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Haven't been posting recently because I've been thinking lately...Been thinking I need to enter this free for all hosted by @asteryx! I have some cool composites lined up and I'll probably spam a few photos today and tomorrow. I've been checking out the competition and theres definitely some crazy skilled artists as usual, I swear I always end up as the underdog in these lol. Here's a photo where I blended 3 different skies shot by asteryx. Should I throw up before and afters for this competition on my story? . Shot by: @asteryx Edit by: @anillion.images FFA: #asteryx2018 Sponsors: @adorama @artofvisuals @djiglobal @peakdesign


. You only stand a chance to be free when you realize that we're already imprisoned. In frame: @naureenxo #b1te


My fellow photographers, would you like to know how to make bank without having to shoot things you don't care about, deal with flakey clients or people who undervalue your time and try to pay you with "exposure". Ya, I'd like to know too, lemme know if you figure it out! In frame: @rastafarhigh_


. Schemin' on the low. In frame: @upb3at


. Orange Fanta In frame: @jamilabeth #shootintosummer


. Fact of the Day: Torontonians, did you know the Union Station we know today is actually the 3rd Union Station to exist in Toronto? The first one was actually built elsewhere around the mid 1800's and the one we know today was constructed between 1914-1920. True say fam.


. Life is pretty sweet when you don't have to worry about what others think. 🍭 In frame: @pinesinautumn #shootintosummer


Caught the city on lockdown.



Gonna be mixing up my feed a lot more with different styles of photography. I feel like sticking to themes and color schemes look great but it's so damn boring and restricting. I need to have creative freedom so I can continually grow and enjoy what I do. Heck, one of the reasons I like photography is because there are so many things to capture, why limit myself? For extra followers? Nah. Life is too short to let things hold you back, ya dig? So here's a shot I captured of a skater trying to master a trick. I've got tons of photos of random moments and people I spontaneously met and shot that I can't wait to share. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ #streetlife_award #spjstreets #streetclassics #MySPC #storyofthestreet #streets_storytelling #streetsgrammer #gallery_legit #brain_waves #fromstreetswithlove #capturestreets #everybodystreet #ourstreets_ #friendsinperson #streetscenesmag #thestreetphotographyhub #street_perfection #AllStreetShots #best_streetview #street_focus_on #GrittySide #StreetxStory #Streetactivity #StreetShared5k #Urbangorillas #Streetmobs #UrbanandStreet #overexposurez #gramslayers #way2ill


. A little collab I did with @creatorsbox shot of downtown Atlanta and @infinitepandastudios shot of the Milky Way combined with my editing. Love doing these and I look forward to collabing with more photographers and artists in the future, especially those from different cities.


. When the weather Gods thought they could stop you with a little rain. In frame:@tashakopoon •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #optimalportraits #PortraitUnit #PortraitKiller #portrait_blog #portraitsquad #WorldOfPortraits #portraitkillers #Senseports #portraitgasm #creativecollection #ThePortraitCentral #AGameOfPortraits #Xelfies #portraitsvisuals #folkportraits #portraits_vs #discoverportrait #PortraitFeed #portslike #BravoPortraits #️assortedportrait #doports #theportraitpr0ject #igpodium_portraits #bravogreatphoto #portraitstream #hvmansouls #overexposurez #PortraitGames


Better believe there's someone behind the scenes pulling the strings.


Rain on me.


Even in the midst of chaos, there's a moment of peace to be found.


. So mah dude, Mr.Pool, hit me up the other day. Said he's been working on that summer bod' and was feelin for a new profile pic for linkedin. Told him I got him covered 100%, but when he showed up rocking a floaty and matching unicorn headband I was dead 🤣. We decided it would be fitting to crash @cabanapoolbar and show them what a real "pool party" looked like. In frame: @toronto_dadpool


. Stay hydrated mah frands. 🌊