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Best Friends Animal Society

National animal welfare organization. 🐾 We run the largest no-kill sanctuary and programs to help end the killing in America’s shelters. #SaveThemAll

Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s neigh-belline. 🐴😍 #SaveThemAll #goodhairday


❤️ADOPTION UPDATE:❤️ “Mingus Rude (@prettyboyrude), formally known as Pretty Boy, is now King of Carroll Gardens. Though he is dashingly handsome, his looks don’t define him! He doesn’t let his bad eye stop him from climbing to the tallest spot in the room. We have found him on top of the bookshelf, closet, refrigerator, and multiple times in the kitchen cabinets. He enjoys stealing a bite of whatever food his humans are eating. He often nibbles on our toes to let us know he is ready for more. He is a real conversationalist and loves to chat. He also loves sitting in his window shelf, head-butting, and sleeping on @traderjoes bags.” #SaveThemAll


Love is in the air... 💕 #SaveThemAll


“Hey, human... give me those glasses!” 👓🤓 Swipe 👉 to see this thief in action. #SaveThemAll


We are so close to reaching #NoKill in LA before the year is done. But to get there, we need fosters to care for pets with special needs. Please share with friends in the greater Los Angeles area! Fosters only need to provide a loving and safe home...we’ll provide everything else. More info in our bio ☝🏼 #NKLA #SaveThemAll -elizabeth


Today is #WorldSmileDay! Which animal does it best? 🤔 Leave your vote👇! #SaveThemAll


Got our eyes on the weekend like... 👀 #thursday #SaveThemAll #drool


“Anybody got a breath mint? I have a fowl taste in my mouth.” 😂 @bfas_la #SaveThemAll


Laziest game of tag ever? 🤔We think so. #tagyoureit #SaveThemAll


Comin’ at Monday like... 👊 #SaveThemAll #getit #mondaymood Video credit: @kylothepanther (adopted from @bfas_la!)


Dressed and ready to go out! 💅 #SaveThemAll #highfashion #strutyourmutt #dogstyle photo credit : @mr_jack_the_lab


When your friend donates his tail as a chewy toy 🐶 #truefriends #love #SaveThemAll