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Kassie Doucet • Gift Stylist in Vancouver, BC. Creating Personal, Corporate, Realtor and Hotel Welcome Gifts since 2006. 💌 hello(at)

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T I P T U E S D A Y ✔️ I’ve been a huge fan of @soluxuryinc since my first baby was born over three years ago. They have several amazing products, but they literally JUST released a limited edition magnesium oil. Do you know someone that has troubles sleeping or muscle aches and pains? This is a perfect gift for them!! . . . #Repost @soluxuryinc ・・・ ✨Limited Edition Só Luxury web exclusive! We've formulated an ultra luxurious version of our wildly popular Magnesium Oil with genuine moonstones, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils Moonstone was selected not only for its unparalleled beauty, but for the metaphysical properties of the stone itself Rainbow Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings, a stone of inner growth and strength. It is known to soothe emotional instability and stress, to stabilize emotions providing calmness and aids in clearing the mind and senses for a calm sleep. These stones were cleansed and charged under the Wolf Moon Supermoon of January 2, 2018 Lavender essential oil is known to to ease anxieties, tension and promote restful sleep. Ylang Ylang is also used to induce a calming and uplifting effect Photo courtesy of @creativewifeandjoyfulworker


Let’s just call it what it was...Today was a shit ass day. Parenting is tough. No one prepares you for it or tells you about all the hard things. My husband and I were laughing while putting the kids to bed as things were so crazy that’s all we could really do. I actually managed to get out of the house tonight and spend some quality time with a dear friend whom I don’t see nearly enough. We called it our therapy 😊


S U N D A Y S • Are for snuggling...


Anyone else shedding some tears over the last season of #fixerupper 😭 I’m sure we see more of this great couple, but the withdrawals are legit. . . . #repost @joannagaines


A L O H A F R I D A Y • So many elements captured in one picture. What is your favorite thing about Hawaii? I know mine is the lush green views 🙌🏼🌴🌳🌿 • • • #Repost @chasingchills • • • • • #bestofhawaii808 #hawaiiunchained #naturalhawaii #myalohatimes #hawaii #hawaiianairlines #adventurelife #alohaoutdoors #exploreourearth #venturehawai #maui #mauilife


Bad days come and low-moments can leave you feeling defeated. I know that emotion well, but let me tell you what makes me feel better: baby snuggles. Oh, and a stiff drink! And, don’t forget, the night comes before the dawn.


Whether your budget is $50 or $500, gifting high quality products will leave a longer lasting impression on your client. Be proud of the gift you hand over as it is a direct reflection on yourself. 🤩


T I P T U E S D A Y ✔️ I’m really not sure how it came to be, but I remember hearing it like yesterday... “Thanks TIPS!” I may have suggested a computer restart or a glass or wine. ⁉️ Wait a second...Is that a compliment? Well, either way I was taking it as one! 😂 Say Aloha to Tip Tuesday! I’ll be giving tips and gifting suggestions just to you my friends! You can all thank 👌🏻 Often we don’t closely know the person we are gifting to. There are so many food sensitivities, allergies and diet choices these days. With chocolate being HIGH up there on the gifting scale, choosing a vegan (dairy free) option that tastes amazing is safe yet soooo not boring. 😋 Have you have the pleasure of trying @zimtchocolates yet? • • • #Repost @zimtchocolates ・・・ You can't fake passion. So true @barbaracorcoran . And you can't fake THIS kinda love! (Just look at it. Just. Look. At.) #chocolatelove #quote #entrepreneur #girlboss #bossboss #vegan #organic #coconutsugar #yummy #😍😍😍


It’s a new year, so I know there’s new friends here 😉 I’d be honored to introduce myself by listing a few things about me! My favorite things to say are “No problem and Thank you“. I’m most productive when I’m pressed for time, and my favorite thing to wear while I work is runners. This is an odd mix of who I am, since we’re now friends, tell me something funny about you too!


A L O H A F R I D A Y • Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! It’s raining here in #vancouver so here is a little bliss to boost your spirits. • • • #Repost @frank.shoots ・・・ Painter's Palette . This is a throwback to one of my favorite sunrise shots. This is a shot from when I was first getting into photography and I still love it every time I see it. Do you have a favorite shot, new or old? Tag me in it, I'd love to see it. #TeamCanon #CanonFanPhoto #canon_photos #ourlonelyplanet #officialworldtravel #globalcapture #landscape_captures #majestic_earth_ #jaw_dropping_shots #sunset_vision #instagood10k #2instagood #gottolove_this #splendid_earth #earthexperience #aroundtheworldpix #visualambassadors #OurPlanetDaily #WeLiveToExplore


Need to send a little love to your client? We got you covered! On a side note...Is it Friday yet?! The wine is chilling for tomorrow...not sure if I can wait till then! Anyone else looking forward to school starting back up? I’m sure I’ll miss her next week 😂


Why is it that most resolutions just don’t seem to stick? I MIGHT be one of those people, who has great intentions of it working, but it only lasts for about the first six weeks of 2018. It’s just that some New Year’s resolutions are so! hard! to! keep! And I should know, I’ve been trying to “get organized” every January for YEARS now. So this year I’m trying a different approach. I’ve decided to dedicate one room of the house for each month of the year. If you know you will be busy during a certain month - dedicate it to the easiest room (ie: the entryway 😂). I’m hoping by setting more obtainable goals I’ll be able to finally purge this house and live a more minimalist lifestyle. What are your resolutions/goals/hopes for 2018?


✌🏼out 2017 • 👋🏼 2018 • What an amazing year it was! Thank you for all of your support! I love what I do and I am so appreciative for all of my clients new and old. Very excited to see what 2018 brings! 💕




IT TAKES A VILLAGE • Find your tribe and love them hard. ❤️ #Repost @magnolia ・・・ There’s just something so nostalgic about a classic gingerbread house. 😍 ⠀ #MagnoliaMarket


Every year around this time I have this strong urge to get away. Perhaps to escape the cold, but more likely the craziness of the holidays. Does anyone else’s find Christmas stressful? If you don’t, I’d love to know your secrets! Is it actually possible to please everyone? #Repost @robidouphoto ・・・ Valley of Dreams ⛰ Kualoa Ranch, the place where a lot of films were shot including Jurassic Park and King Kong.


Merry Christmas everyone! It’s my all time favorite season, and it just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t spend at least a little time away from work building new traditions with my little family. I’ll be back in the office January 2nd. See you then!


What’s your most unforgettable holiday memory? I remember like it was yesterday, the countless Christmas’ with our cousins when I young. I have quite the extended family on both sides. There was always so much fun had! Not a year has passed since that I don’t cherish those memories since they shaped who I am today.