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CowPok. Buffalo NY. Body Piercer. APP Member. Snape & Nacho & Linda. A blend of my personal life, my work, memes, and my bed. 🌈 #piercingsbyannabeall

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Here’s something you don’t see me post too often, a healing 8g septum piercing on @19021jl with a steel captive bead ring from @anatometalinc . Septum piercings are technically challenging and larger sizes like this can be especially nerve wracking, but I really am happy with how this one turned out. Not to mention the polish on this guy is so nice that it was like looking in a mirror. You can find me at Elmwood from noon until 8pm tonight poking holes and prepping for our $15 off any piercing sale this Saturday, so stop in soon! #cowpok #appmember #safepiercing #anatometal #septum #septumpiercing #septumring #90s #bigandbeefy #buffalony Other piercings not done by me. Style and photo cred: @bumbahbee




Guys. Check out this insanely gorgeous rose gold ring that @chloedesimone_ not only styled, but also fucking designed from @bvla . It’s called the Desimone ring (obviously) and I had the honor of piercing this septum with it last week. This design is stunning as a threaded top, on a nipple bar or on a ring and I am living for all of them. Not to mention the stone and gold options available for this design are endless, so we can customize it to fit your style flawlessly. Find myself and more jewelry like this at Elmwood all day today. I can’t wait to make you shine Buffalo! #cowpok #appmember #safepiercing #bvla #bvlalove #bodyvisionlosangeles #septum #septumpiercing #septumring #rosegold #opal #whiteopal #buffalony Designed, styled, and photographed by @chloedesimone_



You might call this a glow up... #workwife #itscomplicated #cowpork


How I feel when all of you post about a team that constantly lets you down.


Did you know that next weekend we’re doing $15 off any piercing at both @cowpok locations? It’s our annual back to school sale and were pumped about it. Piercings will be done on a walk in basis, first come first serve, and only one discount per person. I’ll be at Elmwood from 12-10pm slinging piercings and finger guns. 👈😎👈 #cowpok #appmember #buffalony


Check out this fantastic white gold set up on one of our babely clients. I pierced her philtrum about 5 months ago, and it’s now healed and downsized featuring a @bvla end with a white pearl, and her nostril piercing and septum piercing are also healed and upgraded as well. Her and @cresleyl worked together mixing different textures with all of these pieces and I think the result is stunning. Not to mention how good everything looks with her lip color! Find me at Elmwood all day today so we can upgrade your look as well. Photo cred: @chloedesimone_ #cowpok #safepiercing #appmember #bvla #bvlalove #bodyvisionlosangeles #whitegold #pearl #philtrum #philtrumpiercing #septum #nosepiercing #buffalony


Did you know that our Elmwood location is predominately female staffed? Both studio managers are women, all of our front end employees are women, and 2 out of the 3 piercers who work at this location are also women. Find myself and @chloedesimone_ (who styled this dope photo shoot with @seekaxiom ) all day at Elmwood today. I love you Buffalo. Jewelry by @diabloorganics #cowpok #appmember #diabloorganics #jimmybuddhadesigns #pussypower #stretchedears #earweights


True life: I have an unrealistic fear of sharks.


Couples that get pierced together, stay together. Both of these lovely humans have been my clients for the last few years and have slowly gathered a collection of piercings from me including their septum piercings. Two weeks ago they came in and we switched out their well healed piercings to new gold rings from @bvla and both pieces look incredible. The first is one of our new V rings in yellow gold and the second(swipe to see) is a hammered ring in white. Thanks for being such great clients with such good taste in jewelry guys! Find me at Elmwood all day today through Saturday so we can create your own unique look. Styled by: @cresleyl #cowpok #appmember #safepiercing #piercingsbyannabeall #bvla #bvlalove #bodyvisionlosangeles #septum #septumpiercing #piercing #yellowgold #whitegold #hammeredgold #buffalony


My parents have a photo collage of me in their office and it is hella gay. They’re the real MVPs.


@childishgambino last night was both visually stunning and powerful. I’ve never been to a performance this large where the performer engaged with the audience in such an authentic way. I’m so thankful we got to be a part of it. @ellmmac


My name is Ann, and this here is Linda, and when we go on trips together we like to eat, laugh, walk a lot, and end up at Missy Elliot themed burlesque shows. #lindaandanntakeontheworld


Well will you?


The faces I see when I leave on Saturday mornings. #notsomachonacho


Just a reminder to all of you students out there. We always have Netflix on in the lobby, shiny things to look at, and lately we’ve had chalk to play with on the sidewalk. Come in anytime you need to vent or feel a glow up. Find me at Elmwood until 10pm tonight. #cowpok #selfcaresaturday


A lot has changed in the 7 years between these two photos, but Keith’s love of white V neck t shirts sure hasn’t. I love this man to the moon and back and appreciate him more than can possibly be put into words. He’s the most empathetic, compassionate, caring, and kind boss I could ask for and he has helped to change me into a better person. He also has taught me that when in doubt, gifts of food always are appreciated. Thanks for turning CowPok into the studio it is today, because without it I have no idea where I would be but I probably wouldn’t be nearly as happy as I am now. Thanks for everything kitten. 😻😻😻 Find me there all day today. #cowpok #buffalony #flashbackfriday #ilovehimsomuch #itdefinitelycreepshimout