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✨Metabolism✨ Let’s talk about metabolism a little. There’s so much to say but I want to focus this post on dieting and “cheat meals” and its effect on our metabolism. . I keep my diet 80% clean, 20% cheats. The way I do this is by staying in a slight calorie deficit/ maintenance (slowly increasing what this # is for me), and having cheat meals/ refeeds on two days (cheat meals/refeeds: I mean I eat A LOT more calories on these days 🍨 🍔 🍟). . These re-feeds give my body a break from dieting. Which is important because when you are in a calorie deficit/ dieting for a long time your body starts to adapt and adjust to the lower calories. So your body will try to conserve energy therefore the less calories you’ll burn. Aka “slower metabolism” . These diet breaks remind my body that more food is coming and that it’s ok to keep burning aka metabolic fire using up energy! “Faster metabolism” . . The goal is to find what’s maintainable for YOU, your lifestyle, your goals. . Here I took this picture the morning after eating pancakes for breakfast, Red Robin 🍔 🍠 🍟 and a large DQ on the way home 🍨 . 🔥 woke up feeling tighter, and lighter 🤷🏻‍♀️🙏🏼💪🏻 . . Taking online clients for both nutrition and training 💪🏻 message me to start ASAP! I’d love to help you learn and reach your goals!! . . #metabolism #nutritioncoach #balance #healthylifestyle #healthaboveall #onlinecoach #bikini #bikinigirl #npc


I believe that we find results when we enjoy our workouts 🙌🏻 . . These were fun new ab workouts to try out. I’m so sore today 😅🔥 so many of you are so motivated right now, I love it! So if it helps you I’ll be sharing some of my workouts, save and give them a try! . . 💪🏻🤗Taking online training & nutrition clients! 💪🏻🤗 click link in bio or message me to start!! 💃 . . #absworkout #abs #onlinecoach #healthaboveall #healthylifestyle #balance #nutritioncoach


Practice until I can’t get it wrong. When I’m in prep I practice all the time, everywhere! After my workouts, in my living room randomly, i kid you not I’ve practice my footwork in the shower🤷🏻‍♀️ I learn what it feels to practice tired, without mirrors, with a suit, I learn my body. . . I record myself, or have someone record me. I adjust as my body changes. I play with my angles. I emphasize my strengths and find the right poses to create illusions that turn my weakness to strengths. . practice creates confidence. This is huge on stage. ✨ Bikini is about the overall look and your physique alone won’t be enough for top placing. . . 👙👙👙✨Message me now to start posing with me!! I absolutely love love helping/coaching posing!!! And no, it’s not too soon to start! I was booked pretty quick last season, don’t wait! ✨👙👙👙ps both in person and Skype options. . . #posingcoach #healthaboveall #onlinecoach #bikiniposing #balance #nutritioncoach #npc


I preach “balance.” But when I decide to compete I literally think “f$&k balance.” It’s 💯 %, I’m all in, I give it my all, I sacrifice (nights out, date nights, friends, family), tunnel vision. . It’s simply what it takes(competing is time consuming, energy consuming), and I refuse to step on stage with anything less than my best. . When I’m ready to give up balance for a period of time, that’s when I’m ready to compete. This is temporary. I know that giving up balance also means stepping out of my comfort zone, it means being uncomfortable, willing to risk failure & going after what I want with all I have. 👙 . ✨Anyone else have this mindset? ✨ . . #balance #healthylifestyle #healthaboveall #bikini #nutritioncoach #npc #onlinecoach


Lately I been experiencing a lot of things that make me feel more grateful for the things I have. ✨ it’s funny how life works, sometimes it takes a though moment to appreciate the little things. . . I know that working 13 hours 4 days consecutively makes me appreciate a day off so much more. 💤 . I know that my heater breaking last week, and the power outage this week makes me appreciate being warm and feeling safe. 🏡 . My car breaking down over & over last week makes me appreciate having a car instead of taking an Uber to the gym lol 🚗 . When I’m sick I appreciate my health and the simple things like being able to leave my house and working out. 💪🏻 . When I haven’t seen my lover in a while I appreciate every second of our time together. 😌 . My point is: experiencing a hard time serves a purpose.. it makes you grateful! But It’s your choice to be pessimistic or happy & grateful. Anyone else purposely find gratitude in tough situations ? . . #healthaboveall #healthylifestyle #mentalhealth #nutritioncoach #balance #happiness #gratitude #itsallgood


