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'Twirling and running through palaces is one of my favourite pastimes & Sintra and this palace provided the perfect settings for that.' 📸 @joysje0 Have u read all about this #hiddengem and Portuguese #mustvisit in my blog already? Hereby a little preview and some more #trivia for you historylovers; ▪ The Palacio de Monserrate (Monserrate Palace), is one of the most beautiful and visually striking mansions of Sintra, but as it 3.5km from the historic centre many visitors simply overlook this stunning palace.. ▪ It seamlessly blends Arabic, gothic and Indian architectural styles to create a wonderful summer house that is surrounded by beautiful gardens. The actual palace was imagined by an Englishman, Sir Francis Cook, who decided to build a summer residence from the ruins of a pre-existent neo-gothic palace around 1860.. ▪ The stunning Monserrate Park and Palace continues the 19th century Romanticism architectural style found throughout of Sintra. In the Park you can wander for hours among the lush greenery and u might even stumble upon an abandoned chapel in ruins which was highly photogenic➡️SWIPE to see more, incl.a boomerang bts shot of the making of this first pic🤗or check out the blog link in bio🙌 ▪ The palace itself is not very big, but the rooms are def worth exploring. One of the highlights inside the palace is the Music Hall, still used nowadays for cultural events. Surrounded by inspirational muses, this Hall has impressive acoustics. #runforrestrun #twirling #palace #sintra #monserratepalace #architecturelove #design


I admit it, I'm addicted, but not so much to drugs, food, clothes, fashion or #Instagram, but to tiles😆🙌🤗can you blame me? #ihavethisthingwithtiles ▪ Portugal is #tileheaven and has the best ones imo, called #azulejos ◇♡◇ Mansions and palaces, with gorgeous secret gardens like this one, are filled with the biggest variation of hand painted tiles you've ever seen! Did you know that this #hiddengem is just a 15 minute drive from Lisbon? Find out more in my blog➡️link in bio! ▪ What's your biggest addiction? #tileaddiction #portugal #fronteirapalace #lisbon 📸 @joysje0


Who's ready for some Portuguese #fairytale palaces!? Finally my ultimate Lisbon daytrip blog is finished and posted➡️link in bio!🙌🤗 ▪ Incl. #Sintra, Cabo da Roca & 5 palaces located just a 15 - 30 minutes drive from Lisbon, including a custom map and many pics! ▪ Love to hear what u think and SWIPE to get a preview of 4 of my faves!🏰💕 #daytrip #palaces #portugal


WEEKLY IG TIP: AVERAGE TIME A DAY SPENT ON IG & NETWORKING [] ✔ How much time do u spend on #instagram daily? My average is 2,5 - 3 hours, which is quite a lot, but it brings me so much as well! For example collaborations like this shoot in a unique and normally forbidden location🏰👌 [] ✔ Imo many people are too quick to judge by saying u shouldn't spend more than 1 hour a day on here! I know IG can be quite addictive & u can get lost while time flies by, but if u use it efficiently u can really benefit from this as well! [] ✔ So how are my 3 hours spent & what does it bring me?; ▪1 HOUR; posting & interacting! To create traffic by being active in my timeline, on # and taking initiative to get others to my account & showing the algorithm I am a committed active user. This also keeps my IG friends & followers engaged♡ [] ✔ As I also earn a living with IG workshops & social media management for other brands I spend; ▪0,5 HOUR; posting & building a commmunity currently for 1 other account, ▪0,5 HOUR; staying updated by analyzing, checking out relevant other accounts & what's trending! [] ✔ To gain more reach & engagement showing #behindthescenes and daily life via IG stories is also important, which takes me about; ▪0,5 HOUR; on average daily. Again extra work, but people love seeing more of my trips & experiences there, and many hotels & tourism boards say they see this as a big + to work with me! [] ✔And most importantly to have true influence, build an authority on here & be able to sell anything, #networking is essential! So engage, start conversations and respond to (all) dm's & comments to really connect! This also takes me at least 0,5 HOUR extra a day. [] ✔ For me this is essential, what keeps it #fun, and also how I met the 2 fab ladies who made this shoot possible! @balletbarreworkouts, who hosted us at this fabulous location last Friday. And @remkevet, a top photographer, great friend, who came along on my Lisbon girlstrip as well & makes #collaborations like this even more fun and so worth it! [] Did u SWIPE to see the end result, do u think my 3 hours a day are worth it & what's your average? ☆ #instagrammarketing 👗 @jjshouseofficial


This #Palace is situated just 20 minutes by car outside Lisbon, as well as 4 other Palaces we visited with @true_locals_portugal during our last trip there. All of them so stunning and unique♡ Do you want me to write a blog about it? Still struggling to find the time, but I have so many more great pics of all of them I want to share with you😍🏰 . SWIPE to see how diverse this palace was and let me know which pic you like best ♡ #palacelover #palaceofqueluz #hatlover #mustvisit #queluz #runbabyrun #princessdress #lisbon. 💃 @aurobelleibiza 📸 @joysje0


