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⟡ Let’s go somewhere ⟡ ✈ Lofoten ⌲ ⇞ Hiking Norways amazing mountain Trolltunga:

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Situated as an outpost in Lofoten, Henningsvær is a stunning sight. Back in the days, life out here was rough. Now it’s a cozy must see when you visit Lofoten!


I have seen so many photos of this football field, but it continues to amaze me. It actually looks unreal, located on this tiny island, surrounded by fish racks and ocean🌊


The weather in Lofoten is impressively unpredictable, and it took us three attempts to hike Kvalvika and Ryten. Luckily we had our warm and cozy fisherman’s cottage at @hattvikalodge to retreat to. Situated in the middle of Lofoten it’s the perfect hub for countless hikes and activities🙌🏼


We’ve been traveling through Norway the last week. What I love most about this country is how diverse it is. We have all four seasons, sometimes even at the same day. And then you have days like these👆🏼🇳🇴


Everyone meet Zulu, she’s a Siberian Husky, and already a master of road trips! Here we are having a Lion King moment, Simbaaa🦁


Nice to change perspective sometimes, you often end up seeing new possibilities✨


So ready to hit the road on thursday🙌🏼 🚗And a shout-out to all the hitchhikers out there, it seems like such an adventurous and liberating way to travel. But I hate the feeling of not being in total control of my travels, so probably never gonna happen for me🙈


Can’t wait to head back to the mountains! It’s now under a week until we begin our first adventure together with Zulu💛 So excited to have 3 weeks to explore the all the beautiful places we have in Norway!


Seen so many amazing photos of flowers and mountains lately! Norwegian mountains has flowers too! Well, maybe not a flower per definition, but close enough😌


When you freeze the perfect moment👌🏼 A rare picture of us together. As usual we forgot (read; were too lazy) to bring our tripod, but since it being a major IG spot, there were plenty of people to ask😅🙌🏼


Everyone, meet Trolltunga. One of Norways most iconic mountains, and you probably get why. We actually waited 11 hours at the top for the sun to set. But when it eventually did, it was pure magic👌🏼Very excited to hear what you think about this one!🙌🏼 Was it worth the wait?😅


The majestic fiords of Milford Sound makes you feel pretty small and insignificant!


If I were a princess, this fiord would be my kingdom ✨


Watching how peacefully the sun sets over our tent and the nearby mountains. Probably one of the most idyllic places I’ve ever camped⛺️


Sunset views in New Zealand. A good time for practicing my stone tower building skills😅


Strolling around at 6am waiting for the sun to arrive. Who else loves sunrise hikes?🙆🏻‍♀️☀️


New Zealand in all it’s autumn glory🍁


Standing out on deck whilst the boat drove into this massive waterfall, and the feeling of being surrounded by raw power, is one of the most epic experiences I’ve ever had!