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is typing... heyy guys hope ur having a good day/night🌷 #qotp: spring or fall?


🌅 “Live by the 5x5 rule. If it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it”! #qotd: reading books or watching movies?☺️


is typing... so trueee!!✨ leave a compliment for the account in the comments above you! Xx


is typing... these look so gooodd🤩 what’s ur fav fruit??


🌸 this is my own pic that I took when I was on holiday last summer! so cute🌞 — »» qotp: beach or pool? »» aotp: beach:))


💤 Im so tired I had such a busy day today and so ready for bed!! — »» qotp: what time is it where you are? — »» aotp: 9:51pm —


☁️ . I wanna fly right now on a plane away to somewhere hot and care-free, hby? — »» qotp: comment ur bday to find ur bday twin! »» aotp: 30th april💗


🍁 I love Shawn so much, thinking about meeting him makes my heart hurt!! @shawnmendes — »» qotp: fav singer? »» aotp: Shawn Mendes xx


😆 Swipe for a cute dog smiling video!! (quote made by me) — »» qotp: comment a happy emoji


🐶 here’s a cute pupper to brighten up your sunday!! — »» qotp: do you own a dog? »» aotp: yes:)


🤗 yes! this! is! true! hope ya have a good day wherever you are on the 🌏


fc: 6648 goals are to eat healthy but #easter has just passed so that hasn’t went well! (: — »» qotp: fav type of chocolate? »» aotp: Cadbury’s!


fc: 7205 hii everyone, I love this pic so much it has a sense of wanderlust!✧ - - »» qotp: where do you want to travel to in the future? »» aotp: Iceland and America✨


fc: 7208 hola chicas, here’s my first proper post, hope you’ll enjoy my new theme etc. ✧ »» qotp: short or long hair? »» aotp: short!


17.01.18 ♡ Hiii everyone!💁🏽‍♀️ - As you know, my dm’s are always open and so is this post! Comment and rant about whatever is on your mind or even any pet peeves that you have! I’ll try to give advice and you can listen to other’s thoughts too:)


✨✨ Yess! I’m back! New Year theme on its way (I used to be @winterhug) Please keep following :)


✨✨ Yess! I’m back! New Year theme on its way (I used to be @winterhug) Please keep following :)


🥂🥂 Happy New Year to all of my followers, old and new! I hope you had an amazing 2017 and will have an even better 2018. ———————— I’m not sure what I am going to do with my account (@winterhug) but I promise that I will not become inactive! My account has grown so much over the years but especially from Sept. 17 until Christmas ‘17! It has shown me that I can achieve whatever I want, all it takes is commitment!💗 ————————— Basically what I’m trying to say is please don’t unfollow, I am not finished with this account! If you have any ideas of what you would like me to post then please comment below or DM me, I could really use your help!💭 —————————— - #2018 #happynewyear #inspiration #tagsforlikes #likeforlike #lfl #like4like #cute #family #happy #likes #followme #love #instagram #instalike #rfr #newyear #nye #goals