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This Autumn apple tart with cinnamon frangipane is soooo good! The recipe is up on my blog, btw 🍎✨and thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my previous post. I’ll share the recipe for the no-bake millionaire’s shortbread with you tomorrow 🍫🍯❤️


No-bake millionaire’s shortbread on point 🍫🍯 This is the improved second batch I talked about making last week - and I am very pleased with the result this time. Do you want the recipe?


I am home alone with Emil this weekend and I made stack of banana pancakes for him an hour ago🥞🍌. He ignored these two, so I am enjoying them with toppings, now that he is taking a nap 😊


Cherry cream cheese chocolate crossaint 🥐🍒🍫❤️ to be enjoyed on a weekend with a cup of coffee ☕️


Apple tart to rock this windy Autumn Friday 🍎🥧🍁🍂 It is simple and delicious: buttery crispy shortcrust, cinnamon almond cream and some of the apples Kaj and his dad harvested the other day ☺️


These no-bake millionaire’s shortbread taste so good, but they are on the soft side, so I have to make another batch. I plan to freeze this batch, chop it up and fold it into a chocolate ice cream - doesn’t that sound nice?😋🍫🌰🍯🍦


This ginger poached pear tart with frangipane and milk chocolate chips is so good - I wish you could all have a taste 🍐🥧🍫❤️


Kaj’s Sunday harvest 🍎 Kaj was so proud when he and his dad returned home from a forest trip with all these crispy and juicy Autumn apples earlier today 🍁 Apple baking coming up! What’s your favourite apple recipe? Happy Sunday ✨


A cake a day keeps the doctor away, right?! 🍰🍒😜


Friday waffle love 🌰🍫❤️ #wafflelove #friday #piemontehazelnut


This is morning glory ⭐️ Homemade peanut butter with chia seeds and homemade chocolate hazelnut spread 🥜🍫🌰 Perfect for bread, pancakes, waffles or spoonfuls in the porridge. Find both recipes in my breakfast e-book 🤗


Crispy and chewy chocolate filled cookies, anyone?🤗 🍪🍪🍪