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A clothing collection est 2012 • 100% plant dyed natural materials, made b/ Bali & LA, honoring Mama Earth and you

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When you think of wellness do you include what you wear on your body as part of your holistic lifestyle? Perhaps your journey started with yoga and meditation or organic and whole foods and herbal supplements and now it’s naturally extending to what you put on our skin. For ideal health avoid synthetic material treatments which much of our available clothing is riddled with and opt for healthful garments, ones that are made of natural materials, dyed with plants and not treated with chemicals. Invest in your wellness and though the price tag may be higher the way you feel is worth it, the most high vibration real luxury you can buy #AWAVEAWAKE silks worn here by @thelymphaticmessage an incredible practitioner of lymphatic massage and educator on lymphatic health captured forest bathing and stretching for optimum inner and outer flow captured by @kristine.lo


Beyond time and space beautiful Nitsa @nitsacitrine for @camillestyles in the deep #indigodyed navy silk chiffon patch dress over a maxi slip. Elegantly layered this way, worn over a mini or body suit or the right pair of fitted pants or even worn inside out with seams revealed. As a policy we don’t advertise on sale but this number has been marked down a hundred less then originally priced so check it out on the #AWAVEAWAKE site this weekend only


Warm island breezes on off whited silk care of mango leaves. Ira @iraraii in our bed jacket and seam front bias slip dress. The seams are pushed forward from the traditional side placement in a reverse taper to create quite possibly the most elegant full back silhouette a slip dress could provide #AWAVEAWAKE Video by @afreelancehuman


A moment of pause to think about what colors our world, naturally, and not so organically as well. Most of of the clothes in our closet derive their color from synthetic chemicals that have a long history at this point in time of poisoning our waterways and perhaps not being as healthy for our bodies to absorb as well. So here’s to the other makers who are working to take the natural dye traditions from their prolific back yard operations to the “factory” setting and spreading them back into present day culture. Creating a luxury fashion company using one hundred percent plant dye color sure involves some extra steps but sometimes it starts with a commitment and the rest of life lines up from that point. Here’s a glimpse of @edieure_ work in her Rocky Mountain set up.


Interview and image spread of Nitsa Citrine @nitsacitrine artist, alchemist and creative director of @sunpotion on her home rituals wearing her silks in the mix. Here she’s wearing her silk cotton wrap blouse and wrap full skirt in a custom #plantdyed pink. Her words on #AWAVEAWAKE “...her pieces are feminine and sexy and created with love and reverence for our Mother Earth. They are luscious and feel amazing on the skin and are the next best thing to being nude” and we couldn’t have said it better for @camillestyles directed by @jennrosesmith photographed by @clairehuntsberger


“My moto—sans limites” #IsadoraDuncan love, have lived the moto at times and have often struggled with the feelings that this quote illicit. This naturally surreal image via @oxenstudio by @lefawnhawk for @astaracollective wearing #AWAVEAWAKE #plantdyed silks captures the vastness of all of this


We are a collection without seasons for several reasons but one is because we wear what makes us feel good and sensual and in our skin no matter the weather. We created our other silks for layering or more basics options can be paired with, so wear your silky #wrapstringdress with a black turtleneck, a button down, flannel or sweater, shawl, cape and live your #AWAVEAWAKE luxurious #plantdyed wares in all climates • Enchantress Allie @alliebuckley in naturally dyed coral silk available now in our online shop


New Moon in Virgo, a new season, a new year Beauty @_lady_of_the_canyon by @nicolaharger in her #AWAVEAWAKE #plantdyed silks


Nothing is more revealing than movement #MarthaGraham speaking truth Indonesian dancer and model @iraraii in slow motion dancing out the wrinkles from suitcase packed silk in the Balinese tropical winds earlier this year #AWAVEAWAKE #plantdyed with #indigo and #mangoleaf captured by @afreelancehuman


Evocative of autumn this beautiful red @tiamatza in a dusk lit Malibu by @tuezdayzchild in the #indigo dyed wrap robe. Elegant over layers to be worn over slips that work just as well over jeans and tees, we have in #plantdyed black in our online shop #AWAVEAWAKE #naturallydyed silks


We made it out of the Santa Monica Mountains to Brooklyn, all converging in NYC at @only_love_is_real_furniture opening @nitsacitrine wearing neck scarf and the #moonshadowdress #AWAVEAWAKE slip


Collection 2019 emerges in a month. We can’t wait to share the rich jewel and stone tones of this collection entitled “Where The Mountains Meet the Sea.“ This is the Pink Opal color bias train dress and chiffon button down on the incomparable @sweetpeasy shot in the Red Rocks of Topanga. We are planning a presentation on October 6 in Malibu to inaugurate our connection to this land and share the through line of our other home of Bali with you #plantdyed #AWAVEAWAKE image of #KirstyHume in collaboration with #FrankdeGraaf


Waves of sea, waves of silk #FrancisGiacobetti


Sending love to one of my favorite families taking vows today. Wish I could be in the English countryside with you beautiful loved ones and can’t wait for your return to California. Flo @flomorrissey in her #AWAVEAWAKE #indigo halter gown


The savoring of end of summer days have a whisper of autumn in the air, the anticipation of a new season. Expectant mother @jmaumau a half a year ago, just before her little girl Alma arrived Earth side in the #indigodyed silk wrap robe #AWAVEAWAKE image by #FrankdeGraaf


Praise be the plants! I can’t even enumerate the many ways I am grateful for their loving, healing, nourishing, life sustaining ways and additionally for the colors they naturally provide for #AWAVEAWAKE clothing collection . . .the perfection of this quote by #SriAurobindo via @lindangocnguyen


Our Hemp Bodice Wrap is comprised of hemp and organic cotton with a touch of stretch and 100% #naturallydyed black by the Australian umbrella tree. They can be worn over a slip, a t-shirt, one of our blouses, solo and even back to front. We designed this piece inspired by what we found to be the intersection of a lot of traditional garments and how we found the structure in a garment was often a fitted apron or bodice piece over cotton or silk layers. And we always wanted to use hemp with our flowing silks and this style lended so well to its use. Let’s talk about #hemp !: UV resistant, hypoallergenic, requires no pesticides, renews soil, produce heaps of oxygen and so much more. Up in our eshop now along with this truly liquid sky #indigo maxi bias skirt #AWAVEAWAKE #plantdyed


Knowing and wise beyond this realm and yet well versed in the earthly dimensions and it’s healing resources: This remarkable woman has been guiding me to a healthy place with all parts of self considered and I couldn’t be more grateful for her depth and beauty and commitment to wellness. Check out her latest post which resonates deeply @drchristinesurrago by @melissa.parke.rousseau