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(@miss_tina_louise) We’ll always love this goddess. 💯❤️ ¥ Artists @miss_tina_louise @milianeyes


@kylarosa keeping herself balanced ^ Curator @michellexuxu @kylarosa visited us and talked about her life philosophy. Openness without judgement. The connectivity of the mind, body, and well being. She explores that connectivity through yoga, modeling, and living her best life. Balance is a beautiful thing. #arsenic


#arsenic squad makes fire all over the world 🔥 🌍 ¥ Artists @milianeyes @officialannalouise


@karsen_rigby follow up ¥ Artists @karsen_rigby @careyhess


Tossing it to you. Who should we post next? ¥ Tag who we should post next ☝️ Artists @deyvismalta @about_cess Via @thenakedtiger #arsenic #submission #based


@julesnewmark (@natamals’s agent) just rolled through with @latonyy and we talked about doing dope shit with dope people ✨ ¥ Artists @natamals @dbahnphotos


Remember @chiarabransi from Art Basel in Miami? ¥ Via @blacktapeproject


@dariarottenberk has been part of the squad, and we thought it was profound when she posted this pic to recognize 1 year in LA and poured her heart out about her experience ^ Artists @dariarottenberk @harisnukem @dariarottenberk is brave and unafraid. She stands by what she believes in, has a strong sense of self, and she works hard af. She’s independent. Doesn’t need or want anything from anybody. She’d rather just work and rock it on her own. We’re inspired by her grind. And blown away by the art she creates.


@thomasholmphoto is making his first visit to the Arsenic House today. He’s a brilliant artist and we’re going to create fire together. That means our Story will be lit af on @arsenic and ArsenicTV snapchat. Much love.


@sydney_mm submission ^ Artists @sydney_mm @og.atmos Curves are beautiful. Brains are beautiful. Talent is beautiful. There’s so much beauty in the world we all just feel lucky & happy to be alive. We love all of you, YES YOU, for fucking with us.


(@arsenicgallery) who created this?


Got a submission from @bryansdimension, scrolled and clocked this fire. ^ Artists ​@bryansdimension @gabriellapawelek On the #ArsenicWorldTour, we spent time in Dallas (clocked the @hairweavekiller show there), Austin (for Austin City Limits with @stillhouseusa), and met a squad of people from Houston who drove in for the Block Party we threw with @g_eazy & #stillhouse. @amandajmicallef, our co-founder is from Texas, so we love seeing all the love we get from #TX. Insta says @bryansdimension is from Texas too, so thanks for holding it down for us. #Arsenic #OneLove #OneWorld