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@da_vincicuts shooting a cool little promo video for himself. Go check it out. @dapperbarbershop


Contour and movement. Its all about the shape. #hairstyle #shorthairstyles #shorthair #womenshaircut


Its been a long eventful 2 days of training. I closed @dapperbarbershop to work internally with my staff on areas we could improve and i must say, this year is going to be a serious one. . In the mist of this all i apologize for not being able to cut everyone. This year I’m going to focus on the growth of my staff and business as well as my craft. With all that focus and 24 hours my time is going to be super limited. . I will still be in the shop. Still be cutting as much as i can but my availability has been limited due to too many people and simply not enough time. . GROWING PAINS! . Truth be told it saddens me. I wish i could cut everyone because i hate to tell my friends no (my clients are more like friends then a client) but unfortunately i cant buy more time or more hands. . If you been trying to book on booksy then yes you have seen it right all my services will be increased by $15 effective immediately. This will reflect in the service I’m able to provide. . I wish you all a prosperous year, i appreciate you all, and will see you soon for this new level of attention im going to be able to provide for people in my chair. . . In the meantime I am continuing to train my staff to be able to produce more for the @dapperbarbershop family! . Thanks for the support.


Normally its a Happy New Year kinda vibe. But since i met my boy mike every year he does what we want to do in celebration for the new year. Since I met him. So today we switch it up, and we celebrate you my man. @ryderdapper Happy Bday my G, appreciate everything you do for me as a friend and what you do as my manager for @dapperbarbershop. Thank you. #nye #barbers #newyears #2019 #2018 #happybday #birthday


Check out this taper tutorial. Subscribe to my youtube channel link in bio. RELAUNCH 2019 subscribe!! #youtube #barber


Check out this taper with a tail. Back then this cut was a hit. Check out this full video on my youtube page link in bio


“Burst fade” mohawk 😱 how was this executed. . I wanna hear what you think.


Eyebrow shaping, I have heard people say “just cleanup the eyebrows” as if its just a few minute task. And truth it is IT IS. . Its hard to see the dollar amount in something that seems soo small, or quick. truth is, its the experience, the eye, the confidence, the knowledge, the technical skill behind the razor the years and years of experience you pay for. . The razor cant do anything without a skilled person navigating it. .


Being a barber has taken me to many places. And im forever grateful. . 🎥 this is when i was “Behind the scenes”, @frenchmontana @richforever @djkhaled @liltunechi )


Any decent fade will do the trick. We get lost as barbers on how clean the fade is, but chances are a customers eyes isnt as trained to see lines as your eyes are. If you have good customer service and a sharp lineup chances are they will come back to you and grow with you. . These retro t cut was given to me by @wahlpro to try out. If you check my more recent videos i use them a lot . They are sharp and powerful, even sharper when adjusted properly. . . Follow @andyfademaster . Drop your thoughts in the comments. 👇🏽 . . @guyshair @hairmanstyles @hairstylesformen @hairstylesformen @guyshair @berberlerdunyasi @hairstylesmenofficial @coiffure_jocker @hair.styles.2017 @best of barbers @barbersdaily @barber.styles @worldofbarbers


First visit to cali i had to stop by @elegancestudio to check out @arod23pr and @hairgod_zito. Rolled in while they were making a video. Need an LA trip soon