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This past week has been an amazing realization that my dreams are possible. I’ve been wanting to create videos for bigger brands, artists & athletes for almost 2 years now. 📽 • Filming a commercial with @vaynersports & @geronimoallison_8 this past Wednesday meant the world to me. And not just because this represented @mirrorlessprod’s first athlete commercial, but because we had a blast creating it! • From running around @officiallambeau, to downtown Green Bay to Geranimo’s home — We hustled, had a ton of fun & knocked out a 60 sec. commercial in one day. It was a day I’ll never forget. 🙏🏼


As much as film is my first love, I do shoot a lot of photos for people. • I love how the Panasonic @lumix #G9 has been pushing my creativity & art forward these last few months. • It has more megapixels than my main video cam, so I can really get that higher quality shot I want. It’s also, bigger and slightly blocky compared to the GH4 yet it fits absolutely perfect in my hands. • @panasonicusa nailed this one! Still can’t wait to get my hands on their new S Series next year.


Loving this photo I captured of @justin_marcellis. Nothing beats shooting portraits during Golden Hour. #WhatTimeIsIt?! #GoTime


I needed to get out and shoot tonight! Golden hour, a good friend, and an abandoned building made for a perfect setting. 🙏🏼 • #PleaseBringBackThePioneer • Photo by @dakotapatrickphotos.


This is us chasing our dreams! Big thanks to @scottydashot for capturing this dope #BTS Photo of @tessa_otto & I filming the “Why I Ride” @harleydavidson video! (Link in bio) • In case you missed the @mirrorlessprod post, here’s some fun facts about filming it: • 1.) Appleton Harley-Davidson was nice enough to give us the motorcycle we used for the video. • 2.) We had one day to capture a full on photo shoot with Tessa and film this video. We shot everything from Appleton to Neenah in 8 hours! Impressive timing for us. • 3.) Possibly the best part: ALMOST NOTHING WAS PLANNED! Due to Tessa’s busy schedule traveling the U.S. with Harley & ours with filming out at @eaa we decided to just take the one day, and create the storyline on the fly. The only pre-production we did was choosing the starting location weeks prior. • Thank you to everyone that has watched the video & shared it. You help make it all possible! Submitting to film festivals soon! 🎬


I've been creating videos for years now, and I always look to create a few passion projects a year that really hit home. This was it for me. I met @tessa_otto right as she was beginning to travel across the country for @harleydavidson. She’s been on a journey & it’s pretty easy to tell why she is so passionate about riding. She's put on 12,000 miles this summer! • I knew this film was going to be special because right as we were finishing up the voice over, I got a call from my wife that she was going into labor. ❤️ • Can't wait to submit this to Film Festivals! 🙏🏼 • Directed, shot & edited by me via @mirrorlessprod. 📽 Assisted by @scottydashot. 🎬


I had this vision early in the summer to create a really badass motorcycle video... it just so happened @tessa_otto was looking for a cinematic video for her @harleydavidson internship, too. She’s so passionate about riding so it only made sense for this to be @mirrorlessprod’s premiere passion project of Summer 18. 🎬 • Find out why she rides tomorrow!


I gotta give a shout out to @scottydashot! This dude has been my right hand man in the film game for almost 2 years now. From assisting on shoots to capturing killer #BTS for @mirrorlessprod & myself. 📽 • Not enough words I can say for how grateful I am for all the work he puts in. I’ve always said, he’s someone I can count on to show up, and that most def still holds true! On the morning my baby was due, he was in the emergency parking lot at 9am picking up a car load of film gear to go film a wedding. Wish I had a pic of that, haha — it’s something I’ll never forget. Cheers to success & a summer we’ll never forget. 🙏🏼 • P.S. Summer’s not over yet! 😉


