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Gift Stylist 🙋🏼 Aloha Lover 🤙🏼 Spreading Bliss 💕 Helping Realtors, Developers & Corporate Clients gift with ease. • Vancouver, BC

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What inspires you? Great design definitely keeps my mind excited! This tile is 👌🏼 . . . Repost @vancityhomes ・・・ CALDER AVE Interior Design and Staging : Stephanie Brown Inc Millwork: TMW Custom Millwork Tile: Creekside Tile Fixtures: Villroy Boch from: Cantu Bathrooms Countertop: Caesar Stone Canada Photography @pineconecamp


T H I S G U Y ♥️ Eating toes since 2014. . Happy Fathers Day to you! You are everything our kids need and more. ♥️ . PC @klutchphotography


A L O H A F R I D A Y • Lets play a game! Where have you been in Hawaii and where is on your bucket list? 🙋🏼‍♀️I’ll go first! Believe it or not...we have only been to the island of Maui (several times). We have stayed in the Makena Beach and Kaanapali areas, but have traveled around the entire island. Kauai is next on our bucket list! Now it’s your turn...


Yesterday I spoke about saving time. Today I’m showcasing what a couple email exchanges can get you! With a quick email back and forth Realtor @jenniferlesoonprec was able to receive this custom gift box for one of her deserving clients. Delivered right to her door, ready to gift. Curious on how I can save you time? Want to pamper your clients? Send me a DM 📱 I’m here to help!


We all have (what seems like) a never ending to do list. As a Gift Stylist my job is to eliminate tasks off of YOUR list. ✋🏼Stop spending time trying to come up with the perfect gift. ✋🏼Stop spending time driving to purchase a gift. Sometimes including multiple locations. ✋🏼Stop spending hours putting together your own gift basket. I’m here to help you save time. So that you can spend more time doing what you want to be doing. Maybe it’s a half hour more with your kids, or a coffee date with your best friend. Tell me, what is your time worth?


Can you let me know how we met? Choose one of the following: A. Instagram; B. We met in real life; C. You’re a client; or D. You will one day become a client. Let me know in the comments below, but before you do, I need to let you know a few things you might not know about me: Fixer Upper is my all-time favorite tv show, I work best while my kids are napping or out of the house 😂, and I could eat sushi for the rest of my life. Let me know how we know each other...I’d love to connect even more.


A little Monday inspiration for you 😍 . . . Regram @studiomcgee


Is it wrong to say THANK YOU on Instagram? If it is, I don’t want to be right! I need to express appreciation for three reasons: 1. You’re taking the time to read this; 2. I just finished catching up with email; and 3. You’re here to support my journey. Without YOU, my business wouldn’t be the same. So, thanks. Really.


A L O H A F R I D A Y • Follow the path your heart desires ♥️ . . . Repost @nakedhawaii Photo by @calebmichaelbuchanan


Just recently #oakwynite @jenniferlesoonprec contacted me regarding a few client gifts she was in need of. After a quick chat I was able to determine the direction she wanted to go in. I pulled together some of my all time favourites for one of her female clients and added in the luxurious @mifaandco soap that I knew Jen was a huge fan of. 👌🏼 MIFA is fairly new to the Vancouver scene, so if you haven't has the pleasure of SLATHERING your body in it…you must! MIFA is all natural, plant based and organic. So pure that you can wash your little babe in it too 😉 After learning more about MIFA I can see why Jen was keen to include this product along side these other all stars. 🙌🏼 It's such a honour to work with realtors such as Jen. She truly values her clients and knows how to show them immense appreciation! She's a negotiator a problem solver and not afraid to get her hands dirty to help a client out. If you are looking for a realtor this #bossmom is just a DM away. Such a pleasure to partner with you Jen! #clientsspoilingclients ♥️


How many times have you sent out a gift basket full of food? 🙋🏼‍♀️1️⃣, 2️⃣, 3️⃣ That food is now POOF…GONE! Out of sight out of mind. 💥 I'm here to help you leave a LASTING impression on your clients by gifting them items that they will use over and over again…so they remember YOU! 💡 I am so grateful for my clients and love reading their testimonials. They are always so accurate! This one made me do a little happy dance. ♥️


Can I take a second to introduce myself? Many of you know me, but today I want to share three things you might not know about me...even if they make me feel awkward! 1️⃣ My most embarrassing moment as a kid was when I going over the vault in gym class and a pair of underwear fell out of my pant leg. Clean thankfully, but right in front of my grade 7 crush. 🙈 2️⃣ I love several aspects of my job, but one of my favourite parts is the ability to bring happiness to people. It's like a natural high for me! 3️⃣ Most people would describe me as loyal and a great listener, but I'm sure my spouse & bf would also add that I have a playful side, which is a nice balance, I suppose! 😉 How would your friends describe you? I’d love to get to know you better. 📷 @klutchphotography


What is your favourite quote? This one is a biggy for me at the moment. I feel like every decision you make as an an entrepreneur requires you to choose the FAITH path or FEAR path. I'm frequently reminding myself to push on and choose FAITH. Do you have one that keeps you going?


Confession time • Perfectionist 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m constantly sourcing and curating the perfect gift boxes for your clients. Making sure all of the items in the box go together cohesively and relate. 👌🏼 Have you ever opened up a gift basket full of a mishmash of items? Cookies, sardines, candy, pate. What kind of impression did it leave on you? That basket may have been huge and substantial, but was it a good way? 😝 Just in time for Father’s Day! “The Player” box features: Designworks Ink Coaster Set, Notepad and Pen and a quality deck of cards from Misc Goods Co. 👊🏼 You will definitely be scoring points with this one! 😉


On tired days or when the odds are stacked against me, I think of my little ones. They inspire me to keep pushing forward because I’m doing what I love and I am able to stay home to raise them. There’s a piece of me that wants to show them that hard work and hustle pays off. Who inspires you to keep pushing forward?


There’s a lot to love about what I do. Sourcing high quality beautifully packaged products, designing the perfect gifts for my clients, and taking in every moment of bliss when I deliver a box. BUT TODAY I’m feeling gratitude for something a little less blatant. Turns out my best friend is a photographer and has graciously and patiently given me many tips and lessons on how to use this very intimidating device. Being an entrepreneur means you do it ALL. Even photograph your own product. There’s so much joy in what I do and today I am very thankful for the help from my tribe.


Where do you stand on “inspirational quotes,” Keep Calm and Carry On, and the like? I find the perfect ones always seem to appear in my feed at the exact moment I need to see them. What about you? And have you got any tried and true quotations you’d like to pass along?


GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED! CHECK OUT MY STORIES TO SEE THE WINNER 😉 It’s my birthday and I’m feeling grateful! I’m giving away a $50 shop credit! ♥️Like this pic 👣 Follow 🙌🏼 Tag someone you are grateful for! . I’ve been in an extra giving mood this month. If you have messaged me for a collab, donation or favor I’ve said yes every time. Maybe it’s something to do with the sunny weather, my birthday, or the fact that I actually got a date night 😂 . Gratitude changes everything 💕 . Giveaway ends May 31st, 2018 at 10pm PST. Open to residents of Canada. Credit must be used by December 31st, 2018.