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🇳🇴Norwegian 📍Oslo 🏔Roaming with my better half, seeing awesome places and hopefully inspire people to get out there!🏃🏼‍♀️ The most epic gift:

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Definitely one of the highlights of our trip! Wasn’t prepared for how long and steep the hike was, but as you can see I was pretty excited when I reached the top⛰


We were driving on the main road when we passed a sign which sounded interesting. After driving for what seemed like an eternity on a gravel road, we reached this magical place. Love it when you follow a hunch and it really pays off!


Couldn’t resist the temptation of running across this awesome suspension bridge, which made me discover that it’s kinda impossible to run with a hat on you if you’re not holding on to it🙈


This is such a special place for me. Forever grateful for this amazing journey @simonbraeck, the memories made will last a lifetime💛


The most photogenic piece of road in New Zealand, and probably the most photographed one as well✌🏼


This is from our very first morning in New Zealand. We woke up to this perfect sunrise and I remember thinking that if this was a taste of what we had coming the next two weeks, this was gonna be an epic trip✌🏼


Changing out a busy work schedule and a cold norwegian spring with a roadtrip through New Zealand, with it’s gorgeous autumn colors. It is warmly welcomed! 🍂


It’s been over a month since we left Morocco, and the impressions have finally sunk in, what an exotic adventure! Experience the desert and hanging out with camels was definitely one of the highlights, and now I can’t decide which of them I miss the most🐪🌴


Me sending a longing look over at Half Dome, which we didn’t get the chance to hike. Next time I’m coming for you!👊🏽⛰


After going through some of the photos from last year, summer definitely seems too far away right now😣


I hope everyone had a great easter with their loved ones✨ I’ll soon reunite with mine and hopefully go on more adventures like this🙆🏻‍♀️


On our way to Sahara we passed some pretty amazing places, like this breathtaking mountain pass!


Don’t we all need someone who we can spin around with on a deserted road just because we feel like doing so? If you want to see more from this adventure, check out the full video on youtube, you’ll find the link in my bio🐪☀️


With its 2500km, the Atlas Mountains stretches through three countries, dividing Morocco in two. If you want to experience the authentic Morocco while enjoying an amazing view, this is the place to be!


I totally see why the architecture in Marrakech is so famous. I mean, those colors and morrocan tiles, need some of them in my future house👌🏼


Making footprints that won’t last forever, but memories that will


Been traveling for one week now, so haven’t posted in a while. This will be the last shot from Bled, I promise, soon my feed will get a colorful splash of Morocco🙆🏻‍♀️


The cutest little girl, who were very excited about the beautiful surroundings, joined us on our boat trip across Königsee⛵️