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How far would you go to chase your dreams?! • Check out my 2017 Demo Reel to see how far I’ve come chasing mine with filmmaking via @mirrorlessprod over the last year. • Link in bio. 🙏🏼


Here’s the first 60sec. of my 2017 @mirrorlessprod Demo Reel. 📽 • Creating this vid was challenging and emotional because this path hasn't been easy. It's taken failure, faith, hard work, and a supportive family to get here. • To make a living off of filmmaking, I had to become an entrepreneur too, and that's what last year was all about. • This reel is a testament of believing in myself, and others I'm fortunate enough to collaborate with. Thank you guys for always showing love!


I released my 2017 Demo Reel today! With it being #valentinesday, I had to show some love to my art, and all the people that make it possible. Link in bio.


So cool seeing @iamunknownking play the keys! He literally walked into his apartment, setup his keyboard and came up with an amazing chorus for this beat in 20 minutes. 🎶 • Photo by @scottydashot of @mirrorlessprod.


This could be an album cover. 🔥 • Photo by @scottydashot.


“Lately it’s like the music’s been in idle. Just another let down from my favorite idol...” • Photo by @scottydashot of @mirrorlessprod.


A view like this will make you feel things you’ve never felt before. #tbt


If you’re ever contemplating whether it’s all worth it, just throw your mindset back to that time you felt like you made it. • Here was a moment a few years back where I was on a paid trip to LA to film a hip-hip music video. It was my first time in California & a dream of mine to go there before 30. I was just about to hop on that flight... I’ll never forget that moment. #tbt


Views from MKE. ✈️ • Set your goals higher than you can imagine & watch what happens. No dream is too high!


There’s been times where I thought my biggest problem was my need to chase so many dreams... I wanna be the the guy to make dope videos, and I wanna be the guy who acts in them, too. I want to make a crime drama. I want to make the gritty music that gets played in that crime drama. And I want to speak, perform, and push positivity to our youth. • Really?!?! If my biggest problem is wanting to do too much, then I think I’ll be alright. • Don’t overthink. Just do. 📽🎶🎤📺 • Video still by @scottydashot of @mirrorlessprod. 📸


I love how honest we got in the first Mirrorless Motivation @mirrorlessprod Episode! • Fear is the biggest thing stopping people from pursuing greatness. They’re afraid to start or they’re afraid of what others may think... If you honestly let go of that FEAR in all that you do, you will see how much you have to offer to yourselves & others. • I’ve let go of the fear, and now I’m working on my perfectionism. What are you working on this year?!


I’m so proud of the new video series I launched via @mirrorlessprod! 📽 • Once a month on Mondays, we’ll be dropping an inspirational video created by myself & @scottydashot. We’re thrilled to start giving back by providing honest insight into our creative process, and sharing tips about videography, photography, personal branding, entrepreneurship, and a whole lot more. 💁🏼‍♂️ • Link in bio to see the first episode! 📺


It’s never too late to chase your dreams or get back to doing what you love. • You know how good it felt to see my good friend producing something new?! The way @iamunknownking forges rock with hip-hop is unreal. One instrumental has been inspiring me for 3 days straight now. 😆 • Photo by @scottydashot of @mirrorlessprod. 📸


The greatest thing about making music is the process, and the feeling that comes with it... every time I’m working on a song, whether it’s writing, recording or just plain plotting it out; nothing else matters. It’s the producer & I just figuring out where we want to take the track. • It’s so important not to think of the end product. It’s all bout feeling it, and doin’ it for the love of it. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. • Photo by @scottydashot of @mirrorlessprod. 📸


I started working on a new project this past week! I’m so excited to have @iamunknownking producing for me again. I’ve got a ton of big song ideas & many topics to cover. I’m so stoked! We were deep in the zone the other night fine tuning the first beat. 🎶 • P.S. You spot that big yellow book?! That’s @garyvee’s brand new book #CrushingIt that will inspire the sh*t out of you! Maybe the track has to do w/ him. 😏 • Photo by @scottydashot of @mirrorlessprod. 📸


The thing about us is we never take life too serious. We’ll add a touch of humor to as much as we can because I truly think positivity & fun is right around the corner from a good laugh. Our baby better be ready for a silly mom & dad! 🤣


I could not ask for a stronger woman to have a child with. She’s already been such an amazing mother to my two boys & we can’t wait to make a family of 5. So much love for @mrs.chelsea.belville! 😘


I’m thrilled we got to announce our pregnancy with everyone yesterday! @mrs.chelsea.belville’s face says it all. Pure happiness & excitement!