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Bottle service anyone😂? Grateful for the beautiful gifts given in my life. Here is a celebration recap. I’m a happy gal to see everyone who could make it❤️. Love you all!


Learning to celebrate oneself is an art. Some people got it down, but it takes a whole lot of patience, love, & dedication to be one of value. At least for me that is. Strive to be the heart of gold. The world needs more of it. Today, I’m golden, & thank you for the golden birthday wishes🙏❤️💛🌟.


When I told my students I went to the @museumoficecream this weekend they all gasped, and ask to see my pictures. I showed them this one and and one of them asked: “Ms. Bui who were you talking to?” They made my day😂.


Are you guys a fan of the circus animal cookies? They were definitely my childhood favorite! Is it just me or the photo op makes you want to eat it😫?


Warning! To avoid bumping your head, a squat pose is a must when you’re in the @museumoficecream ‘s mirror room. It’s literally a 📦! 📸: @mahaha3


#moic got me on a sprinkle high🍭🍬🍡! Love this photo by @phoeniciaq ❤️


Like a kid in a candy store, except I’m in a pool full of rainbow sprinkles! I had so much fun today at the @museumoficecream ! I ran into some friends while waiting in line, and I met some new ones! Have you guys been? PSA: My diet mainly consisted of ice-cream today😆. As part of the entry, you get to eat all the ice-cream you want! Ice-cream heaven!


Are you guys looking for a home? I’m not a real estate agent, but according to Zillow, the Painted Ladies are worth 3.1 million. I love the look of Victorian homes! What styles are you guys into?


Different point of view, but you can still make a difference. Don’t forget to vote, and eat some nachos today (It’s, National Nachos Day!)🙂🌮.


Happy Monday my wonderful tribe! Here’s a little motivation Monday to help us get through this week! “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” -Vince Lombardi. Keep on climbing, and don’t stop until you get to the top! 💪🏼


Rainier stealing the show.


Who knew juggling leaves was this much fun! You guys should try it🙃🍁. 📸: @catekittlitz


Make beleaf is a form of creativity. 📸: @catekittlitz


Did you guys know that, “Cote d’Azur” translates to “blue coast” in French? The quality of this photo is not great, but this is the French Riviera! It was May 2016, when I went on my first solo trip! Have you guys traveled by yourself? Or plan to? Tbh, the thought of being alone in a foreign country was a bit scary at first, but when I got to Nice, France, that fear quickly turned into excitement! I was so amazed by everything fear was out of the picture😁.