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A week later and still smiling at how fun this wedding was @_marissaexplainsitall !! ❤️💏👰🏼


Baby “Pea” ‘s first Halloween!🎃🍂👻 #babyP #halloween


🎃🤗 Cutest Pumpkin right here!


Happy Half Bday to my sweet sweet Baby P 💕🎂 6 months went by way too fast but I’m soaking every minute that I can. Lately I’ve been trying to keep a posture of gratitude towards our circumstances. Everything is playing according to God’s will and if that means I get Penelope as my side kick then man, I couldn’t be more thankful. #weareateam #6months #grateful


Call us basic... 🍁🎃🍂 #BabyP


A Saturday for the books! Pumpkin Patch Penelope 🍁🍂🎃 and don’t be fooled by that coy face.. SHE LOVED IT


I love my friends and I love tacos 🌮🍤 #livingourbestlife @la_vidaa_ani


Baby P 💕 is 4 months old today! She’s smiling like it’s her job and throwing out some giggles if we are lucky! She’s on her tummy so much more and doesn’t complain as much, still loving her baby gym and we finally settled into our “school” & work routine (which I very much appreciate) she’s a joy Every. Single. Day. 🌻


🐟 + 🌮 = ❤️


Ummmmm you’re welcome. 🙈🌼


Happy 3 Months Baby P! 💕 We’ve been through A LOT ... starting to reach for the cutest toes...I’m back to work and P has started daycare aka “school” 😊.. (we survived the first week!) Shes cooing more than ever, desperately wanting to talk... (wonder who she gets that from? 🤷🏻‍♀️) we celebrated my bday together for the first time... she’s slowly not hating tummy time & giving me half roll overs... and among everything else she’s my favorite. 😘 #BabyP #threemonthsold oh! And she’s OBSESSED with her swing! @brigidfonfara @cdrews86 @ddrewz12


Summer Saturday 🥑💚 Loving these easy prep meals for when the boss of the house takes her snooze!


It’s like she knows this is our last weekend together full time before I go back to work...She rarely sleeps on me anymore..The transition out of the maternity leave bubble will be one of the hardest steps into our next season but I am grateful for every minute spent with my sweet P. I’m in tears writing this as God has promised to be with us every season and I’m faithful that this time is no different. 💕😭🙏 I welcome any helpful transitioning tips from moms out there who had to go back full time and of course lots of prayers.