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Three Gossips and high clouds #winter #rockformation #ArchesNPS


Frosty yucca #frost #winter #ice #ArchesNPS


After several rainy days, we're enjoying some cotton-ball clouds and sunshine! 🌤️ #ArchesNPS #Arches #utah #TurretArch


Fall is right around the corner! Longer shadows, cooler temperatures and changing leaves are readily welcomed by plants, wildlife and visitors alike! Dehydration is still a major threat in cooler weather, however, keep drinking that water! (mt) #autumn🍁 #findyourpark


“Let me rust to the finest dust. But first, may I be an arch!“ -G.E. Park Visitor from California (ip) #findyourpark #archesnp


The Parade of Elephants is located in the Windows Section. Can you spot the “elephant” in this picture? Tip: It’s much bigger than the actual animal! 🐘(mt) #findyourpark


In addition to it’s unique geology, Arches National Park protects representative examples of Colorado Plateau ecosystems. Here is a plant community in front of Turret Arch! (mt) #findyourpark


Baby Arch has a lot riding on it’s shoulders! With over 2000 arches in the park, each one is unique. Do you have a favorite arch? Or one you would like to explore? (mt) #findyourpark


Skyline Arch tucked away behind glowing rocks at sunset. Being only 0.2 miles from the road, it’s a great shorter hike but also viewable from the parking area! (mt) Photo Credit: Dan Kolenberg


A desert storm rolls in from the main road at #archesnationalpark. When exploring your park, keep in mind that your 👣 will stay around a lot longer than you will! Avoid stepping on soft dirt, sand, and 🌱’s. Living soil crust may not always be large, dark clumps- it may be much younger and just at the surface of the dirt. Use trails! Walking on hard rock and established trails is much better than stepping on dirt or sand. 🏃🏾‍♀️🚶🏻‍♂️ (ml) 📷: NPS/M Larcom #leavenotrace #steplightly #knowbeforeyougo #desertlife #trailtuesday