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Very simple morning routine because less is now . I love Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser from @kravebeauty. It's so gentle but efficient to remove just the necessary from my face. Besides, the scent changes every time I use it. One day I smell matcha, the other oat (weird isn't it?) . @jullai_official cream is a good suprise. First, there's the unique texture, watery when it's juste the gravity but when you take a little bit of it, it's more like semi-hard honey. It's just what I need in terms of hydration. A huge thanks to for this one . I'm mitigated for the last one. I totally love it, no scent, lightweit, fast-absorbed by my skin, Beet the Sun sunscreen is really good. Except it makes my skin shiny after a few hours despite having put powder on top of it in the morning For this point I prefer Elta MD UV. . #lessismore #lessisnow


Sometimes I take the time to look at the bottom of the jar. It's my way to guess the future 😉


My friend gave me this little nail polish in the last mail she sent me (which contained Krave Beauty products. Hint : the hype is real) produces nail polish which is easy to remove (without nail polish remover). I find it to take a little more time to dry but it lasts quite a long time on my nail. I definitely love the color, hope it'll hold back summer here for a while


This is my skincare collection. And frankly, this is too much for me, even if my routine is really minimalist By using them on rotation, I hope the amount will drop soon #farfromminimalism


Jolse review I received @nakeupface PHA Water Tox Ampoule* two weeks ago. PHA are molecules designed to accelerate the regeneration process of the skin by removing the first layers of the skin, made of dead cells. It's supposed to illuminate the skin and remove tiny pimples. It doesn't alter the skin barrier according to the official statement and contains a molecule dedigned to add volume (it's called Volufiline). This component is added to ''pump the interior of the skin''. That means the molecules have to be small enough to penetrate the skin. I think it can use to fade (lightly wrinkles) but in my mind, the effect only targets the superficial layers of the skin. The combo is composed of PHA, Volufiline and adenosine, an amino acid. It's supposed to be gentle even for the very sensitive skin and doesn't react when expose to the sun (but I strongly recommand using sunscreen every single day). The texture is very sticky so it takes a while to apply the product and continue your routine. It doesn't stick hopefully after but I want to be sure it won't mess with the sunscreen when I use it. The scent is light, not a problem even for me who can't stand strong scents. I can't really say it helps reducing the number of pimples I get nor pumping my skin but it doesn't break me out which is a really good point. It's 21.16 dollars on @cosmetic_jolse website but I don't think I'll order it in the future (the Cosrx Triple C Lightning Liquid was more efficient to totally reduce the amount of cystic pimples on my chin as well as Krave Kale-lalu-yAHA). . *PR gift #jolse #prproduct #palmcrew19 #exfoliant #pha


Matcha Hemp Cleanser by @kravebeauty It's #texturetuesday and I really wanted to play with this incredible texture. Don't be afraid, not a single drop of product has been waste during the process. When I apply this gel-like-no-other and I wash it, it leaves the feeling of a cool blanket on top of my skin without feeling overwhelming or clogging. Wish all my products have the same texture now... #palmcrew19 #textureporn #iaminadream


Blithe Pressed Serum Tundra Chaga* I received this travel size product along another product from @blithecosmetic to test them. It's been a while since I run into this korean brand but I've never tried their cream. They are called pressed serum and targeted different skin preoccupations. This one is designed for anti-ageing and it's packed with a lot of mushroom extract. The texture is like caramel to me and it's really nice to apply it. It has a very light scent of citrus and hydrates visibly my skin. . *product gifted for review #palmcrew19 #texture


The only cleanser I'll ever use Even if I tried some very nice non-foaming cleanser like the Indie Lee's one, it's nothing alike @kravebeauty Matcha cleanser. First of all, it has been created by @liahyoo, one of the person I trust the more in the skincare field Secondly, it has such an incredible texture, scent and leaves my skin baby soft Third, it's affordable (even when you add shipping costs) it's like Indie Lee cleanser My skin really love it. I've used it for two weeks and my skin is hydrated, I don't have redness or new pimples I use it at night after my @eve_lom cleansing balm and it gets rid of everything the first cleanser didn't remove... Except the moisture and hydration of my skin You need to try it, you'll adopt it


Bold lips for an eletric fall @narsissist mini in Cherry Bomb and Don't Stop


Meet the family


Here what's new in my skincare stash for this month. But I started to realise that my life is becoming more and more hectic and I've the feeling I lose what I think is essential in my life. First, minimalism. I was so proud to have a minimal amount of skincare in my bathroom (or my fridge). Even if I still keep low the number of products I use in a routine, I start accumulating things. Because they were PR (product for review) so basically free which is super important for a student or just because of splurge. Second, I let social media eating all my time. I'm alone at home, what am I doing? Scrolling Instagram, surfing on the web, watching Netflix... I was proud to read a lot, now I haven't finish a book in a while. Third, I neglect a lot of things, persons, duties. So. What should I need? Resolving all these issues will take time but I'll try to start wise habits. I won't leave the skincare world, I'll still be active, but I first need to establish rules for my own well-being. Wish me luck, I was always bad at keeping resolutions.


New addition to the family! I can't wait to see if this one will win against my all time fav from @eltamdskincare Stay tuned for more news soon


Enjoy the sun


I talk about the @jullai_official cream that my friend gave me and the amazing texture it has! Isn't mesmerising? It's like honey but it can be also a bit thick!


This is seriously a life changer. I use this gem twice and all my cystic pimples are nearly gone! I need to see the effects after a regular use but I can't wait to share them


A bunch of minis from the lovely I've tried the cream from @jullai_official and the texture is incredible (photos will come)!


I can't believe I'm finally the proud owner of @kravebeauty products (the sunscreen is on its way)! Since the beginning of my skincare journey, I follow @liahyoo videos. She taught me so much! She has a wide and deep knowledge of the skin, especially acne prone one. She's a hard-worker and I admire her. She induces #skincaredietchallenge which totally meets my desire to become a minimalist. And her brand is the real deal! The products are carefully elaborated and the philosophy of the brand is not to urge you to buy more. But rather buy what your skin needs. It's only for US and South Korea based people but you can easily find retailers online (just be sure it's the good stuff). I purchased the cleanser (which has a very lovely scent of green tea, not overwhelming) and the exfoliator thanks to a friend based in Korea ( you're the best!) and the sunscreen via a website. And last but not least, they are super affordable. So, why do you wait to support this amazing brand carying by trustworthy humans? #lovekrace #sincethebeginning #palmlover #palmcrew19


Since I use Differin, I noticed that my skin tends to become dry. Thid lightweight moisturizer keeps my skin alive!! Just not a fan of the citrus scent and it can tingle on acne pimples.