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Let's talk about love! @kravebeauty has my heart. It's been such a while since I had a cystic pimple. My main concern now is a few superficial hyperpigmentation spots remaining on my chin but I'm so happy with my skin. It's not a miracle. It's THE solution.


A tribute to @kravebeauty. This brand is supported by the most humane person who work so hard to spread an unusual message through the world of the skincare industry. Less is more. That's why @liahyoo the founder imagined and created simple products yet super efficient and respectful of your skin. The Matcha Hemp Hydrated Cleanser is my favourite with Beet the Sun and I truly hope they'll never leave my life. Do not hesitate, the products are affordable and if you're not in the US or South Korea, you can find them on Belieef or YesStyle (I'm not sure for the second). You're working so hard Krave's team and I want to thank you for your efforts and work!


Because I needed a bit of color on my feed (and I forget all my lippies at home 😭) Kiss Mix Lipbalm from @eve_lom


It's #texturetuesday!! A few weeks ago, I visited a Sephora shop and I grabbed a sample of the Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy - Boosting Face Mask. I didn't really like it (too fragranced and I had such a small amount I didn't see the benefits of the product) but I reused the container to carry a small amount of @nivea_fr facial cream in case of cold (my nose's skin tends to crack when I blow it and it's painful). Fingers crossed I won't catch a cold now!


Because less is more and less is now! I started my journey into minimalism with @liahyoo and her #skincaredietchallenge maybe one or two years ago (time flies). Then, I was deeply influenced by @theminimalists. Now, I try to find the balance between a healthy skin (I don't really suffer from acne anymore), my love for skincare and the fact that I don't want to hoard too many items. It's not easy with all the overconsumption message but I slowly find a balance. Here's my night routine with all the basic steps I need. I can add an exfoliating product, or a mask. Have a nice Monday!


Enjoy your weekend! And stay hydrated


I've a new cleansing balm! This one is more like a dry oil when it melts onto your skin. Need more testing but I like it. I purchase it from @koreansmooch, a french eshop. Do you know this brand A By Bom?


The only color I wear these days (because I forget all my lippies...)


Are you tired with my photos of the @kravebeauty amazing Beet the Sun? Rest assured, it's the last one from this serie 😉 Guys, if you live in the US and want to try it, it'll be possible in a few days. And really, do not hesitate, it's an amazing product. Fluid, non-sticky, leave a nice glow, doesn't break me out AND affordable.


Another one, Kale-lalu-yAHA from @kravebeauty for #texturetuesday because I just don't have time and light to take a proper shot these days Have a great Tuesday! And if you're looking for an affordable yet efficient exfoliating product, this one might be for you!


I'm professing my love for this unique cleanser. Don't worry, new products to come Let's bet blue monday by taking care of us.


Do you have any recommendations of a good serum for the winter? Have a nice sunday!


Golden hours. Don't forget to apply your sunscreen. This is my new favourite from @kravebeauty. It has a liquid texture which makes the application easy. I even like the natural glow it leaves on my skin. Before, setting powder was a must but now just my sunscreen and I'm on the go!


Dive into the weekend and enjoy every single seconds of your life!


As a student, I've a very little budget dedicated to skincare stuff and furthermore, I want to limit my collection to items I use almost everyday. Hopefully, creativity allows me to show you the same product in different ways 😉


Have you ever seen such a magnificent giveaway? Thank you @pdxbeautiful #pdx20kgiveaway