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@roseyslens submission . Artists @roseyslens @hallewangler @roseyslens is a female artist with an uncompromising vision for creation and an unflinching support of the woman she collaborates with


🥚 Whatcha think of all the eggs on Insta⁉️ . Artist @svetabily Curator @latony


(@kowatches) @nicki_andrea is flying with @arsenic + @kowatches to @slsbahamar #bahamas. Swipe ➡️ and check link in bio to learn more.


(@saydaword23) Guess who’s the #1 Arsenic Live Streamer in the country right now? 💰 Yeah we manage models as Live Streamers and you can check @saydaword23 out on LiveAF 🔥 . Artists @smulderphotography @saydaword23


@its_juliarose on that @arsenic Monday Schmoooood. 🍕💕😋 . In case you didn’t know we Manage @its_juliarose for her Live Streaming career and guess what? That shit is lit.


You believe the human body is a work of art, or we should be ashamed of ourselves⁉️ . Submission @clara.rene Artists @clara.rene @yoannboyer Art @arsenicgallery


(@roseyslens shoots @itsnokia) When we first started @arsenic, before we even had an Instagram account @amandajmicallef was producing a shoot at @billyinspo’s house. There was a male photographer and @amandajmicallef didn’t feel he was giving the female models enough creative freedom, so she kicked him out of @billyinspo’s house and said to the models, “fuck him, we don’t need him, we’ll shoot ourselves with our iPhones!” And that was the spark that lit the Arsenic fire. @roseyslens is a model (@roseysin) who just started as a photographer 14 days ago. She already has 16k followers and her work is fire. She uses nothing but an iPhone to create her imagery. It’s all about her vision, not about fancy equipment. She uses the same tools that we ALL have along with her passion that she’s “celebrating strength, beauty, and diversity in the feminine form.”


Yo, don’t look at @arsenicgallery Via @arsenicgallery For @arsenicgallery Artist @casus_omissus


@kowatches Time To Shine


Don’t sleep on @its_juliarose. She’s been rocking with us on LiveAF and just got a big brand deal. Check out her page to see which brand. @getliveaf 💰