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Andrej Ciesielski Munich, Germany📍

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Hello guys, here with another video but from the land down under. I never thought I'm going to make a video in Australia. When I think about Australia I connect it with Kangaroos and wild animals and not skyscrapers. Hope you enjoy the video. The building is Swanston Central Melbourne - Where should I travel next? Let me know in the comments. Video Link in my Bio! #melbourne #australia


Hello how are you? As you know I'm currently traveling around Australia by myself. My trip is almost ending and it's a pity that I'm already leaving this beautiful country - I spent the first week of my journey in Melbourne where I did some urban exploration stuff (rooftops), street photography and explore the city like a tourist. Very soon you can expect stunning rooftop photos from Melbourne - Australia is the most expensive country I've ever been to. You have to take care what you're spending your money on. During the whole trip I stayed in hostels and met a lot of cool people. Have you been to any hostels yet? How was your experience there - Everyone in Australia is friendly and you can start conversations with random people on the street if you want to - So tomorrow I will fly to my last destination which is Ayers Rock. I'm super excited to see this place, I can't wait. It's going to be a super hard day tomorrow I have to stay awake 24 hours without sleep because every accommodation in Ayers Rock is fully booked out. - But you can't stop a traveler from reaching his destination. Would you have any tips for me how I can stay awake? Thank you for your attention. #australia


What is your ultimate goal in life ? #shanghai


What is your biggest fear? Tag a friend who is afraid of heights ! #newyork


In Memory of September 11, 2001 (9/11) #newyork #911


Q&A. Just ask me everything here in the comments. Feel free to ask me anything #berlin #germany #urbanexploration


Wishing everybody a great weekend. What are your plans for the weekend? #hongkong


How are you spending the last month of summer? I'm currently in my hometown enjoying the nice weather and just chill out. Very soon I will fly to Australia for the first time - By the way I just checked my Flightdiary and I noticed that I visited over 40 countries. How many countries did you visit? - What is your most visited city? I visited Hong Kong 10x in the last years. Drone shot by @johnstonanthony #shanghai


SYSTEM SHOCK by @tremulant_ #hongkong


Hey, what's up? In the photo you can see some really interesting old architecture at Palace of Justice in Vienna. I really miss Vienna although it'a a neighboring country from Germany - If you are interested in architecture, street photography, urban exploration you should visit Vienna - This city has everything. As you know I currently live in Munich which is a really disappointing place for photography. So I'm thinking about moving to a different city in Germany or even somewhere in Europe - Can you recommend me a country in Europe? My first idea was Latvia. Been there before and I really like it there. See you in the next post #vienna #austria #architecture


Hong Kong 香港 Urban Exploration. Sorry for not posting anything the last few days! Been super busy with work. Stay tuned for more photos from Hong Kong! Something about the photo have you seen this place before? It's from a popular action movie #hongkong #urbanexploration