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(@arsenicgallery) Follow your eyeline; what do you see? ¥ Via @arsenicgallery Artist @marco.demasi #arsenic #arsenicgallery


It’s simple. Do wtf you want. 💯 ^ OG #Arsenic Fam @gregoriophotography, @luci_ford People will tell you you can’t. People will tell you that you shouldn’t. People will tell you that they don’t want you to. If the Wright brothers had listened to what people say we might have never learned to fly. If Thomas Edison had listening to people we might not have light. Do you, be you, shine your light. Stay #arsenic. #nofucksgiven


(@arsenicgallery) Follow Your Art. 💗 ¥ Artist @sarashakeel Muse @hehleena Here’s the thing. Nobody is perfect. NOBODY. And in the history of beauty many times the brightest shining stars were not the ones with the least imperfections, but the most CONFIDENCE. You are who you are. That’s you. Embrace yourself. Know yourself. Love yourself who for who you are and that radiance would be like a light attracting others to you. #arsenic


Who thinks @kjsmeby bout to takeover the game? 🙋🏻‍♀️ ~ ~ @kjsmeby at #arsenic


@kentaveryphoto shooting on our story rn ¥ @Arsenic House bts @bridgetsatterlee #arsenic



When @kjsmeby walks in the @Arsenic House she brings 🔥🔥 ¥ In @michellexuxu’s words: We love @kjsmeby!! I reached out to her when she first moved to LA 2/3 years ago, I think she had something like 3,000 followers, she came to a shoot and we've been so proud of her growth in the industry from being signed as an agency model to her influencer status of 217,000 followers. She is one of the most beautiful & kindest women, I have had the pleasure of working with. #arsenic #forever Design by @blacktapeproject


(@arsenicgallery) What’s the difference between a man and woman’s nipple? ¥ Artist @mariussperlich Curator @ajkphotography1 Via @arsenicgallery (our channel for fine art) #arsenic #arsenicgallery



Don’t follow @arsenicgallery if you want a conventional life 💯 ¥ Artist @kellymaker We did a collaboration with @kellymaker when we were on the #ArsenicWorldTour. We love her work. Paying homage to other artists and adding her spin. She’s been blowing up and we’ve been following her progress. #arsenic #arsenicgallery


(@natalieroush submission). Hit us up if you wanna come Happy Hour with us next week. #arsenic ~ Artists @natalieroush @michaeldelpriore_photography Curator @latony


@stillvika, still at @arsenic creating fire ^ Artists @stillvika @natashatm Plug @michellexuxu @stillvika is a talented visual artist and cultural curator. She just dropped her new website ( and she brought her music artist friend to the house. #arsenic