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I don’t actually know what my life is or what I’m accomplishing here but hey

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I’ve made a promise to myself not to talk about my feelings to my friends in highschool bc when I did before it always caused me stress and made me feel vulnerable and now I’m questioning if I should keep it that way. Guess I’ll just trust my past self for a bit longer til I can decide Anime:bloom into you . . . #anime #90style #aesthetics #animeart #animeaesthetic #hunterxhunter #gonfreecs #killuazoldyck #myheroacademia #izukumidoriya #todorokishouto #bakugoukatsuki #kirishimaeijirou #ouranhighschoolhostclub #onepunchman #mobpsycho100 #haikyuu #retro #retroanime #90sanime #80sanime #retro #vintage #funny #meme #fairytail #assassinationclassroom #thewalkingdead #yuyuhakusho #yurionice #deathnote


why is my personality so garbage I want to leave it somewhere and develop a new one. Anime: silent voice . . . #bloomintoyou


someone kill me already I’m going back to how I used to be. I’m isolating myself and becoming irritated with people that want to be near me and I’m wanting to be in a new position in my life. Why can’t I zoom through the years and stop when I get to the place I actually want to be. I hate myself Anime: colorful . . . #colorful


I always think ab my future w my best friend and that helps calm me down when I panic. Like doing small stuff like christmas decorations and goin to movies and buying furniture. I just want to experience moments like that and that is what’s keeping me here, so one day I can feel happy. Anime: bloom into you . . . #bloomintoyou


wow look it’s my mindset— also I took the sat today and ladies and gentlemen 😔✊🏼 I don’t think we got em this time I definitely failed Anime: hitorjime my hero . . . #hitorijimemyhero


i want an Nintendo switch I feel bad for abandoning my 3DS but it’s like Nintendo gave up on creating games for 3DS. Anime: disastrous life of saiki k . . . . #disastrouslifeofsaikik #thedisastrouslifeofsaikik


I hate whenever you get nervous and you have to tell yourself to breath or else you’ll just go as long as you can w/o breathing w/o even noticing that you aren’t . . . #flipflappers


I spend so much time thinking negatively, if I had a hobby I could get into I could prevent that but I have no motivation and no interest in anything so y’all see my issue. Small distractions are no use I need something bigger, that’s why I can’t wait to get a job maybe I can feel accomplished and satisfied with myself Anime: toradora! . . . #toradora


my brain hurty and it got too much work to do 🤧 kill me pls Anime: devil is a part timer . . . #devilisaparttimer


victor and yuri make me miss mi soulmate ☹️ . . . #yurionice


ahhhhh I hate myself so much . . . #karakaijouzunotakagisan #skilledteasertakagisan


flat chest gang rise up 😔✊🏼 also so much of my family is at the house I’m stressed ! Hope thanksgiving is good to y’all though eat well 🤧🙏 . . . #pleasetellmegalkochan


my best friend loves me and that’s the only thing in my mind that makes me feel safe and feel like I have a future. Shes the only person I know cares about me. She’s the only reason I feel like I have a personality anymore and I don’t think I’ll ever l love someone so dearly . . . #colorful


wow I really want to apologize to the people that have to see me everyday . . . #watome #nomatterhowilookatititsyouguysfaultimnotpopular


wow hi friends I have not been well so sorry if I suck at posting . . . #mobpsycho100