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The leaves might be changing and the days are getting shorter, but summer is a state of mind and @trulysparkling can help get you there all year long. #LiveTruly #AVPStrong


VolleyAmerica has now become AVP America, but what does that mean and how does it affect the hundreds of thousands athletes throughout the country? Learn more & read through our seven pillars of competition to see how we are leading the charge in the growth of the game at avp.news/program.


#AVPTop10 #1: @TCrabbs with an absolute missile. He might never be welcomed back to the Netherlands after this one. Epitome of #BeachMode. Enjoy, #AVPFamily πŸš€


#AVPTop10: Throughout the season, @SaraHughesBeach & @SummerNoelRoss proved to be one of the most exciting young teams on tour. At #2, we take you to one of their four finals appearances in an epic rally vs. the #ATeam in Hermosa.


#AVPTop10: After a disappointing finish in Chicago, @PhilDalhausser and @NJLucena looked to finish strong in Waikiki. Facing a tough Dutch side in the finals, we bring you top moment #3: The 47th serve in the freeze. Match point.


#AVPTop10: At #4, we have the Sunday in San Francisco we'll never forget. 18 years in the making, @EdRatledge had his championship moment alongside teammate @Rafu93 and it was GLORIOUS πŸ™Œ


#AVPTop10: At #5, @TCrabbs makes his second Top 10 appearance but this time, letting his play do the talking. With set point in the Chicago semis on the line, Taylor pulls out his pitching wedge and drops this dime of a shot 🎯


#AVPTop10: At nΓΊmero seis, we have one of the world's rising beach volleyball stars putting his full array of skills on display at the #AVPInvitational. Lay out dig βœ”οΈ Chest kill βœ”οΈ Madness βœ”οΈ Senhoras e senhores, here's @gutocarvalhaes πŸ‡§πŸ‡·


#AVPTop10: Coming in at #7, we have @reidpriddy being Reid Priddy.


#AVPTop10: #8 picks up in Waikiki with the #ATeam looking for their third straight tournament win. This absolute MONSTER smash from @AprilRossBeach sets the tone early in the match, before the ladies lock up the win in Hawaii and successfully complete the three-peat πŸ’ͺ


#AVPTop10: #9 takes us to Seattle with an epic rally in the final round of the Winner's Bracket between the two teams that would later meet in the finals- @emday6, @betsiflint, @aprilrossbeach & @caitlinledouxbeachvolley πŸ’ͺ


#AVPTop10: At #10, we've got a bit of cross-court banter between @tcrabbs and @njlucena during the finals of the #AVPGoldSeries New York City Open. These gents might have some other plays that make it into the top 10, but this moment never fails to make us πŸ˜‚