When you are feeling scared, down or insecure, like I do as well sometimes, I hope you will think of this quote; 'Courage is found in unlikely places. I learned that #courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave is not she who doesn't feel afraid, but she who conquers that fear.' Double tap if you agree and want to see more #fairytale pics like this one🏰🧚‍♀️ ▪ P.S.: having courage doesn't mean being reckless though, and I held on very tight with both hands for this pic to make sure I was always careful😎✌ #inspiration #qotd #sintra #portugal #initiationwell #quintadaregaleira . 📸 @remkevet 💃 @herstory_int


Today I want to say thanks again for so many things, not only to @francefr & @peugeot_nl for this great collab and amazing trip to France🇫🇷💕but also thnx to all the great connections & friends I made here, and the ability to start my own PR & Marketing company; Authentic Chic Travel & Lifestyle exactly 2 years ago🎉 ☆ (LONG POST ALERT, YET TRUE🤗) I always wanted to be my own boss and really benefit myself from the hard work I always put in the past 18 years for other companies. And finally 2 years ago, after having been active on my website & social media acccounts for 1,5 years, I took the leap and registered at the Chamber of Commerce, a bit scary but exciting too! ☆ Since then I have worked as a consultant for 26 brands/companies, hosted 38 workshops/masterclasses and have had the pleasure to work with 16 tourism boards all around the world, while following my #passion and doing what I love! (Yes I am keeping score indeed🙈and not ashamed of it😜) ☆ This post is not meant to brag, but to share my story and #gratitude and show you that hard work does pay off! I really hope this can inspire you to follow your dreams as well, but do get ready to work for them to become reality too💪🌟 ' Don't let anybody tell you that you can't be a princess, just make it happen'👸😉👌 ♡ #girlboss #inspiration #celebration #dreamsdontworkunlessyoudo💯 #alwaysreachforthestars #communityovercompetition


This is my last #Paris post for a while, as I am home again, but I have the ultimate #mustdo tip for your next visit; a Seine #dinner cruise with @pariscityvision 🇫🇷 . SWIPE to see why incl.a video with live music 🎶 and the 3 courses of excellent food we had during this 3 hour #cruise with gorgeous views like this🥂👌🍷 . Or go to my IG stories to see even more and swipe up there to the link to find a cruise of your choosing👌 #pariscityvision #parisjetaime #francefr


And so the #French fairytale princess diaries continue; 'Just entering my dark #palace while waiting for my dragon to arrive' • I always adored the dark fairytales of the Grimm brothers, and that is exactly why I love @francefr with stunning quiet castles and palaces like @chantillydomain, where you can create your own real life #fairytale any day, any time♤●♡ • What's your favourite fairytale? 👗 @jjshouseofficial #jjhouse #francefr


Truly and litterally fit for a queen is our last hotel in #Paris @pavillon_de_la_reine, built in 1612 by King Henri IV in homage to his wife Margaret. This #hiddengem is currently family run and owned, turned into a luxurious boutique hotel with just 56 rooms and suites after a multi million renovation. . . . . . Located at the oldest and one of the most beautiful squares in Paris in my fave neighborhood #LeMarais, tucked away under the arches, around a private gorgeously decorated courtyard ✨🌟 No wonder several stars like John Malkovich, Jane Fonda, Jean Paul Gaultier and Jeremy Irons chose this regal, yet intimate hotel for their #Parisian visits. . . . . . See all of it incl.a tour of or fab duplex suite in my ig stories ♡ #pavillondelareine #parisian #facade #france #francefr #parisjetaime #autumn


Nothing like a @jjshouseofficial dress to make you feel like a real princess👸👌 Make sure to check out their website for your own #princessdress in the color of your choice with an extra 10% off everything with my code: Naomi, valid until 31 Dec.♡ . Isn't this place a #fairytale? We had @chantillydomain all to ourselves today and really loved the tranquility of the town and this whole area, just a 1 hour's drive north of #Paris 🤩🌟 check out my ig stories for a Palace tour🇫🇷🏰 #jjhouse #francefr #chantilly #france #chateau #fashionlover


'And so the princess diaries begin..' who said real life can't be like a #fairytale?! . Our #suite in this historic @aubergedujeudepaume 5☆ hotel, looking out upon the Palace gardens of @chantillydomain certainly feels regal, so I better look the part right?! Oops...forgot my tiara😆👸🙊 . Follow more of my romantic #French roadtrip with @francefr & @peugeot_nl in my ig stories, incl.a full tour of our deluxe suite ✨ and of course feel free to save for your own future visit, and do let me know what u think of it😘🙏🇫🇷