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Shredding For the Wedding

I help women look their very best on their Wedding Day without having to jog daily or eat rabbit food👰🏽 Download a FREE copy of my Transformation Kit👇

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“The Shredding For The Wedding 30 Day Program helped me feel so much more confident in my dress on my wedding day and in my bikini for our day after pool party.” • - Tash F. • One of our Shredding For the Wedding members using our 30 Day program. A new way of losing weight without crazy exercise routines & tedious meal prepping.


She was unstoppable, not because she did not have failures or doubts but because she continued on despite them 💙 #icnworldpro


It doesn’t happen over night... Keep going!


Behind every happy couple lies two people who have fought hard to overcome all obstacles and interference to be that way. Why? Because it’s what they wanted 💙


Enjoying what you do for a living isn’t a crime, it’s a gift. Self awareness and making yourself happy for yourself, no one else, is my passion.


One of our favorite moments from what has truly been one of the most eventful weeks of our lives was seeing our family @fernandez__fitness & @kieranfgc be recognized on stage in a stadium of over 15,000 people for becoming an official member of the START 1000 club. • This is a network marketing business award offered by our company to the first thousand young people aged 18-35 who create an annual 6-figure (or more) “residual” income through their hard work, team work, resilience, business acumen and commitment to both their customer’s and international sales team’s goals. • But what makes it even more incredible is that they have been able to achieve this together, while both working “full time” at their jobs, using just pockets of time, from the convenience of their smart phones. • Such is the power of the business of the 21st century. • Together they have impacted thousands of lives... both physically and financially and through contribution are well on their way to leaving a lasting legacy. • I am so proud of how far you’ve come and the emerging leaders that you are, but are moreso excited to see where you’re headed! • Because we know you’re just getting started. • And we know those who have chosen to partner with you, in your vision... are also destined to live a LARGE and FULFILLING life just like you both do. • Congratulations! • #weliveinpossibility #start1000 #startyourlife


Q: What happens if I try so hard and do my best and still fail and have to start over? • A: Then you start over. But now you are smarter, you’ve discovered what works and what does not. Now you are stronger; you survived. Now you are ready, you’ve been tested to see if you want it... • And boy did they want it 👇


The only reason to look back is to see how far you’ve come 🙌 - Cliche? Maybe 🤷🏽‍♀️ - But try it on for size. - Rather than looking at the past to harp over mistakes, missed opportunities and regret, rather acknowledge how those experiences helped you become who you are today 👏 - The past is a ghost 👻 - The future doesn’t exist 🙅🏽‍♀️ - All we have is the present 🎁 moment to appreciate how all the dots have connected us here...


4 Kinds of People You Need to Succeed: • 1. MODELS (Who inspire you by their example) • 2. MENTORS (Who coach you) • 3. PARTNERS (Who share the dream and work with you) • 4. FRIENDS (Who love and support you) •


Remember... • It’s okay to ask for help. • It’s okay to start again. • It’s okay to say no. • It’s okay to rest. • It’s okay to let go. • 💝


My 3 non negotiable principles I live by: • 1) Do what feels good always and in all ways. • 2) My life is my choice. • 3) How someone feels about me, is none of my business.


This month’s choices are next month’s body 👌


For years I lived on a physical roller coaster, gaining and losing weight, regardless of how "clean" I ate, the thoughts that dominated my mind constantly were things like: "Will my clothes fit?" "My jeans are tighter than last time I wore them." "Will he/she notice I put on weight?" "I don't want to go out looking like this, I'm cancelling plans." "I look terrible." "'He won't love me if I gain weight." "If I wear baggy clothes, maybe they won't notice." It was all consuming, all the time. For years. Maybe you can relate. The worst part was that I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do, but the moment something took me off kilter, I was back on the roller coaster. Ever since being introduced to the nutrition system we now share with the 🌎, I've noticed how much SPACE all those demeaning, discouraging, disempowering thoughts were taking up in my mind. I left no room for gratitude, acknowledgement and peace as my mind was constantly swirling in these awful thoughts. Now that I have a tool that helps me stay healthy and fit, as I continue to adopt new habits for long term sustainability (things like meal prep, learning how to eat in restaurants, and most importantly integrating our nutrition system into every day), these thoughts vanish completely. It's been 4+ yrs since this nutritional tool that makes eating clean so much easier, and convenient, I've experienced so much growth in other areas. Once we create SPACE in our mind, once occupied by diminishing thoughts, only then can we welcome new inspiration, ideas and creativity. If thoughts are fertilizer for our brain, what type of crops are we growing? Whatever is taking up the majority of your thoughts, what would happen if those thoughts just disappeared... what would that free SPACE allow you to CREATE? If your unending thoughts are related to body or money, those areas have become my expertise, they were my biggest struggles which have now morphed into purpose. I have a deep desire to help other worthy individuals in eradicating those thoughts with some simple tools, to create space for a rebirth... and it's never too late.