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Benedetto Demaio

👨🏻‍🎨 Images craftsman 👨🏻‍🏫 Art teacher 🎨 Painter / Illustrator / Visual artist 📱 Mobile photographer 🌊 Sea lover 📍Milan | from Bagnara Calabra 🇮🇹

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{ Logbook } • Before leaving for a trip, I have the habit of organizing the information of the place I will visit in a diary; I choose the stages, I study the main monuments, I look for curiosity. I get into the travel mood. Next weekend I'll be in Genoa, can't wait to fill many new pages. #genovamorethanthis #museidigenova @genovamorethanthis


{ Bark } • Not even the greatest of artists will ever be able to match the mastery of nature. #whpseasonal


{ Everything flows } • Just a snapshot of my thoughts.


{ Splatter } • I only know one way to start this grey day happily: playing with colors.


{ Funfair } • Behind every creative action is certainly hidden great fun.


{ S9 project } • A few months ago I started a project where I tried to make a smartphone the protagonist of small creative performances, short animations poised between the real and the virtual, between the analogue and the digital. I had a lot of fun and now that ends this experience I have to thank @SamsungItalia for giving me the chance to play with art and with #GalaxyS9 😊 #adv #SamsungItalia #Samsung #GalaxyS9Stories


{ Re-use } • A real creative knows that every object doesn’t stop living when it is broken but when it is taken away from the possibility of being reborn in a new different guise. #unpairedsocks


{ Trickling } • I would spend hours looking at the paint leaking on a surface, the way it follows the reliefs and the curves, the unpredictability of its path. I love this slow drip. @samsungitalia #adv #GalaxyS9 #SamsungItalia #Samsung #GalaxyS9Stories


{ Iconic ironic } • Sotheby's? No, it’s okay, this was not a work by Banksy. #😜