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πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ€˜/ @suicidegirls Hopeful @charliez__angelz Ink Squad Twitter: @akari_sgh Florida, USA Bookings/inquiries: akarisuicide@yahoo.com


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I am so in love with @glamglow's Supermud! My oily skin loves the stuff. But now I've run out 😭 Do you have any skincare products you are addicted to? #GlamGlow #Supermud


I was at the beach last weekend for work... Had to take a photo for you guys <3 @suicidegirls @hopefulsuicidegirls #SuicideGirls #HopefulSG #SG #SGH #VictoriasSecret #VS #Bikini #BlueHair


If I were to do a live Q&A, would any of you ask me questions or watch? πŸ€” Idk if my internet is even good enough to livestream like this though, so it might end up being a complete flop anyway πŸ˜₯ πŸ“Έ: @voxefx @suicidegirls @hopefulsuicidegirls #SuicideGirls #SG #SGH #HopefulSG #SGHopeful @charliez__angelz #CharliezAngelz


In other news... Have you been watching the FIFA World Cup?! I am so excited!!! Can you guess who I'm cheering for?! (Hint: If you follow my Twitter, you surely know the answer!) Who are you cheering for?! 😍⚽🏟️ #FIFA #FIFA18 #FIFAWorldCup #Twitter #Selfie



Happy Sunday! Here's an older photo shot by @voxefx. I miss living in our friends' basement in Maryland!!! 😭 Do you have any place you used to live that you'd call "home" again, if you could? #SuicideGirls #SG #SGH #SGHopeful #HopefulSG #Nude #Window #Tattoo #TattooModel #Asian #Japanese


Do you use any rebate apps? I do. Over the past few months of using it, I've accrued about $10 in rebates; I can cash out at $20 with PayPal, venmo, or by redeeming equivalent cash in various gift cards. It's pretty easy, too: I save all my receipts (yep, ALL of them!) and within 2 weeks I make sure to upload them to the app and see what products I bought that qualify for rebates. I'm also using Checkout 51, which is practically the same thing with some of the same items and some other ones as well, and Receipt Hog which pays me simply for uploading all my receipts (it's not a rebate app). Through these three apps, over the course of a few months, I've earned about $20 *just from saving and uploading my receipts*. I don't pay them anything; they pay me. It's actually pretty fucking awesome, considering I'm scraping around for cash all the time, since I'm poor and broke. Plus, if you just throw your receipts somewhere to upload them all at the same time on a later date like I do, it only takes like 15 minutes to finish the whole process of finding rebates and uploading receipts for all 3 apps. I mean, what sense is there in leaving money sitting around? Anyway, if you're interested in collecting a little bit of extra money every few months, I've got a referral code for ibotta that I'd be super thrilled if you used to sign up! I'll get a little bit of cash as soon as you sign up with my code/link and redeem your first rebate (as long as it's not one of the "any item" rebates). So if you're thinking of trying it, please use my link down below! <3 https://ibotta.com/r/avmoklw Happy saving! <3 #ibotta #checkout51 #receipthog #rebate #app #savemoney #makemoney #freemoney #referral #receipt #broke #poor


I had a shoot the other day... 😘 Now, back to Florida and my lovely kitties! Hair: Patrick @bangsalondc Makeup: Tinia @sephora on F Street in DC (They both did a splendid job, no? 😍) @suicidegirls @hopefulsuicidegirls @tattooedjasmines #SuicideGirls #SG #SGH


My best friend, @mlle.mong , visited me all the way from Korea... It had been years since I last saw her! We were roommates for 3 years in high school, and I miss living with her, talking with her everyday and being there for each other the way we used to. I miss her every day, all the time. Her visit made my currently hellish life so much brighter, and I'm fortunate she still cares for me enough to come visit during her short week in America <3 Here's to being friends for life! πŸ˜πŸ’•


