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Sarah Hecimovich and her friends set out on this rainy day with no expectations of views – only hoping to enjoy the outdoors and good company. The fog was so thick that they could barely see the trail in front of them, but as they continued upward, they eventually emerged to find that even though they hadn't expected views, they'd certainly found them. This day remains one of their favorites in the mountains. #GOATworthy Photo: @bettyyj with @helloimsarahmarie


This trip was all about bringing people together. From every corner of California, Peter Pham and his friends came together to get out, leave the daily grind behind, and share some good times. For Peter, there's nothing like gathering around the campfire with friends, sharing old stories and creating new ones along the way. #GOATworthy Photo: @outdoorpete


All smiles when the snow (or ice) flies. #GOATworthy Photo: @gaofiore with @indragramm


Recently, Jenny Fischer (@jenny.lemonpie), Kat Whipple (@kat.whipple), Samuel Crossley (@samuelcrossley), and William Woodward (@wheretowillie) headed to China in pursuit of first ascents. They had long been dreaming about this adventure and were finally able to make it a reality with the help of the @americanalpine Live Your Dream grant. This route could be called "The One That Got Away," due to flash flood dangers that forced the group to make a dramatic exit from Liming a few days early, ultimately leaving the route unfinished. Traveling to China was an exciting cultural experience that only scratched the surface, leaving this group with plenty of things to go back for...including this amazing offwidth route. #GOATworthy Photo: @wheretowillie with @jenny.lemonpie


Mak and Owen (@bound.for.nowhere) have been living full time from the back of this Toyota Tacoma for the last five months, and have traveled up the east coast of the United States and through the Canadian Maritime provinces. Their favorite part of the day is setting up their kitchen on the tailgate and making coffee and breakfast as they plan out the adventures of the day. #GOATworthy Photo: @bound.for.nowhere


Winter has arrived in the Cascades and Nitish Kumar Meena (@nitishq) can't get enough of the snowy landscapes. "These are the wild spaces that shape who we are. Here, you may be short of breath, but never short on awe." #GOATworthy Photo: @nitishq


Taylor Burk (@taylormichaelburk) and Hayley Gendron (@hayoui) recently spent a week hiking around the east coast of Canada, a place where every road feels like a scenic drive, and hikes pay off with epic fall views like this. #GOATworthy Photo: @taylormichaelburk with @hayoui


Rather than working her way slowly back into ski season, Stephanie Baker was so excited to get back out there that this was her third day in a row skiing over Thanksgiving weekend. Day one was rough, with wind-scoured, variable conditions. Day two was dumping snow all day, which made for a fun powder day. And day three was beautiful, with the trees covered in white and plenty of powder left over. By the third afternoon, her legs were screaming that it was time to go home, but this was a "one more powder stash!" moment on the last run of the day. #GOATworthy Photo: @thedancingwind


If you’ve had the opportunity to spend a day in Bozeman, Montana, consider yourself lucky. With three world-renowned rivers, countless hiking, biking, and running trails, exquisite restaurants, and numerous local, hand-crafted brews, there’s more you’ll want to see and do than you have time for. We recently met up with Bozeman locals Miles Gayton (@akdilly), a ski patroller at Big Sky, and Maria Lovely (@marialovely_), a Big Sky native, Backcountry Ambassador, and member of the Nordica Freeride Ski Team. We got their take on the best spots to check out if you’re in town. Tap the link in our bio to read more.


Base camp for the night. #GOATworthy Photo: @elizabethshrier