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On the road 🚗 Iceland x Happy Campers Video ⬇️


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Must have looked like a crazy person to this surfer running up and down the beach trying to put him perfectly in frame with the massive rock behind him. Didn’t get to ride any waves this time around but a surf trip is definitely in my near future 🏄


When she wants to go somewhere cool on an airplane but finances are a bit tight you gotta get creative! All jokes aside this is one of my favorite spots in Oregon and I seem to pay a visit every road trip South. There’s actually a guy who lives in this thing and I love seeing all the updates to his project 🤘🏼✈️ #roamtheplanet


Wishing I was back on the coast in Scotland but football Sundays back home are a pretty good alternative! Starting to plan the next big trip 🍂


Never met a sunset I didn’t like 🌅


One of my favorite old shots from an early photography venture with @rorycourt. Still love learning more and more about this trade everyday and being able to go back and re-edit photos that were taken years ago! Back to the Oregon coast tomorrow for a few days and couldn’t be more stoked! 🤘🏼


Always trying to capture unique perspectives of popular locations. Everywhere you go in Italy you’re surrounded by these insane landscapes, pretty fun to get the sky view! ⛪


Seems as if you can’t stop for more than 30 minutes in Iceland without coming back to the car soaked from a new waterfall. This was one of my favorite places in the South 💦


If you’ve never watched the sunrise over the mountains, put it on the list! So many awesome places to explore in Washington 🏕


I’ve always wanted to explore the fire lookouts in Washington and finally had the chance to check out a few these past couple weeks! These things are badass. I honestly didn’t take out the camera much, just tried to enjoy the views and great company. This isn’t the usual fast-paced action shots I like to capture, but I had fun putting it together and I’m starting to realize that’s all that really matters. Do what makes ya happy 🤙🏼


The famous blue Gatorade lake💧


This summer I took my second trip to Iceland with @rorycourt and @happycampers_ at the beginning of August. We went in with low expectations as the forecast said rain for every single day of our week long adventure. I remember flying in to Reykjavik in a torrential downpour, somewhat dreading the week ahead. It’s funny how this country changes your perception of things. The second we got in that camper and hit the road I don’t think we ever stopped smiling or yelling out the occasional “holy sh**” every time we passed a waterfall/glacier/mountain/crazy landscape. Iceland, you’re something else 🇮🇸 Full YouTube highlight link is in the ol’ bio. Would love if you all check it out!


Hate waking up before the sun but love taking in popular tourist attractions with no one else around ☔️


This was one hell of a morning! Rory and I hiked up to Tre Cime di Lavaredo late at night and got the last two available cots at the old mountaineering hut. Had dinner and watched the Milky Way disappear into a lightning storm. The next morning the three peaks were covered in fog and you couldn’t see a thing with the exception of a 5 minute window the sun peaked through. Rory snapped this of me while I stood on the ridge flying the drone over the two of us at 5am. Pretty special memory 🤘🏼


Type 2 fun in the mountains this week! ⛰


Good to be home 🏠


Such an epic spot in the mountains of Banff National Park. No sunset needed to take in the beauty of this place. Already dying to explore this area more some day! 🐺


Turned the big 2-6 today! 🎈 Happy to have such an amazing family and group of friends that support all the crazy things I love to do. This last week in Alberta has been one to remember!


The 3am wake up call never seems worth it until you get to the top with views like this. Even better when you get to share em with your best buddies! 🌅 @kevingordy @william_terrel