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Weekend reading material. 📖 Check out the @AustinBooksComics haul I brought home for #BatmanDay yesterday. Details on the blog, link in my profile! Let me know your thoughts if you've read these before. Can't wait to dive into Metal in particular. Been hearing good things!


Happy #BatmanDay, Bat Fam. Went to my local comic book shop today to celebrate. @austinbookscomics is doing a buy 3 get 1 free deal on all Batman trades so I grabbed some today and spent more than I usually would. 🤔 I guess they really got me with that sale. Lol. It's not too late to swing by if you're nearby and looking for some Batman reading material. Lounging on the couch at home now as you can see (drinking coffee from the mug that Joy gifted to me for my birthday ❤️) but will share my haul soon!


Happy anniversary to the love of my life, Batman: The Animated Series. 😂 Forever celebrating the reason why I fell in love with Batman. You can see the wear and tear on this much loved DVD box set. 🙂 I can't wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray next month! Have you preordered your copy? 🙌


#TiffsNerdyThirty temporary tattoos were courtesy of @tattitudeshop! My friends were so sweet letting me customize some for my birthday. The tats were a hit. Check out their page for your upcoming events! To see more stuff like this and find out what whiskey cocktail was in my cup (spoiler: it's bourbon based), click the link in my profile to read my birthday party blog post! #batmanandwhiskey


Blog post about my epic Nerdy Thirty pool party is live now (finally)! Link in bio as always. Get all the details on the themed foods and decor and geeky gifts. I'm so excited to share this with everyone. Take a look and let me know what your favorite part was in the comments below. #TiffsNerdyThirty | Poolside Poison Ivy is @hannahjphillips | Boomerang by @itslluna


Byeeee, Hawai'i. ❤️ A sunset photo seemed an appropriate metaphor for the end of my vacation. 😜🌄 Until next trip, travel buddy Batman Funko Mystery Mini. Stowing you away on the shelf again. 🙂


Oh, like you thought we'd only see one waterfall while in Hawai'i? 😁🏞️ Believe it or not, this is a different one, on Oahu, and is much smaller. We keep getting caught in the rain when we decide to go see waterfalls. We got to see Manoa Falls much more up close than Akaka Falls, but unfortunately, bacteria levels and chances of rock slides prevented us from swimming in it. 😭 I should have tossed Batman in there to test it for us. 😆 Still a beautiful place to visit regardless.


Batman doesn't take vacations, but then there's me... chilling... at this pool cabana... with whiskey... like this... 🥃🏖️ 😴 #batmanandwhiskey


Taking Mystery Mini Batman to see more Hawai'i views. This was my first and probably last time at Diamond Head. It was way too crowded (granted I arrived at a peak period mid morning). All that said, the views were gorgeous as you can see and I'm glad I can say I did it at least once.


Gotta hit you with that #batmanandwhiskey while we're out here. I feel those island/tropical cocktails are rarely made with whiskey but this place had a Tiki Fashioned 🥃 that I decided to try: Bourbon, Allspice dram, coffee rum, falernum, bitters. Not bad for helping you get into the island vacation spirit, but I just switched to Tullamore Dew on the rocks after. 😁😜 Sunset on point though. 🌅❤️


THE FLOOR IS LAVA... literally. Hehe. 😁🌋 Visited this national historical park with my travel buddy Batman during our stay in Kona. I learned that during the time of kapu (sacred laws and beliefs everyone lived by before 1819), if you broke a law (e.g. woman eating with a man, commoner casting their shadow on a chief, catching fish out of season), you could face death. You could try swimming across the ocean toward this refuge, the Pu'uhonua, and if you could reach this lava shore, you could be absolved by a priest and return home. Many don't make it to the Pu'uhonua though... because the ocean... obvs. 🌊


First time on the Big Island! With my travel buddy, Batman Funko Mystery Mini, in tow of course. ❤️ Akaka Falls State Park was beautiful.


I don't really need Thursday to give me a reason to throwback to #TiffsNerdyThirty but here we are. 😜 Truly happy in my Batman bathing suit on my Batman floatie in this photo because my Batman-inspired party came out exactly as I imagined and planned. ❤️🙌🦇 Still plan to share all the details in a near future blog post! 📷: @lyttran


I turn 30 today and it feels awesome. I've always enjoyed getting older knowing that I'm wiser and more experienced at life with each passing year. #TiffsNerdyThirty pool party this past Saturday was a huge success and I cannot wait to share all the details in a blog post. It was a dream birthday party for sure. I'm headed out of town for a bit but plan on sharing photos and descriptions of all the decorations (like this handmade banner), themed foods, my nerdy pool-appropriate outfit (seen here), and more when I return. In the mean time, check out my saved Nerdy Thirty IG stories highlight for a taste! #proofinspires


One more throwback to SDCC! Batman details from one of my outfits while we were out there. Leggings are from @hottopic and the ring was a gift from my friend @colorfulagenda. ❤️ I love it and I wear it all the time even though I've had it for years. 😀 This is hopefully the last throwback post for a while because I've got new content planned for my blog and IG. I know it's no excuse, but I've been busy since coming back from San Diego with planning my upcoming 30th birthday and a trip to Hawai'i with my family! I hope to make time to post some new stuff when I get back including a recap of SDCC and all the details of my nerdy thirty pool party happening this weekend. In the mean time, keep an eye on my IG story for the birthday shenanigans! Can't wait to show you what geeky things I've got in store.


Check out my coverage of the #DCUniverse experience (pictured above) and the #BatmanTAS on Blu-Ray panel at #SDCC2018 on the latest episode of @batmanbeyondpodcast. Find the link in their profile to find Episode 25 where I even talk about how I try to get a photo with Kevin Conroy. Heh. 😁🙂


HAPPY FRIDAY! AND HAPPY FLASHBACK FRIDAY! Taking it back to this photo op from the #DCSXSW18 event activation in honor of the @teentitansgomovie release today. This photo op was also available at the @warnerbrosentertainment booth at SDCC this year! I'm excited to watch this. I know a lot of people aren't fans of Teen Titans Go, but I thoroughly enjoy it for what it is: silly fun. It's not supposed to blow your mind or make you think, you know? 😂 Are you planning to watch now that's it's in theaters?


Penguin cosplay on point. I feel like Danny DeVito would be proud. 🐧 Anybody know who this is for tagging purposes? #SDCC #SDCC2018