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Belgian poet and novelist, May Sarton once wrote: “Loneliness is the poverty of self; solitude is the richness of self.” Nature is a great way to connect with one’s self — to celebrate the richness that each of us brings to the world. Whether it’s wandering the rolling meadows of a landscape, clambering up the sharp peaks of a neighboring mountain range, or even strolling the circumference of a lake, take a moment to bask in solitude this week. Take a moment to celebrate yourself. (📷: @stevint 📍: Rogers Pass (BC, Canada))


Join the #BDTeam’s own @storyofsage as he draws us into a journey of night photography, showing off his astrophotography skills in one of the driest places in the world — the Atacama Desert in Chile. With over 300 days of clear skies a year, no light pollution, and a high altitude, the desert is one of the best places to capture the Milky Way at night. Follow along to see how he captured this stunning footage on the latest episode of the “Beautiful Destinations Creator Takeover” series on IGTV. (🎥: @storyofsage 🎶: “From the Sky” by @thecosmicquest 📍: Atacama Desert, Chile)


Patrons dot the salmon sand and turquoise-colored waters of Freshwater Beach in Sydney, Australia, scattered like remnant party confetti or the candied, sprinkle-dots of a pastel-layered birthday cake. The beach is wedged between two peninsulas, which causes the effect of layered waters and varying azure hues. Where are you escaping to this weekend? (📷: @gabscanu 📍: Freshwater Beach (New South Wales))


A well-known Los Angeles landmark, the Griffith Observatory rests perched on the southern end of Mount Hollywood — an ideal location for sightings of movie stars below and starry skies above. The domed planetarium has one of the world's most advanced star projectors, offering guests the chance to take an indoor tour of the cosmos and actively map out the night sky for a glimpse of life beyond Earth. Travel tip: After dark, the observatory staff brings telescopes out to the front lawn, giving visitors an incredible vantage point for stargazing and getting nighttime views of the famous Hollywood sign. (🎥: @asenseofhuber 📍: Griffith Observatory)


“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” It’s a proverb many of us have often heard and have even commonly used. Great things take time — budding relationships, planning the perfect trip, learning a new skill, building a career, growing a garden, policy changes, friendships, love. One of the great empires in history, the Roman Empire, leaves its legacy city a work in progress to this day, yet still one of the greatest cities on earth — a solid reminder that often, it’s not about the end result, but rather, the journey and what it takes to get there. (📷: @donquiellumbera_ 📍: Rome, Italy)


The bonbon-colored faces of these charismatic houses line the waterfront in Tübingen, Germany. The small town spans across an area of 42 square miles and runs along a ridge between the Ammer and Neckar rivers. While Tübingen is considered a university town — housing one of Europe’s oldest universities —it offers visitors an abundance of charming, nature-related activities, including various city gardens, boat tours, and neighboring forest hikes. Travel tip: Grab an afternoon drink and head to the Alter Botanical Garden before having dinner in the old town. The garden is beautiful and home to over 10,000 species of plants; it also neighbors the University of Tübingen as well as a lovely meadow nearby to sunbath during the warmer months. (📷: @bmseventh 📍: Tübingen, Germany)


In Oregon's Silver Falls State Park, a waterfall cascades into a shimmering curtain as if trying to shield the dark basalt canyon behind from the dim afternoon light. Often referred to as the "crown jewel" of state parks in Oregon, Silver Falls is the state's largest and boasts a nine-mile waterfall-watching hike appropriately named the Trail of Ten Falls. You heard that right — there are no less than ten immaculate waterfalls on this visually-stunning loop, most of which are as picture perfect as this one. Travel tip: If a less crowded hike is what you're after, try starting in the early afternoon and doing the route counterclockwise. (🎥: @dylankato 📍: Silver Falls State Park)


It is one of the most magnificent wonders of the world and one of history’s greatest love letters — the Taj Mahal. Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned the colossal project in the mid-1600s in honor of his wife and to furnish her remains. The project took over 20 years to complete and drew architectural notes from Persian, Indian, and Islamic design. Travel tip: If you have the time, try to visit the site at different times of the day. The shimmering hues of the mausoleum evolve and morph throughout the day with the varying light; it is said that this was meant to be representative of the changing moods of the emperor’s wife. Who would you dedicate such an extraordinary love letter to? (📷: @harimaolee 📍: Taj Mahal, India)


Hello from Thailand! The #BDTeam has just arrived in Bangkok and has 24 hours to visit the capital city. We can't wait to start exploring. Where do you recommend we check out during our visit? (📍: Bangkok, Thailand)


Who's ready for snow? There’s something magical about the moment when it’s just started to fall. Time seems to slow, and the world gets a little quieter — for a moment, all you have to do is sit, and watch in awe. Here’s your daily reminder to pause and enjoy the little things. Thank you to @samhorine for capturing this beautiful moment in New York City — one that he likens to being inside of a snow globe. (🎥: @samhorine 📍: New York, New York)