Put your mind, soul and heart into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. . . Give 💯 % to everything you do. Nothing less. Looking at this picture and I remind myself that since this day I have been working non-freaking stop. . Giving it my all to improve myself mentally physically and spiritually. . . I know that the way I have been training (consistently with progressively increasing the weight I’m lifting, focusing on the areas that need improvement, decreasing but maintaining cardio, taking breaks when my body needs it) along with nutrition (eating Whole Foods 🥗 , taking my vitamins, drinking water 💧 being mindful and in control of the “cheats”) I have already transformed the look I have in this picture! Personally i feel like I look better now (maybe not as lean but more muscle fullness and even more vascular now) Lol 🤷🏻‍♀️💪🏻👙 so i am freaking excited to see how I look on stage this season!! . . Let me help you reach your health goals!!!! If I can then you can! And nothing motivates me more than doing this next to YOU!! Message me now! .


You can make excuses or you can make it happen. Your choice. . . Here are some of my go to home glute workouts. All I used are bands and one kettle bell. I do high reps low sets. Usually 4x20 for every workout. . . If this helps let me know 👇🏻 . And I’ll share more 💪🏻🤗 . . #homeworkouts #onlinecoach #healthylifestyle #healthaboveall #challengeyourself #nutritioncoach #happymonday #glutes #npc #bikini


Find a way not an excuse . . Sometimes after working 13 hours what works best for me is to get a workout in at home. In these cases being at home makes it a time saver, since I don’t have to drive. More efficient: because I don’t have to wait for equipment. More motivating: because Alexa bumps my favorite music while I sweat and don’t have to worry about any one watching me get in my zone 💪🏻 . . I don’t have a home gym all I have are: bands, one kettle bell two sets of dumbbells and a towel as a floor mat! And trust me, I’m drenched by the end of the workout and sore the next morning from targeting areas that I normally don’t get too at the gym! . . Home workouts are also part of my 12 week challenge!! Sign up today, message me! Start next week and do this with me💪🏻💪🏻 . . Also been thinking of recording more of my home workouts.. thoughts on this? Yay it’s helpful 💪🏻? or nah bry I rather go to the gym 👋🏻? 👇🏻


Starting 2019 grateful that this man made it home safely this morning from protecting you 🙏🏼 🚓 . . And thankful that his man skills fixed my broken heater (even while he was sleep deprived from a night shift & running a fever he was up in my attic 🤒 😩) so that I wouldn’t freeze last night. Started the year cozy at home, thankful & being his personal nurse 👩🏻‍⚕️ 🙋🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ ❤️🎆


post 13 hour shift, now time to bring in the year with the ones I love most 🍾 💫be safe everyone, especially those of you working. 🙏🏼✨#nye


🍔 One of my favorite go to lunch meals 🍔 . . Not sure if this picture serves it any justice but you gotta try it! Super simple, quick, low carb, high protein, low fat! 💯 . . Lean ground turkey, turned into patties with burger seasoning. Throw it on the grill. Add all the veggies and my personal favorite pickles! I made a side of grilled zucchini but baked sweet potato fries also goes really well 🍟 . . #nutrition #nutritioncoach #health #balance #yum #lunch


💪🏻Sustainable fitness goals 💪🏻 Your fitness goals shouldn’t have you missing out on family events/ holidays/ social events. 🍪 . One cheat meal won’t ruin all your consistency and hard work (I took this picture post eating all the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day treats, and I feel great 🤷🏻‍♀️. Got back on track with my usual meals, water and workouts yesterday). . . A sustainable and long term fitness approach should allow you to eat the foods you like in moderation, it should allow you to spend time with your family/ friends and it shouldn’t make you feel guilty when you miss a workout/ have a treat. . . You should be enjoying this lifestyle.. because it makes you feel good mentally and physically. . . NOW TAKING CLIENTS FOR MY 12 WEEK new year challenge (limited spots). Let me teach you how to make this a lifestyle with proper nutrition and training to fit your goals!! 💪🏻🥙🥑🍚🍌🥞💪🏻 message me now for details 🤗 . . #onlinecoach #nutritioncoach #healthylifestyle #sustainable #balance #newgols #nurse #rn #healthaboveall


Abby got all her faves this x-mass (ice cream, donuts & coffee) thanks Tia @krystel.barcelo and her grandma (my mom lol). 🐶♥️🎄👯‍♀️🐶🍩❄️ . . #furbaby #family #happyholidays #icecream #donuts #coffee