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I write short poems & epigrams. It's how my world makes sense to me. My 2nd book “The Dark Between Stars” is up for pre-sale now, link here. xx




Can’t wait to meet everyone on tour. Swipe right for cities and info. xx #atticuspoetry #thedarkbetweenstars


Lovers! Good morning. I’m giving away the first printed copy of, “The Dark Between Stars,” because I want one of you to have it. It’s the only copy!! To win: 1. Post this photo. 2. Include a caption, “New Book by Atticus “The Dark Between Stars”” add anything you like. 3. Tag 3 friends who would love, “The Dark Between Stars.” 4. And, include @atticuspoetry so I can find you. I’ll pick the winner in one week. I hope you win. xx Atticus Contest is open to anyone in the world!! #thedarkbetweenstars #atticuspoetry #20days Photo by the amazing: @bryanadamc


My new book and a frameable print for 10$ right now In the USA. Just follow the link in my bio, buy a book from anywhere, enter order number and choose a print! Xx


It certainly is.




Guys, it’s here!!!!! The first copy arrived. I’m so excited. I can’t believe how beautiful the team made it. It’s hundreds of hours of work coming together, and I’m holding it in my hands. I can’t wait to share it with you all. And, to each of the thousands of people that have already bought it, I can’t thank you enough. If you want a copy while it’s in presale, and at 10$, grab soon! I hope you love it. Sorry about the Starwars theme, I couldn’t help it. Thank you to the amazing people at, @atriabooks, @simonandschuster for doing such a beautiful job, and my amazing agent, Andrea. 20 days till launch, guys! Xx Atticus #thedarkbetweenstars


SWIPE FOR TOUR INFO: Hey guys! I’m going on tour next month for, “The Dark Between Stars”. It’s up for pre-sale. (link in bio). All readings and signings are open to the public! Your book is your ticket! Swipe right for all cities, locations and time information. Where else should I go? I cannot wait to meet you all. xx -A