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BENI & SIMON ⟡ We travel; chasing stories to tell when we’re old ✈ Roaming with our pup @huskyzulu ⌲ ⇞ Exploring 🇨🇦:

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Calm and early mornings on the lake🚣🏼‍♀️


It can never get too blue✨


Met the cutest little fellow at this lake, who was hoping I had some snacks for him. Even though my hand was empty, he stayed for at least one minute, just looking at me with his tiny big eyes💛


No reflections this time but still breathtaking🙌🏼


No caption needed..


Canada is the master of reflection games👀


Canada really has it all with its beautiful mountains, the unbelievable blue lakes, perfect sugar coated tops and views that lasts for miles. Another thing it has is cold weather, and lots of it! So glad I brought my blanket❄️🙆🏼‍♀️


Finally got the famous reflection everyone is taking about! We actually ended up going there three times, and the last time we got perfect conditions👌🏼 This is definitely one of my favorite places in Banff💙


I like turtles.. and crystal clear reflections like these✨ Canada has been just as beautiful as expected, we’ve met some amazing people, and the conclusion is that we are definitely coming back to this fairyland!


It was moments like these I was chasing going to Canada, and boy did it deliver, in every single way✨


When you wake up to the perfect morning reflection, the sun is up and you have an incredible view while making pancakes for breakfast⛺️✨ Can life get any better?


This place.. don’t even have words! It took us three attempts to reach this beautiful beach, but with views like this and great company it was definitely worth it! Thank you @ffafa for the good company and for taking this lovely shot of me!✨ . . . . #whpcolorpalette #earthfocus #beautifuldestinations #discoverearth #stayandwander #neverstopexploring #ourplanetdaily #earthofficial #moodygrams #livefolk #visualsofearth #earthoutdoors10k #wildernessculture #eclectic_shotz #lensbible #nakedplanet #doyoutravel #lofoten #norway #mittnorge


Lofoten is all about mountains and hiking for me, but while staying at @hattvikalodge, we got the opportunity to explore this beautiful archipelago from a completely different perspective, and what an experience it was🙏🏼 . . . . #neverstopexploring #peoplescreative  #stayandwander #vzcomood #lofoten #discoverearth #soft_vision #beautifuldestinations #ourplanetdaily #travelstoke #artofvisuals #folkscenery #wildernessculture #exploretocreate #moodygrams #optoutside #eclectic_shotz #whpcolorpalette #earthpix #norway


The view from one of our many camp spots this summer, pretty amazing😍 Would you spend a weekend here?


Probably the most photographed fisherman cabins in the world, and probably the most photogenic ones as well🐟


This place how it should be, no cruise ships or pollution, just fresh air and stunning nature🇳🇴


Angry mama sheep, looking for @huskyzulu who were hiding behind my feet, wanting to kick her ass🐑🙈


When you spend the whole day traveling to hike that one peak, and get rewarded with the most amazing sunset😍