We have a very special birthday to celebrate and share with everyone. Brontë Rose Belville was born today at 12:18pm — weighing 7.4 lbs. • We came to the hospital late last night, but after a few hours we were sent home. We were bummed & tired, but we woke up to Chelsea’s water breaking at 6am this morning! It has been a roller coaster of a day, but it’s safe to say our daughter is perfect. 💕 • The strength that Chels showed today makes me so proud. She was simply a rockstar! She had a natural child birth — born in water, kept pushing through the pain, and delivered this healthy little girl (in what felt like record time) who must’ve wanted to be a July baby. It was an awesome mix of prayer & determination. • Special thanks to all of our family for keeping us busy tonight, spreading well wishes, and showing this precious baby how much she is already loved by everyone. ☺️ • #BabyBIsHere #FamilyOf5 #BronteRose


First year on the @eaa #video team is a wrap! It’ll probably take a few days for this past week to set in, but it was truly an experience. 🙏🏼 • From learning the ropes to filming parachute guys drop from the sky for the megatron to filming the F-16’s & Blue Angels — it was a week to remember. I’m proud of myself, and even more of all the people I got to work with... all the guys on the team were super nice. So grateful for the opportunity. #OSH18 • Photo by @scottydashot of @mirrorlessprod. Edit by me.


Had an awesome Father’s Day yesterday! We went to the Neenah pool and I entered the ‘Dad Cannonball Competition’... it was the most Dad thing I could’ve done. 😂 • And somehow I got 2nd! Maybe I had some help with my little supporters! #GoProAdventures


I turned 30 today! There’s been so much reflection over the last few weeks. I went from being a little fearful to extremely grateful. I did a lot of things in my early 20’s that say I shouldn’t be where I’m at today. I went from battling addiction to getting clean & sober to chasing my dreams with music and film. And I’ve spent the last year & a half learning about entrepreneurship so I can make a lifelong career out of being a creative. Thankful God has put so many amazing people in my life to make it all possible. • Big thanks to my wife & kids for already making this day so special. @mrs.chelsea.belville is keeping me cool and feeling young. She bought me these @oakley’s for my b-day... haven’t had a pair since I was 20, lol. • I appreciate all the birthday wishes. Love y’all!


So proud of Carter from graduating 4th Grade yesterday! One of the coolest things I've witnessed this past year has been the growth of his friendships. They had a close-knit group of kids, and really bonded! From in class to field trips to play dates, it's been a fun ride. #GrowingUp


The new Mirrorless website is live! • This is everything that the @mirrorlessprod team has grown into, and a true representation of us — all in one place. This is a bunch of creatives, pushing through to make our dreams a reality. And this is us taking our art to help other businesses tell their story. 🙏🏼 • We would love to hear feedback from you. What do you like? How does this look on your phone? Anything you learned about us that you didn’t know?! • P.S. Link in bio! If you screenshot & DM me (or Mirrorless) any page of the site, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a FREE MirrorlessProd tee. We’ll choose two winners on Friday!


We’re 2 days away from launching the new @mirrorlessprod website! 🖥 • This’ll be the number one spot for all that we do. And we’re about to get very BOLD. 👊🏼 • Tune in on Monday, May 21st! • P.S. This is just the teaser to the official promo video dropping next week. 📽


Over the last month, I’ve poured everything I’ve had into building the new @mirrorlessprod website. • There was so much trial & error, and it took way longer than I ever could’ve imagined. But it was so WORTH IT! • I realized, I wasn’t just designing a site, I was soul searching, too... Diving deep into what Mirrorless has grown into & bringing it all together. I’m so proud of the how our story & message went from paper to the web. So many things came full circle. • We’re releasing it on Monday, and I can’t wait to get your feedback! 🙏🏼


My little man was talking about @freecomicbookday all week! From Thanos to falling in love with X-Men, and the new @starwars film. It’s a good thing I love movies.


Woke up, picked up my little man, and headed downtown to see @starwars guys standing in the street for @freecomicbookday. 🙌🏼 • If this could happen everyday, that’d be great. 🤓