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1,782 apartments and space for 5.500 people. Over-population. Could you imagine living here? #hongkong


Hong Kong has the highest density of buildings in the world. With at least 1 skyscraper over 100 metres tall for every square km of land. The combined total height of every Hong Kong skyscraper is enough to circle the Earth 8 times over #hongkong


Urban Jungle #hongkong


As I told you, I want to explore Europe more. I decided to come to Barcelona and check out this beautiful city. This city has charm . The city is very similar to Athens, Barcelona has a strict grid pattern, crossed by wide avenues, designed in the 19th Century. In the photo you can see the city grid & Sagrada Família #barcelona


Portrait photo of a policeman at Champs-Élysées during the protests against fuel tax in Paris. What do you think if I post these kind of photos? Let me know in the comments #paris


Hello. Some people probably have wondered where my photos from Egypt are? I decided to repost them and tell you the full story of the pyramid climb here on my page . Here a little preview photo. I captured the Pyramid of Khafre. What do you know about the pyramids in Egypt? Do you know which one is the biggest pyramid? . Stay tuned for the next post about the Egyptian pyramids. I'm happy to share my adventures with you guys


3200 red poppies at Konigsplatz in Munich created by German artist Walter Kuhn. The memorial is standing for peace .. I'm going there again next weekend if you're interested to join send me a message. The art action will be open until the 2 of December. Have you already been to this place? Did you like it?