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!!! Positivity and advice account !!! // hi my name is M, i love chocolate and I would die for literally all of my friends

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•°A soft reminder to notice toxicity in your life°• You always hear about how you should cut negative people out of your life. But you also need to be self aware of your own toxicity. You can be extremely damaging to other people, and not realise it. On the other hand, you need to also look out for toxic positivity. You may think that there's no limit to positivity and support and that you should try to give as much as you can to a person. But sometimes this overbearing amount of positivity can just weigh them down. It's horrible to feel like you're drowning. Love and support your friends fully, but make sure to take a step back when they need space.


Things I'm having to remind myself of right now // Your friends really do love you. Your brain is just mean. Your partners love you. They aren't using you. Your family's opinions on you don't matter. You choose your own family. You are not doomed. No one is doomed. You will be okay. Things will get better. Your life will go on. Keep being yourself in the face of criticism, keep loving the people you love, whole heartedly and passionately. Do not like your anxieties get in the way of your happiness. Do not let dying keep you from living.


!!! Your problems are valid !!! "But children are starving in ___," Comparing your problems to others or people downplaying your struggles by comparing them to others is unfair and rude. Your problems might not seem like a big deal to others, or it might seem like your friends or people on social media have it worse than you. But everyone handles things differently. We're all going through our own issues and comparing your issues to other people's issues is just going to drag you and that person down. Focus on supporting and building each other up !!! All of our struggles and problems are valid. No matter if you're a teen who's parents are fighting. Or someone dying of cancer. The last thing you wanna do is invalidate your own feelings and downplay yourself by looking at people who "have it worse than you," // I love you !!! Eat something today even if it's small, drink water, and take your meds please!!! //