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Try the best to make life better and easier🤔

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When u are to free and have nothing to do... Let’s take a picture with our lovely Miss Sugi😂😂😂 #vimskitchenrandwick #coldthursdaynight #workingwithlove💗


We didn’t meet each other most of the time, we didn’t talk with each other everyday. However, once we chatted, we can have thousands of topics to talk about. Love you forever @squishyy_unicornn Waiting u to feed me forever😘😘 #friendshipgoals #love #bffgoals👭


真真假假;假假真真。 “不被左右信念看清黑与白, 用心分辨是与非和好与坏”- MASK张艺兴


Life is tough. Always thinking why recently can be such bad luck💩 Trying to make life easier but life never make you feel easy. Weakness, struggle, conflict, dislike and hurt. All these came together in a time. Try my best to get rid of them but always feel hard and start to have negative thinking. First time, can't sleep well at night because of stress. First time, feel myself became a weak person in emotion. Feeling suffer💔


Feeling disappointed to someone you really love is a really bad feeling. When u trust her a lot but she kept doing smth that make you and the people who loved her to get upset. Just wanna remind you, whenever u do smth, pls think about the people who loved u, what they gonna think about it! What they feel! They care u because they love u! No becuz they wanna mind ur shit business. U should responsible for yourself and your life! Not them! Is not they have to worry until cant sleep at night just becuz u haven't got back home! U are an adult, not a kids, not a teenager anymore! Do something that can let them happy and not worry about u and your life! Be mature, be mindful of what you are doing, think about it!


学会说不,让紧绷的自己放松一下。 Smile makes life better😊




Thanks dear @kate_xueqi my darling for my early birthday present🌹 the first person who bought me flowers💕 love u always and forever! Thankss💞 #birthdaygifts #20birthday #sweety #feelingloved #2018


有些人在没有一次狠狠的教训是不会学去记住那疼痛;但在那狠狠的教训却后悔着,为何没记住教训,得到的更是无法挽回的伤痛。 时间不会倒流,伤疤依旧会是在那,即使你多么想去遗忘它;它却总会跟着你,提醒你曾犯下的错误是有多离谱。 对于自己犯下的错误,我们无法去弥补,只能跨过那错误,继续前进。但在前进的同时,也警惕自己,不能再犯同样的错误。 有些事,真的,错一次,就够了。 #thisislife #mistakesmade #getridofit #bestrong #loveyourself #2018


人总是那么的犯贱。 总是喜欢上得不到的东西;却偏偏千思万想的得到它,到头来得到的却是伤害。 无论告诉自己几次,那不属于你,却还是有着总有一天那会属于我的那种念头,但是那何尝不是在欺骗自己? 陷得越深,伤得就越痛。 所以,是时候做了断了。


Always, i feel say 'NO' is the hardest thing in the world but sometime i have to tell myself, if say 'No' can make your life better, why not?Don't be afraid of embarrass, don't be afraid of the result of saying no, face it and say 'NO' .


Always be proud of your abilities and use the abilities to help others🌸🌻🌸 #longtimeago #likeflowers🌹🌷 #fightingforlife #alwaylovemyself #chillweekend #endofweekend #sydney🇦🇺


"Life is all about learning." When i started to doubt to myself, i always told myself, life is all about learning. I can't give up easily just because i feel myself can't do it, i can learn how to do it but not just give up and that's it! We only live once, why don't we just learn and try? It's not ridiculous to be a loser but it is, for those who even didn't want to learn and try. So, don't be afraid to learn and try, go ahead! #moody #tiringday #life #quotesaboutlife #learningforlife #lifeforlearning #learnandtry #sydney🇦🇺 #australia 💕


Hapi Birthday to lovely raymond💕 两岁快乐🎈🎂🎈 #birthdayboy🎉 #littlelemon #niecesbday #twoyearsold #happybirthday



A parcel from the people i loved❤ 长话短说,我爱你们💕 #secondjobdone #missthemalready #sushi🍣 #burwood #sydney🇦🇺 #australia


After becoming an useless person for one and a half month... start working again😤😤😤 #workingday #cold #sydney🇦🇺 #australia #comeback 😝