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Photographer, traveler Enquiries: Munich, Germany📍🇩🇪

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Hello, how are you doing? I took the following photo in Vienna at Votive Church. The church was completed in 1879 and is under renovation for a few years already I thought it could be interesting to take a photo of the church from a different perspective. Last few days were really interesting I went down to the subway tunnels which was an amazing experience. Exploring subway tunnels is for real mysterious You go down there and it's like another world. I’m thinking about a trip around the Dolomites next week Would you like to see some nature photos on my page or do you want to see photos from the biggest cities in the world Also I had the idea to sell some prints of my favourite photos. If your interested in some prints you can send me a message #vienna #votivkirche #austria


Bird's-eye view of a highway in Athens #athens #greece #visitgreece


I visited New York City several times in the last years. This city is something special and is constantly in a rush. Would you like to visit New York City? Or have you been there already so how was your experience? Photo by @night_vi5ion #newyork #usa


Ellinikon International Airport abandoned since 2001 #athens #greece #visitgreece


Escape From the City Rush #hongkong


Mount Olympus home of the twelve Olympian gods of the ancient Greek world #mountolympus #greece #visitgreece


Shanghai - City of the Future. What do you think? #shanghai


Somewhere in Greece from air #greece #visitgreece


Would You Sit Here?📍 #shanghai


How many building complexes can you count? #athens #greece #visitgreece


In this post I would like to introduce myself since I never really did that here on my profile. First of all thanks a lot for all the engagement on my last post you asked me a lot of interesting questions Let's begin with the introduction.Basically I would like to talk about my passion for traveling and how everything began. A few years ago I performed parkour in my very small hometown Starnberg. I got inspired for photography by one guy who took some amazing nature photos I decided to buy a camera and try my luck to get an eye for photography.At the beginning I didn't know which direction I should choose I nearly try to shoot everything from portraits to nature but I wasn't that happy with the results because I was trying to find myself as an artist. One day I came across this rooftopping trend on the internet and I was immediately convinced that this is the stuff that I will shoot from now I climbed some small buildings in Munich which was already a big challenge. I climbed some cranes and buildings but the results weren't that good as I expected because Munich doesn't really look interesting from the top of a building. On the internet I saw some Russian guys who went to China and climbed some buildings there and the photos were just amazing. I knew if I want to take a step forward I have to go to Asia The problem was I had no money to fly to China. I decided to talk to some companies if they are able to help to sponsor a flight to China and make a video for them. A company said yes and it was time to fly to Hong Kong. I didn't know anything about traveling or other countries I only saw these places on Tv before and I thought these cities will be untouchable for me. So after Hong Kong everything went good the job was done and the company was happy. The video hit 1mio. views on the web After Hong Kong I took a trip to Shanghai. I climbed more buildings and some money finally came. The hard work had paid off. Years ago I never thought I will ever leave Europe traveling was never important. I experienced so many moments during my travels, made friends and I can tell stories. I could say seeing all these places changed my view at life! #shanghai


Hello how are you doing? I already posted in my story yesterday that I'm going to restart my feed completly. So why did I remove my old photos? I wasn't that happy how my feed looked like and also I'm trying to work harder on editing the photos to show you the best results on my profile since I only want to post high quality content. Let's start my first post with a Q&A. Just ask me everything here in the comments. Feel free to ask me anything #greece #visitgreece