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"I traveled to the southern side of the world to hold six new species, experience rain storms like I’ve never seen before, and withstand conditions that I’d normally deem unbearable. While you’re there, you make it work, and in the end, you have enough stories for a lifetime." Fly fisher and Backcountry Ambassador Ruth Sims (@navajoflyfisher) journeyed into the jungles of the Colombian Amazon in search of Peacock Bass. What she found was the adventure of a lifetime and a Greatest of All Time moment. Tap the link in our bio to read more. Photo: @thinktomake


When Rob Krar (@robkrar) won the grueling Leadville Trail 100 Run, he was bouncing back from one of the lowest points of his life. As Rob describes it, “It’s hard to put into words … feeling like I belong once again—the struggle and challenges of the past year after major knee surgery made this race the most meaningful and significant of my career.” Krar opened up to us about his wild week racing in both the the Leadville Trail 100 Run and MTB series. Tap the link in our bio to read our conversation. Photo: @lindaguerrettephotography


If Backcountry Ambassador Gina Danza (@wildginaa) is excited for anything right now, it’s fall – and planning her colder-weather adventures. A few things that make this season even better for her, though? All the cozy accessories fall brings with it. Tap the link in our bio to take a look at some of her favorites.


After living in Colorado for several years, Laura Peters (@laurapeters24) was skeptical about how Bend, Oregon would compare. Since arriving in Oregon, she's been blown away. Mountains, hot springs, caves, deserts, glacial lakes ... you name it, Oregon has it. It's an adventurer's paradise. #GOATworthy Photo: @laurapeters24


Tanya Vanthuyne (@vanthuynee) knew this hike was going to be tough – but carrying her son Kade made for an even bigger challenge. About halfway to the summit, she started to wonder if she could do it. But as she passed and talked to fellow hikers, she began to hear much-needed words of encouragement. Tanya says the strangers she encountered on the trail will never know how much power their words had. Sometimes a simple act of kindness is all it takes to completely re-energize a person. #GOATworthy Photo: @vanthuynee


Waking up to a view like this ... does it get any better? #GOATworthy Photo: @monicalynnlee


Jazmine Kohl (@jazkohl) and her fiancé Kyle have been backpacking this wilderness every year for the past four years, rallying any friend who is willing to go on an epic adventure with them. The pristine, secluded campsite they found this year, complete with "cliff jumpin', star-gazin', card playin', and backcountry-cookin' granite" set the bar high for next summer. #GOATworthy Photo: @jazkohl


Going backpacking doesn’t mean you have to forage for food like some survival guru or eat boring meals until you’ve beaten your tastebuds into submission. In fact, there’s an art and science to cooking a delicious meal alongside the trail. Head to the link in our bio for our backpacking kitchen must-haves.


Cody Yeaman could only describe the feeling of summiting this 14er as "surreal." Years of experience and proper preparation had paid off, resulting in a safe ascent. As Cody and his friends descended, they couldn't help but look back every once in a while, remarking at the fact that they'd stood at the top of this peak just hours ago. #GOATworthy Photo: @upinthinair with @hbflinky and @yames0n


As an adventure photographer, Backcountry Ambassador Will Woodward (@wheretowillie) travels … a lot. Wherever he is in the world, his goal is to collect memories and connect with the world. And maybe snag some epic summit shots while he’s at it. Because he’s always traveling, Will knows the importance of bringing along a few staple pieces; and especially during the unpredictable fall season, layers are a must. From hoodies to boots and back again, tap the link in our bio to see some of Will’s fall favorites.


They call Leadville the "Race Across the Sky." Trail runners climb one hundred miles along the spine of the Colorado Rockies with elevations ranging between 9,000 and 12,600 feet. It is a high-elevation journey of endurance along the Continental Divide. When up-and-coming ultramarathoner Eric LiPuma (@el_puma_loco_) got an entry into the race, he knew he could run with the best in the high mountains. But when the altitude wrecked his race, he found inspiration to finish from family and friends: "Running is the only sport I've ever been good at. I'm trying to prove something for myself but also for the people who support me." Tap the link in our bio to learn why Eric persevered to the finish and see our recommendations to help you find running inspiration on the trails.


There's nothing like the moment your paddle first hits the water. #GOATworthy Photo: @nmpanek