My newest set, "Danger Zone", is live on SuicideGirls.com right now! This one is really close to my heart: It was shot just a few days after Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida. We were without power and running water for a while. Some time after the hurricane, some awful people broke into the house where my 3 cats are staying (where all our belongings are kept). They stole tools but the most important thing is that my two cats, Lana and Duchess, got out and were missing for 2 and 3 days. I wasn't sure if I'd ever see them again; They'd never been outside before, they had no collars, and there was at least one Pit Bull and one German Shepard wandering loose around the neighborhood. The Pit Bull came right up to our door on the morning we discovered my cats missing. @lovesquish, the lovely lady who shot this set, was almost on location when my man called me, panicked and hysterical, to tell me my cats were missing and the house had been broken into overnight. I called Jessica to cancel, and I almost did actually cancel. I was sick with worry. But I decided to do the shoot anyway after alerting the company of the brand of my cats' microchips. You wouldn't be able to tell that my heart was breaking and I was about to cry in any of these shots. Take a look and tell me if I'm wrong. (Huge props to Jessica for being able to take my mind off it and laugh a little during the shoot!) This set is dedicated to my Lana and Duchess, hence the name of the set. After adopting them from the local shelter as soon as I laid eyes on them and taking them home, I named them after 2 of my favorit characters from one of my favorite shows: "Archer". The set name, "Danger Zone", is one of Archer's favorite songs by one of his favorite musicians, Kenny Loggins. "Danger Zone" is also a running Archer joke throughout the show. Go check out my set, like and leave a comment if you get the chance. <3 https://www.suicidegirls.com/members/akari/album/3515903/danger-zone/ πŸ“Έ @lovesquish @suicidegirls @hopefulsuicidegirls #SuicideGirls #HopefulSG #SG #SGH #Archer #DangerZone


My newest set, The Trooper, is out on Suicide Girls! Go like and comment on it, if it pleases you <3 πŸ“Έ @voxefx https://www.suicidegirls.com/members/akari/album/3481686/the-trooper/ #SuicideGirls #SG #SGH #HopefulSG @suicidegirls @hopefulsuicidegirls


Hey loves! Did you know I'm addicted to lipstick? My problem has always been that my lips are so chapped the lipstick makes it look worse. As a model, that really sucks!!! I recently got some Kat Von D lipstick (Studded Kiss in "Lovesick") and it's pretty awesome. It doesn't make my lips look gross and flaky. Can you even tell my lips are dry as hell in this photo?! Plus, the packaging is cool, I love the studs and the metal inspiration. You all know how much of a metalhead I am πŸ˜‰πŸ€˜ To all my followers interested in makeup, I definitely recommend this line. It's hydrating, smooth, and really wearable. Sephora's got it, and I'm hoping they have the whole range of shades because I want that crimson red, Nahz fur Atoo 😁 Life update: The house is coming along. The floors are done and we are putting molding in now. After repairs, two inspections will be done and once passed, we can finally move in! I've missed modeling. Once I am ready to start again, this Instagram will be much more active. Thank you all for your incredible support and patience during this stressful time. <3 #studdedkiss #contest #complimentary @katvondbeauty @influenster


Hey everyone. I haven't been able to do any modeling in a while; Since moving to Florida 5 months ago, I've been effectively without a home and have been working to fix that. It has been incredibly stressful on myself, my partner, and our three cats who have been separated from us since the move. I've been extremely inactive because this has worsened my depression and I've been busy working on the house we finally found every day we both aren't at work. We haven't been able to relax or really breathe easily for months. I don't see us finally moving in until 2018. Once that happens, I will resume modeling again, and I will be more active here. Until then, please be patient and understanding of my situation; it takes so much effort now for me to even get out of bed every day without melting down. I can only keep working to make my life how it once was: normal. Old photo by @voxefx <3


Sooooooooooo this just happened... I hope it wasn't a mafia meeting they were talking about! 😱 #WrongNumber


I've reached 10K followers!!!! Thank you all so much 😍😍😍 Also: I've re-dyed my hair from all purple to blue and purple, and I've gotta say I'm super happy with how I did! Do you like it??! 😘 <3 #SuicideGirls #SG #SGH #SGHopeful #HopefulSG #PurpleHair #Glasses #Snapchat #GWAR #GWARBQ #CharliezAngelz #InkedAngelz #SweetVixens @suicidegirls @suicidegirlshope @hopefulsuicidegirls @charliez__angelz @sweetvixens


This stuff is delicious. 😍🍺 #TravelerPumpkinShandy #Yummm


Happy Friday the 13th!!! 😈 Here's a preview of an upcoming set on @suicidegirls in 3 months and 3 weeks! If you don't have an account yet, go make one! It's an incredible community, AND you get to see thousands of amazing photos of the most beautiful women on the planet! Sounds like a win-win πŸ˜˜πŸ’• Shot by the lovely @voxefx πŸ“Έ #SuicideGirls #SG #SGH #CharliezAngelz #Inked @hopefulsuicidegirls @suicidegirlshope @charliez__angelz @inkeddangelz


Did you know I have a Premium, NSFW nude Snapchat? I upload multiple nudes each day, and you get lifetime access to those photos for a one-time payment of only $40! This is currently the best way to support my modeling, as the money I make from my Snapchat is only used for modeling expenses (to pay photographers for shoots, travel, renting rooms, make up and hair artists, etc.). And for supporting me, you get unique, juicy photos of me that aren't uploaded anywhere else! If you're interested, please message me here for details 😘 Photo credit: @voxefx πŸ“Έ