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From afar, #Djibouti's Lac Assal looks like paradise with azure waters and dazzling white shorelines. But look more closely and you'll see that what appears to be sand is, in fact, salt. Ten times saltier than seawater, Lac Assal has fuelled Djibouti's salt industry for centuries, with members of the Afar and Issa communities harvesting the salt by hand and carrying it by camel caravan to Ethiopia. Today, modern harvesting technology can be seen working in tandem with traditional techniques, and camel trains still traverse the landscape. Click the link in our bio to learn more! #bbctravel 📷: @atlasandboots


#FridayFeature! @jonburkholz snapped this gorgeous photo from the top of Piedra del Peñol in #Colombia. The monolith rises nearly 200m from the otherwise flat landscape of Guatapé. The climb to the summit is steep, but the views are certainly worth it! Thanks for sharing them with us using #bbctravel!


Thirty years ago, bistros represented half of the restaurant scene in #Paris. Today, that figure has dropped to 14%, with changing dining habits and rising rents putting the iconic bistro at risk of being lost forever. To help preserve what he sees as a vital aspect of Parisian culture, restaurateur Alain Fontaine has launched a bid for #Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage status. "What we want to defend is this art de vivre in the bistro that allows us to live together, exchange together, this cultural melting pot," he said. Click the link in our bio to read more! #bbctravel 📷: @vivsongviv


#FridayFeature! We love this shot of #Lisbon, #Portugal's iconic yellow tram in action! Thanks @ananewyork for sharing it with us using #bbctravel!


Not far from Dorset on the southern coast of #England, these gargantuan chalk outcroppings were formed around 65 million years ago. They are known as the Old Harry Rocks, 'Old Harry' being a euphemism for the devil, who legend says used to nap here. Gorgeous photo @thedronelad! Thanks for sharing using #bbctravel!


#FridayFeature! Located at 125m below sea level and experiencing an average year-round temperature of 34C (though it has been known to exceed 50C), #Ethiopia's Danakil Depression is one of the most extreme environments on Earth. The depression is caused by the Afar Triple Junction, a place where three tectonic plates join, and the area is ripe with geothermal activity. The dazzling multi-coloured scene here is formed as groundwater heated by molten rock bubbles to the surface, leaving behind salt deposits as it evaporates. Stunning shot @roca_travelaround! Thanks for sharing using #bbctravel!


Rio de Janeiro, #Brazil's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue stands an impressive 30m tall, towering over the city from the summit of Mount Corcovado with his arms outstretched, spanning 28m from fingertip to fingertip. The landmark is the largest Art Deco-style sculpture in the world. Remarkable capture @ai.visuals! (H/T @travellingthroughtheworld for sharing it with us using #bbctravel!)


Located on the border of #China's Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, Lugu Lake is steeped in legend. According to the Mosuo people who live on the lake's shore, Lugu Lake was created by the Goddess Gemu. When another god grew jealous of Gemu's romantic relationship with a boy from the village, he transformed both of them into mountains. The lake was formed by Gemu's tears of longing. Learn more about Lugu Lake and the Mosuo people by clicking the link in our bio! #bbctravel 📷: Christopher Cherry


#FridayFeature! captured this gorgeous shot of worshipers participating in a ceremony for Eid at the Jama Masjid mosque in #Delhi, #India. Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating! #bbctravel


At an elevation of 4,166m, the Ki Monastery has a spectacular view of northern #India's remote Spiti Valley, where some of the country's oldest monasteries (as well as the world's highest post office) can be found. Read more about this beautiful place by clicking the link in our bio! #bbctravel 📷: @art.of.travelling


Anthony Bourdain, travel genius, chef and author, passed away today at 61. Last year, @bbc_travel had the chance to ask him the same question he asked President Obama during a famous episode of Parts Unknown – are we going to be ok? He answered: “I don’t know, I really don’t. Are any of us going to be OK? I hope so. Like I said before, we just did a show in Rome. Rome is still there. It still survives against all odds, it's still beautiful. You can still live a good life there. Hopefully we will endure. I do, on balance, have confidence in the human spirit to endure, if nothing else.” Your spirit will certainly endure. #anthonybourdain #partsunknown


The “Valle dei Mulini,” or “Valley of Mills,” in #Sorrento, #Italy, offers a fascinating peek back in time to the region's medieval flour industry. Located along a stream at the bottom of a deep crevasse, the mills were constructed in the 13th Century and once processed various types of wheat needed by the Sorrentine people. #bbctravel