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#ArmyTroops ♥️ Our NEW single “Right Back” is out and AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE! Click the link down below!

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Virginia! We’ll see you this Saturday! RSVP, LINK IN BIO @freshempire #freshempire


DON’T GO WALKIN’ Round like you don’t know !!!! 🧛🏽‍♂️ @kidathegreat & @kendricklw_ KILT THIS 🔥🚀 Should Me and trey #Remake This 😂🥀 #rightbackchallenge - Right back remix coming soon 🔥


THE YOUNG GOAT BIRTHDAY♥️ @_treytraylor My Brother, My Bestfriend , my young dog , the nigga that think he my pops lmao I love you dude, we really made all of this happen with each other bro, sometimes it get me emotional bro when I think of the things we been through, from walking in the rain snow, to crying TEARS trying to keep each other strong and continue to make music, to be honest brother if I didn’t have you I would be dead or in jail, one of the most genuine people I ever came across, you deserve everything that god is giving to you bro ♥️ you know yo big brother don’t play about you either so lmk 😂 love you boy and ima get you them diamond ear rings I know you wanted them 💯so I got you we’ll pick new car or the ear rings 👀? Love you bro live it up homie ♥️🔥🔥


AYYYEEE!! “But first, I gotta hit you w/ this NEW NEW” 😩😭 Maaannn this is a GREAT way to start off our thanksgiving!!! 😩♥️💯 We’re so thankful!! Glory to God man ♥️ Wanna give a special shoutout to @wgci and @johnnied4real @iheartradio WE’VE OFFICIALLY BEEN ADDED IN ROTATION IN THE CHICAGO MARKET!! ♥️ CHICAGO’S #1 RADIO STATION FOR HIP HOP R&B!! SO IF YA LIVE IN CHICAGO AND YA HEAR “Right Back” on the RADIO! POST AND DM US YA VIDEOS!! Oh Yeah and Happy Thanksgiving!! We love you guys and we’re so thankful for you ♥️🤗 #ArmyTroops #armonandtrey #rightback


Doing all these shows, we been on the road, we don’t care where we go long as we get paid 💯🤑


Man it be yo own brother! SMH 😂💀😭 {FULL VERSION ON OUR TWITTER @TheRealAandT} #StoryTimeWithArmonAndTrey #TagAFriend #AllJokes #armonandtrey Shot by: @timotheealexx Produced by: @iamstangenius


Aayyyee!! @coppinstateuniversity was LIT asf!! 🔥 y’all showed mad love! Thank y’all ♥️ #armonandtrey #coppinstate


Ar’mon And Trey - “Chanel” 👀 #comment if we should finish and what rapper y’all can hear on this! 😩👀 #tagafriend #armonandtrey


Yardfest was sooo lit!!! Thanks for having us @Howard1867! @coppinstateuniversity we’ll be there TODAY in front of the student center with the @WBR Truck- Come through! ♥️ #rightbackchallenge #tagafriend #armonandtrey 🤗


Came a long way from the bottom 💯