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OPEN / Join me this weekend at my new studio in Brooklyn. Friday evening 6-10pm to set the vibes right (please RSVP to if you want to come through) / Saturday and Sunday 11-6pm open to all as part of the @artsinbushwick open studios weekend. Looking forward to sharing the new space and some new work as well.


Super Large! / Giant thanks to my partner in shine @jazmoshi for rocking side by side with me on this beast of a wall and handling the lift like a boss! 🙏❤️ . Thanks to @muralsinthemarket and @1xrun for having us out to do what we love. Super appreciated!


FOREVER FORWARD (LOW / HIGH) 24 x 30 in. Original Paintings / These along with a few ink on paper studies now available via @1xrun (link in bio)


FOREVER FORWARD // through the chaos and confusion, gotta keep it moving / tomorrow in our sights, with the future shining bright. . What a week! Detroit has been amazing. Giant thanks to the whole @1xrun crew and @muralsinthemarket for having me out and helping realize this beast of a wall. Super duper thanks to my dream woman @jazmoshi for rocking side by side every hour on this wall, rolling paint, driving the monster lift, and providing amazing energy the whole time. Big thanks to my guy @julianspradlin for the super 50 gallon buff job and support on this wall. And a big thanks to everyone on the team during this journey. Hospitality, support, and vibes have been amazing! Super appreciated on all levels! Thank you! // Forever Forward we go!


FOREVER FORWARD / 18 x 24 inch, edition of 100 (50 black / 50 white) 2 color screen prints drops today at Noon est. with @1xrun as part of the @muralsinthemarket event this week in Detroit. check check em out! (Link in bio) . Forever Forward is a phrase that has been repeating in my mind lately while moving through the chaos of the world and staying focused on a bright future ahead. I also felt with what Detroit has been through it was a fitting energy to put out during my time in the city this week.


Forever Forward // Out here in Detroit singing prints at the @1xrun headquarters for tomorrows release. Fresh print set and originals on the way!


Clean Slate! / @muralsinthemarket


Forever Forward (studio process) / Just settled into Detroit with the @1xrun crew getting ready to jump things off for @muralsinthemarket / new prints, new originals, and new walls on the way!


Got that Mad Fat Fluid / @interboronyc Hit them up for the Saturday drop! Word is Large Pro and Rob Swift are gonna be rocking. / vc: @jazmoshi


Yo! Fresh off the canning line! In honor of @interboronyc’s 2 year anniversary we combined forces for a limited edition Mad Fat Fluid can. These are dropping this Saturday during the celebration at their tap room and will be around the city in select spots. Get em while you can! . A little history. My man Jesse from Interboro go back. In 2002 I designed my first piece vinyl for his Embedded Music imprint (The Bedford Files). From there we went on to work together on a ton of music / design / art projects, ultimately putting records out together. What a journey! It’s always the best to watch friends succeed at their dreams and build something special from nothing. Congrats Ese and the whole @interboronyc crew on 2 years of freshness!


This time last year painting walls and drinking beers at @interboronyc for their 1 year celebration / year 2 is here and we have some things in the works! Can’t wait to share! pc: @jazmoshi


Searching for TOMORROWS / photo of my largest studio work to date (192”x 96”) from the 2017 ‘TOMORROWS’ solo exhibition at @treasongallery


Hustle is the language we speak! . Big thanks to @stevesweatpants and the @sonyalpha team for bringing my energy into this one. And shouts to @timbuz for the amazing craftwork and @joekenneth_ for the inspiring ode to the city we are lucky enough to live, love, create, and collaborate in everyday. There’s no place like New York! . And.... @stevesweatpants and I have been combining crafts on a new body of work that will soon see the light. Keep an eye out!


Lost in the JOURNEY / photo from my exhibition at @urban_spree earlier this year.


Evolve / Revolve - 22 x 30 ink paper


One Liner / 36 x 48 spray and bucket paint on canvas


Fresh + Clean


INFINITE FLOWERS (Infinite Wisdom / Flowers Forever) / 22 x 30 hand pulled and hand embellished limited edition (12 per) prints. These prints are part of the INFINITE collection created earlier this year. . Big thank you to everyone on my email list that got the drop on these early, and all the people who jumped on them when they were released. They are officially sold out! 🙏 If you are interested in future releases shoot me your email. That list gets the pre-release before it goes out to the world! Until the next one....