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Baby sis got on skis for the first time today!! She did great!!! We kept it fun and short. Any tips to help me to teach her until we get her in lessons? Have you picked up your skies yet?? Go to @utahskigear they will kit ya up and keep it affordable!!! 📸: The amazing @kikassadventures


A few of you have asked about the chariot so here is an up close pic of baby sis in there. We have an older version single but there is also a double version. The top part folds down and closes and makes it a warm little pod for her, she has 2 cup holder pockets, one for hot chocolate and one for snacks. She is getting to where she hikes quite a bit but will hop in when she gets tired.. also this is my secret weapon for winter naps with a 5 year old that's not a napper any more. While you pull it it actually rocks just subtly enough to encourage sleep. Shell fall asleep and I'll hike for hours its amazing💖💖 What are your winter adventure must haves?! #adventuringwithkids #snowday #thulechariot


Snow!!! We finally got a decent storm... and this morning my windshield wipers were frozen and the kids didnt want out of their cosy beds 😂😂 we are so excited to get out skiing though!!!! #snowday #thulechariot


Today we opted outside. My children have never shopped on black friday and we love our tradition of getting into nature instead!!! What did you do today?? #optoutside #forceofnature #reima


We have unfrozen our climbing gym membership and are officially inside climbing😭😭😭 Truthfully.. I get anxiety in the gym its crowded and I hate waiting for climbs to open up. I know I actually get stronger over the winter and I have some big climbing goals so I am really working on stepping up my game this winter so that when spring desert season starts I am ready!!! #adventuremamas #climberswithkids #climblikeagirl


This little lady loves finding wildflowers. I just adore the joy on her face as she admires them. It's hard work not picking all the beautiful flowers when you are 5 but we are working hard to not only enforce but teach her why we use Leave No Trace ethics. That being said she totally watered this flower with her @nomadlogik waterbottle... with the limited water we had just before a slot canyon 🙈 Lol work in progress. How do you teach you kids LNT?? @leavenotracecenter #adventuringwithkids #slotcanyon #leavenotrace


This girl loves socks with her chacos😂😂 she cracks me up. What hilarious fashion choices do your kids make?? #adventuringwithkids #iwasbornwild


“Magic is really very simple, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.”– Aggie Cromwell, Halloweentown . I love Halloween, hope all you guys have a great night!! Stay safe out there!!! 🎃🎃 #adventuringwithkids #dirtbagprincess


Cooking dinner with this little babe is the best 😍 she loves being big. Our desert season is dwindling and soon we will be in the snow... I like snow... but I love the desert 🌵🌵 #adventuringwithkids #energyeverywhere


3 cheers to the weekend!! I'm headed into the desert for our good friends wedding!! Eeek adventure weddings are my fave!!! 📸: @zionadventurephotog #adventuringwithkids #desertbabes


Dinner with a view ❤❤ Camping with these babes is my favorite!! Also noticing my fancy organic mac and cheese is in the pic.. lmao I promise we cook real food too😂 what's your fave camp food??? #adventuringwithkids #energyeverywhere


Happy Anniversary @kellenedmonds ! 13 years together and 7 off them Maui'd!!! Thanks for all you do for our family and for always being ready for adventure!!! #adventuringwithkids #anniversary


Two years ago I decided I needed a change.. I wasn't sure what exactly but something. I decided to start small.. my goal was to say yes to scary things. It's been incredible and anything but small!! I had no idea there where so many things I wanted to do, but doubted myself, or I wasn't brave enough to try that I have now conquered. So I ask you.. what are you afraid of??? Get out there and do whatever it is!!! #adventuremamas #celebratebadass 📸: The amazing @zionadventurephotog 😘