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A clothing collection est 2012 • 100% plant dyed natural materials, made b/ Bali & LA, honoring both the Earth and women’s embodied radiant wellness

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To touch the light, feel it radiating up from the ground through our bodies, as conduits between sky and earth, cloaking oneself in threads of woven radiance image by @danielnjohnson of @tawneyb in #AWAVEAWAKE #plantdyed #plantmagic


My beautiful naturopath Dr Surrago is one powerful ally to have on the healing path. I can enumerate the many ways she tunes into her patients and offers her tapped in insight, culled knowledge and top notch tools but instead I shall recommend you follow her for here to get a glimpse into her world @drchristinesurrago receiving in some #AWAVEAWAKE silks


Saturdaze @alliebuckley with Bob wearing the Three Tie Blouse. Only a few left so check out our eshop on our site where everything is worn on this dream girl and get your silky seasonless everything top #AWAVEAWAKE




New Moon Eclipse, photograph by #BarryLategan shot in Turkey for British Vogue 1971 @laurakitty


So beautiful, kind and real deal model as artist, the legendary Elise @elisecrombez in Marrakech in her #AWAVEAWAKE plant dyed silk #seamfront slip dress in wind green


GODDESS GIVEAWAY in collaboration with @shivarosebeauty @poppyandsomeday @sunpotion Please share a moment of Ecstatic Beauty and tag a friend to enter to win this gift: #AWAVEAWAKE Plant Dyed Silk Sash Scarf Shiva Rose “Whole Beauty” Book and Love Balm Poppy and Someday Breast Oil, Rose Quartz Gua Sha & Canyon Lip Balm Sun Potion Yin Power and Pine Pollen Pretty much the dreamiest gift basket around! One winner will be randomly selected. Please share your moment of beauty by 11th, tag a friend and make sure you follow us all first by to enter to win xx


Bali is a wondrously complex place that whispered to me for years before I finally landed there in April 2015. I was struck by a sensation I still don’t have the exact words for but it was a feeling of having dreamed of a place like this my entire life and a primal sigh of relief came over me knowing I finally “arrived.” I also got straight to work, getting into lots of dance and other healing modalities of both traditional Balinese and “expat” imported versions and into the natural dyeing of and making clothes and not unlike the above, as a spiritual practice. My daily practice incorporates a lot of what I have learned in my times over there which can’t easily be shared because it’s part of lineage that hasn’t really been co-opted or commodified by anyone well intentioned or not. But today I will get to be with friends here to experience a traditional blessing set in a non-traditional space, away from the compound temple spaces of Bali and outside in a Malibu Canyon we will pray and chant with @idaresialit and experience a powerful water purification. I really couldn’t have dreamed up that I would be able to touch into Bali spirit like this here in LA over the past few months. It’s been a perfect way to integrate my choice to ground here while still be connected to that wondrously complex place.


Kari @poppyandsomeday resplendent in some silk cottons yesterday at @nitsacitrine captured by @kacie__tomita • Stay tuned for our Goddess summer giveaway with #AWAVEAWAKE @sunpotion @localrose & @poppyandsomeday


I wish that every human life be pure transparent freedom #SimonedeBeauvoir • Wishes for the 4th embodied by the captivating @tawneyb in #indigo #AWAVEAWAKE photographed by @danielnjohnson


Capturing that in for the evening feeling in the canyon tonight, img c/o @mr.babies


Our shop is back up online! We have begun to roll out 2018 colors and styles. Greens and Blues have arrived Corals and Peach to come this week #AWAVEAWAKE on luminous being @alliebuckley beauty by @shyamagrace shot by @christinaroseann


Weave dreams with #AWAVEAWAKE #naturallydyed purveyor of gossamer things colored by the luminous light of plants • Carly @carlyfoulkes by Kacie @kacie__tomita in next season’s burgundy quartz silksss


Red has the longest wavelength of colors. Its impact is powerful, visually it has the ability to stop us, and its effects are physical, increasing pulse rate. Red can even effect our perception of time, seeming to quickening it as our heart beats faster. Exciting or agitating depending on where you’re at in the moment #AWAVEAWAKE mediations on color #plantdyed shades or red comes from #cochineal #madder #brazilwood / Image of the #seamfrontslip worn with #hemp bodice wrap for Fall 15’


Full moon in Capricorn graces: “Into The Dream” via @kazumi_asamura_hayashi for @id_japan cover story with @konichan7 by @harleyweir styled by @sarrjamois


How these plant dyed silks make you feel...via @tayloreyewalker perhaps with a little kundalini activation...psilocybin not required 🍄


Forest bathing in a patchwork frock because active wear sometimes doesn’t capture the mood rg @river_of_daisies


A rerelease for high summer times: there will be 4 deep indigo dyed chiffon dresses (worn here over the seam front bias slip) up online in our e-shop next week. Sign up on our site for the mailing list or message us for more updates on this #plantdyed lifestyle #AWAVEAWAKE