the pursuit of the perfect pair.


@pharrell, @alexanderwangny, @karliekloss and @damianlillard unite at #747WarehouseSt for #TLKS, an in-depth conversation on creativity’s everlasting impact on basketball, past, present and future.


Beats and conversation for education. As we prepare for an expansion of #adidassoundlabs in 2018, former student @curtistootrill and Inglewood-based duo @camandchina spent studio time with @kingpush at the program’s #747WarehouseSt installation.


Rappers, trash talk and buckets galore as Team Snoop (@snoopdogg) beat Team Chainz (@hairweavekiller) to win the #747WarehouseSt celebrity basketball game. Keep your eyes on us as the weekend unfolds.


@Pharrell and @AlexanderWangNY lend their visions to the court, bringing new perspectives on basketball to #747WarehouseSt. Stay tuned, we’re just gettting started at #RowDTLA.