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📚 What book you think we should read for #Arsenic Book Club⁉️ . Artist @kaitlynnjanderson @studio977 Everything we hang with @kaitlynnjanderson we realize she does this thing called, whatever the fuck she wants. It’s inspiring and we love her eye for artistic beauty.


Our people who fuck with art follow @arsenicgallery. . Artist #robertgligorov #arsenic #inspo


Rule: don’t climb the wall. #fuckrules #arsenic #arsenicrules ¥ Submission @bridgeeeeyy Artists @bridgeeeeyy @vfocus_photography


@kowatches is fam ⌚️ @kowatches @yesyponcedeleon @olmorios #kowatches Arsenic was founded on the concept of time. Back then the founders we're spending too much time in the corporate world and not enough time pursuing their dreams. Same for the first people that joined the Arsenic Fam. All of them had day jobs. All of them knew Arsenic couldn't afford much. But they put their time into building something they believe in. As we've grown it's gotten busier than ever. What started as only passion has turned into a job. We do deals, we have staff meetings. But the soul of Arsenic is the same. To create something beautiful, to truly live. Wanting to live our best lives brought us to Mexico where we met the one and only @yesyponcedeleon. Pure-hearted and personally courageous she became part of our fam. She was working with @kowatches and @latony “Money Minter” got to know them through that. As we got to know @kowatches, we loved them. They support the artisan community in Mexico. When they saw talented artists working on the street with no money they created an entire line of timepieces hand-painted, each one of a kind. These artists got purpose and a paying job in their lives. And we all get access to their beautiful work.


What’s your favorite flower? ^ Submission @deisy_leonn Artists @deisy_leonn @2ndlifephotography The OG Arsenic house had the most beautiful Bougainvillea flowering canopy. It became probs the most visually associated part of the Arsenic House. We love flowers. They convey beauty. Nature. Life. Wish we had more landscaping and flowers at the current Arsenic House. Gonna go grind on that now, but hit us up if you got the hookup.


Oh hey 👋🏽 if your day isn’t dope, MAKE IT DOPE. #arsenic ¥ Artist @kelleealeman (submission) #ohhey #monday


@clint submission. Where should we roadtrip⁉️ 🚐 🌻 Artists @clint @mariamadiallo_ Curator @latony #arsenic #roadtrip


Discussion: you think Marilyn would have been an @Arsenic Girl? ¥ #arsenic #discussion


@crystallized_thought by @damnit_bobby submission ¥ It’s a fine line. #arsenic


Roll with the Arsenic girls and @stillhouseusa to the @g_eazy concert in Miami Florida 🍻🎉 • SWIPE RIGHT for on how to enter • Must be 21+ #arsenic #miami🌴 #palmbeach #florida


You think people are more wild on a full moon? 🌝 ¥ Artist @alexsmith_ @thisisangie @lucetteromy @rebeccaakat @anfisa.illustrator #arsenic #questions


Name some of your favorite books 📚 #smart #is #sexy ¥ Artists @_missbo @luka_metz (submission) Let’s start the #arsenic book club