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Water Housings, Rain Cover Shields & many more photographic accessories. Also see @axisgo for iPhone water housings. #aquatech

It’s the year 1999 and the Canon Eos 1V and Eos 5 are the workhorses of the surf industry. @marknewsham is a busy professional traveling the globe and these two housings are his weapons of choice. The black housing was for the 1V with booster (capable of 10fps) and the smaller Eos 5 is Marks go to setup for shooting fisheye do to size and frame rate. These two housings are in mint condition and featured our first venture into a threaded port system. #aquatech20years #aquatech #waterhousing #waterphotography


A custom Pentax 6x7 II medium format housing with a dome for the 35mm f/4.5 fisheye. Built for Chris Miller in early 2000’s. #aquatech20years #pentax6x7 #mediumformat #waterhousing


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Go hit the link in @thurstonphoto ‘s bio for a full length clip. “Chasing Slabs, Again” now playing! #aquatech


Before there was “AquaTech” there was, AquaLenz. This fine looking housing was for the Canon EOS 3. Produced somewhere around the late 90’s and one of the last designs to feature the bolt down lens ports. Recently picked up by @dreamingcaterpillar 2nd hand or possibly 3rd/4th but still holding strong. Note the original Ocean and Earth leash still in use which shipped with the housing! #aquatech20years #eos3 #aquatech #waterhousing


For 20 years we have designed and built Water Housings which have been used in all five oceans around the globe, the Olympic Games and some of the heaviest waves on the planet to name a few locations. This week we celebrate and share some stories and photos from the archives. Old housings, one-off custom housings, iconic images and war stories from icons of the water photography world. We encourage you to share your stories and pictures with the hashtag #aquatech20years to be part of this week's festivities. To say thank you for your support over the last 20 years, we have taken 20% off all products for one week only.


20 Years deserves 20% OFF! Starts Monday 16th July for 1 week only - - #aquatech20years


Here to hoping you find some shade this weekend ✌🏼 @tommy_cantrell shot by @weldon88 with our Elite A7 Sony Water Housing. #aquatech #sonyalpha


The stoke is real! @enroutecreations & @elsaknutson combining forces with our Elite Water Housing for Canon. #aquatech #waterphotography


Livestream your adventures with @axisgo designed for iPhone. @flylords shooting with the AxisGO and Ultra Wide Angle Dome. #iphonex #axisgo #waterphotography #waterhousing #shotoniphone


Surfings latest man made studio shot by @patnolan_ • Pat shot with our Elite D500 Nikon Water Housing• @americanwavemachines #aquatech #waterphotography


Free event July 26th, 2018! Limited amount of spots so hurry to register. Get some tips and tricks from some of the best. All you need to do is supply a camera or iPhone, we’ll take care of the rest....... Email