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Happily humming along😊

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Not sure who laid the giant egg!🤔 . . #backyardchickens #fresheggs #chickenlady #thatsmygirl


*sound on* Really pretty, but makes me want to wee😁 . . #waterfeature #waterfeaturesofinstagram #soothing #ineedtowee


When life gives you breast cancer, tell it to eff off with flowers!🌺 Today is the day I got my big ugly scar covered up with the most amazing work by @hannahnova_tattoo And as a tattoo virgin, I couldn’t ask for a better first time! And it ain’t a little butterfly on the ankle kinda tatt either! Go hard or go home💪 I’m loving myself sick right now and probably flashing a little bit too much as well😁 . . . #tattoo #firsttattoo #badass #fuckcancer #loveit #wishiddoneitsooner


Thanks for the birthday card, but I’m not 47!😂 I’ll save this one for next year👍 Ah, mother-in-laws, eh.!Maybe the shop was all out of “46”s and close enough was good enough. But it is the thought that counts, so thank you MIL for thinking of me😊 And for providing me with Insta fodder😁 . #itsmybirthday #not47yet #itsthethoughtthatcounts


Junk mail or not junk mail🤔 I have a “No Junk Mail” sign on my letterbox but these local businesses seem to think their flyers are exempt. 🤷‍♀️ I have contacted all of these businesses (some of them several times) and asked them to tell their letterbox person to respect the wishes of non-junk mail lovers like myself, but those pesky flyers just keep coming 😕 I have opted for emailed correspondence at every turn - banks & utility companies seem to get it - but somehow real estate agents, politicians and house cleaners seem to think they need to waste resources, time & their own money to let me know they exist. Do they realise these flyers go directly from my letterbox to my recycling? They are literally throwing away money. #thatsnuts . If you are reading this and you are one of those offenders, please, please, please stop putting your junk in my box! 🤣 Rant over . . #nojunkmailplease #repeatoffenders #savemoney #saveresources #recycle #returntosender


So, this happened...I ordered a glass of rosé and the barman started pouring me a Riesling. He got his “r”s mixed up, apparently. Kinda like my friend who mixes up Black Beauty with Sleeping Beauty! Both are “beauties” - easy to mix up. Anyway, He charged me for the rosé and gave me the mistake Riesling for free! #yippee . I couldn’t drink both so I poured the freebie in my #reusablewaterbottle I’m chalking this down to eco karma😊 and now I have beverage for the flight! #theoddswereinmyfavor #notalcoholic #butitismonday


Little ginger guy with my coffee #donteatme Got a discount for bringing my #keepcup too😊 Gotta love that! . . #hawthornegarage #balmoral #coffee #waronwaste #reuse #reduce #byocup #nolandfillhere



When your accommodation comes with a treasure map #arghmehearties . #worktrip #brisbane #whatfun



What do you get when you cross a crafternoon with gardening?🤔 A Craftergardenoon, that’s what😁 Say it out loud. It’s quite a lovely thing to say! . After buying 30 punnets of strawberries, to support the farmers and show the food tampering twats I’m not scared, I was left with a severe case of plastic packaging guilt! So, today I filled them all with potting mix and are using them as little greenhouses to get my seeds started #smugface . Grow, my pretties! Grow!🌱🌱🌱 . . #craftergardenoon #justmakingupwordsnow #seeds #reuse #recycle #gardening #backyardfarm #retrosuburbia #seedraising #growyourownfood #happyplace


And as the sun goes down on our last night in PD, we salute it with beer and a slap up meal! It’s been a cracking couple of weeks. Port Douglas- same time next year?? . . #missitalready😭 #holidaywellspent #fatandtanned