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We're joining in on June's #ArchivesHashtagParty. This month: the great American road trip! Here a group of campers relaxes at the old Balanced Rock Campground. Where's your favorite road trip destination? πŸš—πŸš™πŸ“Έ #archesnps #ArchivesRoadTrip #camping #Moab #Utah


Friday feeling: A candy-colored sunset behind Skyline Arch. [πŸ“·: @martytow] #parksunsetwars #sunset #archesnps #Utah


A little birdie told us to get in on #parksunsetwars πŸ€”, though @saguaronationalpark and @joshuatreenps have a head start! We love the setting sun shining on the rock fins of Devils Garden. 😍 [πŸ“·: @jacobwfrank] #nationalparks #photography #sunset


Biological soil crust is a living ground cover that binds soil in place, prevents erosion, and holds nutrients and water that plants need to survive. . Arches can be a busy place. You can help protect fragile biological soil crusts by sticking to established trails, bare rock, or sandy washes, where water flows when it rains. #YourStepsMatter


Yucca flowers are popping out!


Double Arch has the tallest opening of any arch in the park. The southern span soars 112 feet above ground level. See the tiny person beneath the arch? That span is also the second-largest arch in the park, at 144 feet across.


We (and the bees) are loving the sweet-smelling flowers of FrΓ©mont's mahonia. (Mahonia fremontii) #flowers #spring


#TBT Happy Birthday to Us! On this date in 1929, President Herbert Hoover designated Arches National Monument, two separate areas of land called "Windows" and "Devil's Garden." Over time, various proclamations and laws expanded the area to the Arches National Park we know today.


Rocks piled at the base of Skyline Arch tell us about the ever-changing nature of arches. In 1940, a large boulder fell from the arch, nearly doubling its size. Water, gravity, and time force the stone to change. Eventually these arches will disappear, but what new formations will we see?


Navajo Arch is like a secret passage between sandstone fins. Walk along a rock wall, and you'll find this arch tunneled through the wall to the shaded area behind it. You can hike to this arch on the Devils Garden trail. It's a gently rolling trail to Landscape Arch, but then the trail becomes steep, with some rock scrambling and narrow ledges. .. #arches #sandstone #archesnps #hiking


This month the @nationalparkservice wants you to #FindYourPark #AfterDark! Arches is a great place to explore the night sky from stargazing to a hike by the full moon. Rangers will break out the telescopes this summer to share the #NightSky with you! #stargazing #astronomy #telescope #nightskies


Last weekend visitors spotted this beautiful bobcat, one of the park's elusive predators. Though you may not see them, there are several predators like bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes, and foxes that live in our travel through the park. (cw, πŸ“·: courtesy Benjamin Sack)