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Ben "Sugar" Kane

Wahl Education Artistic Team💈 American Crew Country Winner 🏆 Barber Trainer and Educator🔑

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Taper or Fade? What’s your Favourite? @nihal_bhagwandas Taper Fresh 💨


•Changes• 4 years ago Alan came through with his head shaved and no facial hair. Thank you for giving me creative control over your hair and for your advice over all these years 🙌🏻


Lately my main focus is People and Places. Fortunate enough to spend my weekend with these amazing people in Orange NSW thanks to @delorenzoeducation. This year I’ve visited so many beautiful places within Australia. Thanks for having me 🙌🏻Feeling blessed!


Texture and Movement Created with @excellentedges The only 🔝 @shane__simpson with the canvas.


Short Clip from when myself and Rob did hair @dior Chadstone 🎥 Fashion Photography @heykarenwoo Creative Direction @Made.For.Men Model @antonitopic Lighting @iammucci


•Grafton NSW• @delorenzoeducation Humbled to Visit these beautiful country towns, so much talent~


”Better late than never, but never late is better”~ Dropped Low ⤵️


First time I met Tariq was @nanajudy on chapel. I asked him to come through and let me cut his hair in my own time as I wanted more practice. It’s not up to anyone else but yourself to learn more 📚 Thanks legend 🙌🏻


“I HATE PHOTOS” he says.. Support from my boy the head honcho @jimmysburgers Click Click 📸


•Blessed to Educate• Had the pleasure of spending the day with the talented team~@kawsahairstudio ・・・ Repost• KAWSA TEAM TRAINING DAY Thank you to @benwardscissorhands for coming on & giving us some great advice on men’s cuts! Music: 🎵So Proud - @djquads🎵 Featuring: @hannah_kawsahairstudio @paul_kawsahairstudio @sarahd_kawsahairstudio @sarahmills_kawsahairstudio @kate_kawsahairstudio @lizzie_kawsahairstudio @amberparker_kawsahairstudio @abbey_kawsahairstudio @tamika_kawsahairstudio @nikita_kawsahairstudio


Dubbo NSW• ~Humbled to teach the love of my craft in this beautiful country town over the weekend alongside this group of talented Hairdressers. Big thanks to @delorenzoeducation for everything and @superiorstylehair for organising great models. Look forward to getting back here one day~


Team work makes the Dream work 💥@jessierabbitt_ @rokkjess


Winter Action Shot 📸 Keeping your scalp fresh ❄️