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🍑Grow Your Glutes 🍑 Who else is obsess with glutes training? Definitely not a part to neglect since it’s one of your biggest muscles. 💫 - I hope you are all ready for this one! It was a big day 🤪 - ✨Routine ✨ ◽️4 rounds of each ◽️12-15 reps ◽️Superset 2 exercises the glutes kick backs alone with 30 secs breaks in between each. - ✨Leggings @cls_sportswear “Anais” for discount - 👉🏽Check my Bio @anaiszanotti to get your 6 Pack Abs eBook! - Drinking @ehplabs BCAA during my workout. “Anais10” for discount - Gym @ufcgymkendall


🏝What is your favorite destination? Mine is still Brazil. 💕 - Years ago when I was in France, living in Miami was like a dream. I thought it would be impossible to move away to a country that you don’t speak the language. - And here I am, living my dream and meeting amazing people. @claudia_romani @melissalori on the picture. 💕 - Just a reminder to not stop believing in your dreams!✨ Even the impossible can be possible.💫 It’s whatever you put in your head and believe it, and see yourself achieving it.🧚‍♀️ - Xo Anais 💋 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫 Photo @ulora_photography


💕What are you all doing this weekend? I just had a great glutes & legs workout today! Sharing below what I did. 🍑 - 🔺4 Rounds of each Floor bridge 2x15, 2x12 Goblet squats 4x15,12,10,8 reps - BB good morning 4x15 Cable lateral leg kicks 4x15 - Leg press sumo stance 4x20,15,12,10 reps Laying Stability ball curl 4x15 - Leggings @cls_sportswear “Anais” for discount 💕 - Drinking @blessedprotein “Anais10” for discount


What an inspiration!! 💞 👉🏽 @anaiszanotti for more Daily Inspiration & workout tips. - 👧🏼This little angel @enola_kids_cf is doing an amazing job. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 🚨FOR ALL OF YOU WORRIED ABOUT KIDS SHOULD NOT LIFT WEIGHT! 🔺READ BELOW 🔻 ▫️All of these activities require heavy muscular effort, but DO NOT STUNT GROWTH. As a matter of fact, kids in elementary school can safely and effectively lift weights to promote health and build strength. ☺️Yes, it's downright good for them! ... So stop worrying about stunting your child's growth. -


🔥Back 🔥 Having strong legs is important, but do not neglect your upper body ladies. 💕 - Save this routine for next time you are doing back! - ⚡️ROUTINE ⚡️ 👉🏽4 rounds of each! 👉🏽Perform them as a Superset. 👉🏽12-15 reps each 👉🏽45 secs rest in between rounds - 🚨Get your Free 6 Pack eBook NOW! Click on the link on my bio @anaiszanotti 🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺 - 🥊 Gym @ufcgymkendall


✅Real Vs ❌Fake 😼Don’t believe what you see on the gram! - It’s easy these days to edit anything to make it more appealing for a post, or having some non existence curves that are out of proportion unless you went thru 🔪 surgery. - Be happy in your own skin, it takes some time to build a body and shape it the way you want. But you want to stay realistic. Sadly, with Photoshop and surgery, people expect every woman that squats to have 2 balloons 🎈 in the booty which won’t happen naturally. - Yes, you will get curves and more tone, and the body you will have from working hard will be in HARMONY with your body. Not disproportionate. 💕 - DM me for Nutrition advice and training 💪🏽


Body built by Plants 🌱 Never felt as good until I switched to a Plant Based diet. In 1 month I will be 37 and you know what? 💪🏽Stronger than ever! 🏃🏽‍♀️I have more energy! 😃Never bloated or tired after a meal. 🥰My skin is better than a few years ago. I could go on about all the benefits. - I have been fully Vegan Since February. 💉I have done a blood test every 3 months and no deficit on any thing. Actually, I had to stop taking most of my vitamins including Iron. - Think about it, everything is in the food that you eat. If you eat lots of veggies and fruit, it’s loaded in vitamins. 🥬🍉🥭🍓🍋🥥🥦🍠🍎🍏🍍🥑 - I am only taking my Multivitamin in the morning which my doctor said was not necessary. And my BCAA from @ehplabs because it does make a difference on my workout. My pre workout on legs & back day. 👉🏽Remember to apply “Anais10” for a bigger discount on the supplements. - Soon my NEW PLANT BASED eBook will be released. 🙌🏽 - 🚨Be the first to get your 🤚 Hands on one by going to my link on my bio @anaiszanotti - Wearing @cls_sportswear “Anais” discount code


What did you guys train today? - I just had a quick legs day. 🦵 Sometimes when you workout by yourself and no videos for the gram, it’s so beneficial to stay focused. - Here was my routine: ▫️Warm-up: 4 rounds of Walking lunges. ▫️Routine: Floor DB Bridge 4x15 Bulgarian Lunges 4x20-15-12-10 - Sumo KB deadlift 4x12-10 DB lateral lunges 4x10 - Back Lunges 3x15 Sumo KB Squat 3x15 - Leg extensions 4x15 Pulse lunges in place 20 reps - 🚨Get my FREE 6 Pack eBook Now!! 👉🏽Link on my Bio @anaiszanotti ☝🏽 - Leggings @cls_sportswear “Anais” for discount


🍑Build strong Glutes🍑 With these, I had my booty burn for days! 🤪 - A few tips here that you want to keep in mind: 👉🏽 Use your Mind-muscle Connection. Make sure to feel what you are doing rather than focusing on adding heavy weights. 👉🏽Warmup properly before doing the exercises. I always get my glutes on fire 🔥 with some walking band, glutes bridges and banded squats before starting. 👉🏽Vary your stance 👉🏽Vary your weights and reps. 👉🏽 Don’t neglect the fundamental Lunges, glutes bridges and deadlifts. - 🔥Routine🔥 4 sets of 15 reps each. - 🚨Online training - Gym @ufcgymkendall


What are you all doing today? - I am still deciding if I should do legs today or save it for tomorrow 😅 Working on a new blog now, writing one of my favorite breakfast smoothie bowls. - 🚨Get your FREE 6 Pack eBook Shredded Now! Link on my bio ☝🏽@anaiszanotti Tips & Secrets revealed. - 🦵 Leggings @cls_sportswear “Anais” for discount


🔥TARGET YOUR BACK 🔥 One of my favorite body parts to train! What’s yours? - Remember, it’s important to train each body part. If you do your back, you also need to train your chest. If you don’t, you will get muscle imbalances. - 💥Routine💥 ◽️4 rounds of each ◽️12-15 reps 🔺Focus on proper form. - 🚨Get your FREE 6 Pack eBook Now! Link on my bio @anaiszanotti ☝🏽 - Drinking @ehplabs BCAA “Anais10” for discount - Gym @ufcgymkendall