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A true love story, a conscious clothing collection, 100% plant dyed natural materials that honor woman's radiant wellness and the planets since 2012

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Heart out to the island of Kauai and everyone effected by the massive rains and flooding. #AWAVEAWAKE video from some two years back with @daughterofthesun_ of Naia on these sacred lands they call home. If you feel touched by the magic of this place and its people as I have, please donate to relief efforts


New color for Resort 19 @elisecrombez in plant dyed silk satin wrap skirt and choli (under sari blouse) 🍷 #AWAVEAWAKE #plantdyed silks


Join For The Wild + Conscious City Guide to renew our vows to earth and honor its great living libraries THIS SATURDAY APRIL 21. Let's gather together to support reforestation, wildland protection, and biodiversity enhancement amidst our heartbreaking extinction crisis. Wright Ranch Malibu. Tickets + Donations @consciouscityguide // All contributions go directly towards For The Wild’s reforestation efforts @for.the.wild & First 10 friends can claim free entry at this special link select FREE TICKET: #AWAVEAWAKE Earth Pledge xo


Simrit @simritkaur is on an international tour now. Check out this power ethereal woman and her deep and soulful sounds, in #AWAVEAWAKE whites


We have a spring time shop in Topanga and we are nearly ready to go. Message us here to make an appointment or via email to receive our hours/event schedule for May. And come visit Friday the 27th for our opening day #AWAVEAWAKE



Springtime beauty Colleen @vesselandsoul fellow canyon dweller, health and nutritional coach spreading her sunshiny wellness wherever she goes. Here in the coral colored #naturallydyed #AWAVEAWAKE seam front bias cut slip dress


Nikki @nikkireed wearing her own rust #plantdyed silk cotton #AWAVEAWAKE two tie blouse and full skirt. Perfect pairings for a day poolside and any sort of getaway. Adore this epic woman and grateful for her support of ecologically minded fashion


A glimpse of a special order piece for RESORT #naturallydyed silk velvet in the cross your heart gown dyed in small batches by @edieure_ with the most subtle of opalescence effect. Seeing my friend @sweetpeasy bring this garment to life brought tears to my eyes #AWAVEAWAKE


We are readying to get you Spring/Summer 18’s seasonless silk color palate that is 100% synthetic free, colored by plants and their plant parts only! #AWAVEAWAKE the purest luxury you could wear #naturallydyed #consciousclothing #sustainablefashion


This Friday on Dynasty @cw_dynasty our dear friend Crystal aka @natkelley in wind green #AWAVEAWAKE #naturallydyed silks 💎Grateful for the love and support of this woman who’s been wearing these clothes solidly since 2014, and for the vision of the shows impeccable costume designer @meredith_costumes


Ascension (it doesn't always look or feel like this but oh what goodness when it does) #AWAVEAWAKE #naturallydyed silks in the desert for the debut of @astaracollective


Equinox Love to all 🌗 Connect and honor earth and self. As above, so be love with the whole #AWAVEAWAKE #naturallydyed #plantdyed silk @faithpicozzi by @kacie__tomita Golden tones return for next season x


It's so inspiring to see so many brands popping up who are approaching making clothing and accessories from the perspective that they must consider sustainable practices and use materials that will biodegrade, plant dyes or at least trying to use less "low-impact" synthetic chemicals (all color on your clothing is a toxic chemical that finds its way into our waterways and is absorbed through our skin if it isn't plant dyed). And for anyone starting out keep up and find a way to stick to your ethics. At #AWAVEAWAKE we've been 100% plant dyed when we started developing the brand in 2011. The extra steps and extra consideration take extra time and extra funds. But don't give up, it's the way of the future! Even our whites are off-whited, washed with plant material to soften them #plantdyes #consciousfashion Here is Indonesia model @iraraii photographed by @daramuscat in Bali in January 2018.


I made 🎐 in Bali for Spring 2017 season with material left over from the silk cotton apron dresses paired with Indonesian mahogany woods. We shot them with the collection for the look book but no one seemed to take notice evenso I vowed to continue when I had more of the material. Then it struck me that Nat could work a fan like none other and that she might need one for her impending trip to Tulum and everyday living in the South. Thank you @natkelley for single handedly reviving the chi of this accessory. #zerowaste #AWAVEAWAKE #sustainablefashion


Spring is near and that means the apron dress is back in rotation 🌺 Ira @iraraii hanging with us at @tuguhotels in Canggu Bali the silk cotton #plantdyed #AWAVEAWAKE apron dress. Go to our site to shop it and see more colors


I make things, have created a brand and so I have things to sell along with a message but I am not for sale, we should not be for sale. Taking a moment this morning to tune into how we promote ourselves as beings and what this world of "influencers" has done to us, our bodies and our products. And the social media generated holidays where we tag and promote ideas and corporations of all sizes with all degrees of power profit in different ways...These aren't new thoughts but they likely deserve some reflection #Hexagram64 I Ching Before Completion


Inside the pages of Shiva's #WholeBeauty book @localrose & @nitsacitrine two beautiful beloveds of mine and true women of wellness adorned in #AWAVEAWAKE #plantdyed silks naturally paired with @sunpotion high vibrational super foods sharing a cardamom #YinPower tonic • Pre-ordering my today for more recipes and rituals 💎