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A clothing collection est 2012 • 100% plant dyed natural materials, made b/ Bali & LA, honoring Mama Earth and you

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A few of the 36 frames captured by @fstop_fitzgerald of one of his 36 subjects, the incomparable Jane Anne @janeannethomas of @houseofthestandingmoon wearing her #AWAVEAWAKE silks (halter top, bias maxi skirt and long cape shawl) if you don’t already have it get « 36 » #36bytoddweaver


Black: in the so called absence of color there is potential for every color, infinite possibilities • Plant dyed black silk is an experience • The exquisite Elise @elisecrombez for #AWAVEAWAKE 2019 in the Shakti Dress and Scarf Sash image by #FrankdeGraaf


“Why All The Coolest Girls Are Wearing These Plant Dyed Silk Dresses” !! Thrilled for the #AWAVEAWAKE feature up on @thechalkboardmag which is truly my favorite site, the authority on merging all things style and health • Thank you @suzanne_hll & @alyssamandel • Read up, link to article in the bio


What to wear when consciously inhabiting the liminal space between dreaming and awakening #AWAVEAWAKE image via of @rachdiaz_ by @tash.cap


This woman is a wonder and the natural wonders she creates have made my travels that much more naturally luxurious • Bringing California with me to Paris & Marrakech with my @poppyandsomeday Neroli Blossom Serum, Gypsy Rose Toner & Magical Face Cream • Kari Jansen, Ayurvedic herbalist, practitioner and creator of #PoppyandSomeday wearing her #AWAVEAWAKE #indigo plant dyed silk Two Tie Blouse over her Waistsband Bias Slip, day into night and back again


« Traveling—it gives you a home in a thousand strange places and then leaves you a stranger in your own home » Ibn Battuta (The Worlds Greatest Traveler of the 12th century) #AWAVEAWAKE #plantdyed elegance for an inspired wardrobe that speaks to your nomadic heart, at home and away


Color is essentially the visible spectrum of light and energy. But when we become conscious of the mental and emotional effects that colors have on us, we gain access into a world of expanded perception • Colors are reflected in our auras by those who can perceive and it’s states are decoded accordingly and if you are aware of the system of chakras then you know they have corresponding colors with energetic properties • I tend to feel colors as well as see them and maybe there are those of us among us who can perceive colors as sounds. I’ve found that when we consciously envelop ourselves in certain colors to effect our mood and what we want to convey or accentuate we fine tune our experiences to a ritual of everyday art and science • image Untitled, New York, 1942, by #ErwinBlumefeld


Allegra and baby in Bali wearing the #indigo #plantdyed seamfront slip dress with @elppin jewelry made by local artisans in Indonesia. In love with my pair of earrings and they go wonderfully well with naturally dyed #AWAVEAWAKE silk image by @felisha.tolentino


It’s been a heavy past several days to be away from our community while traveling this month and yet feeling the connection and traumas from displacement from afar. Our canyon home/studio was evacuated 5 days ago and though it seems all is still safe there, neighboring spots are in bad shape. Seeing footage and hearing stories of one of our favorite parts of neighboring Malibu being completely destroyed by the fires is heart breaking. So many homes burned down and animals in peril. And the air quality is very questionable. It’s a lot to take in. It’s important to stay positive and be inspired by the amazing community and those that are serving with such much bravery end endurance but also take time to tune in and feel all the feelings. It’s a lot. Take care • Forever grateful for this beautiful land of Malibu where we spend a lot of quality time and where we created images for our #AWAVEAWAKE SS19 look book of #plantdyed silks • Check out @onelovemalibu for ways to help out


These silk pieces got their color from the leaves and bark of a tree in Indonesia called Sappan. Sappan is know in Ayurveda for is healing properties as a postpartum tonic, for skin infections and gastrointestinal issues. There’s even a branch of Vedic healing called “Ayurvastra” and it translates to “healing clothing.” Both the colors and specific properties of herb infused cloth offers a form of medicine to the wearer • Élise @elisecrombez in Burgundy Quartz colored silk choli top and flow wrap skirt for #AWAVEAWAKE Spring/Summer 2019 for your highest health or just the beauty of it


“The body must follow the shape of the woman, not the body following the shape of the dress” #HubertdeGivenchy #AWAVEAWAKE S/S19 the true and natural luxury of #plantdyed silks and @elisecrombez in our golden citrine #seamfrontslipdress bias cut with unique seam contour for the most body conscious fit slip dress colored in Indonesia completely by the magic and medicine of mango leaf


« Paris is always a good idea «  Audrey Hepburn • #AWAVEAWAKE #plantdyed silks in Paris and feeling at home here • Hadn’t visited since 2012 and used to live here in 2000/1 with many previous trips mais sa changé • Share your favorite and most elegant health beauty and wellness spots with us SVP


This woman and her creations are imbued with grace and powerful prayer, there is nothing ordinary about Joy’s work and when you wear her jewels or enter her space in Culver City you enter a portal of such divine beauty it transports and transforms. @communionbyjoy in her botanically infused #plantdyed silk #AWAVEAWAKE slip


November we are passing through New York and on our way to Paris from the 5-16th and taking sales and press appointments so if you’ll be there too so let us know we would love to introduce you to our world of #AWAVEAWAKE plant dyed silks @elisecrombez by #FrankdeGraaf for Spring/Summer 2019


I am at one with a sea of sensations, glitter, silk, skin, eyes, mouths, desire ~Anais Nin • Feeling the depths of opposites and their commingling as a Taurus full moon aligns with Uranus and Scorpio sun with retrograde Venus further illuminates • And a blooming flower that is @caverdaisy by @wabizabi in #AWAVEAWAKE #plantdyed silks floats in Tahitian waters